The tower facade contains an organic and responsive curved venetian blind-style system comprised of natural timber and glass forms the exterior skin of the tower – a first in Australia. The activated ground plane seeks to improve the quality and amenity of the public domain to create a sense of community and responds to the blurring of workplace and life.

Project Name: EY Centre
Architect Name: fjmt

EY Centre By fjmt - Sheet1

Working within and responding to the requirements of the relevant planning controls, the constraints and particular characteristics have generated a specific form and a dynamic public environment. Within this form space is efficiently located in the most desirable location and orientation.

EY Centre By fjmt - Sheet3

The form of the building streetscape works to integrate and enhance the alignments and scale of existing adjoining and surrounding buildings, creating a human scale environment at ground level with a richness of in the heart of Sydney’s financial district, EY Centre at 200 activity, life and spatial and architectural interest. George Street consists of a commercial high rise tower and podium. The curvilinear tower combined with the architectural roof feature The building’s world-first closed cavity façade with timber blind system creates a unique sculptural form which sits dynamically within the city has proven highly effective at controlling the light and heat radiating from skyline. The 37 storey office and retail tower subtly follows the curve of outside, allowing high levels of natural light.Importantly, the energy saving and ESD initiatives have been targeted to areas of the building which George Street and maximises the spectacular harbour views.

EY Centre By fjmt - Sheet5enhance the function and provide a visible qualitative improvement through geometry underpins the design, the form of the tower is imaginative design. For example the high performance timber and glass derived from the overlapping intersection of two carefully proportioned closed cavity facade both provides reduced heating, cooling and lighting ellipses and a similar rectilinear core. demands whilst utilising a renewable material to provide a distinctive character for the building.


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