Architecture is a vast field. Once we enter it we get to dive into various subjects which leads to increasing our knowledge about everything we see around us daily. We start observing intricately everyday places with different perspectives. These learnings lead to a shift in the way we think which was completely different before joining architecture. 

Also, our thoughts start to incline more towards being a part of the solution. As much as we hate all those submissions and late nights, on the contrary, there’s a lot of positive change that the architecture journey brings into us. 

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Broadening the horizon

Every architecture student has been given dozens of lessons on observing surroundings and learning through those observations. While studying and exploring different types of neighborhoods we learn about the individuality and character each space provides. 

Oftentimes we end up taking inspiration from these spaces that we have seen or traveled to, and the way they have impacted us. The architecture enables us to meet new and like-minded architecture people. Learnings from meeting new people and traveling to new places broaden our horizons and widens our knowledge spectrum.

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Think differently

While studying architecture we are introduced to many other realms of the field. Not only the built environment, but it also enables us to develop curiosity in different forms of art and craft. This is one of the most amazing aspects of the field, it encourages and makes us appreciate new domains. 

So many of us develop an interest in photography, pottery, and other forms of art in the process of studying architecture, and the kind of liberty it provides is truly fascinating. It gives us a perspective on the working ethics of these other professionals

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Viewing and visualizing spaces in-depth

Once our architecture journey begins we start looking at the places that we have been visiting since our childhood differently. It is so interesting to know that you can pre-think the way the place can strike a connection with the users. 

Before entering the field we might look at the building just for the purpose or the function that it serves, which changes after being into the field. It changes our perspective to be part of the solution and understand the community’s needs. We start thinking cohesively about the procedure, concept, function, and detail of a particular structure. It is also more likely that we sometimes end up annoying our non-architectural back-ground friends with all the extra details of the building when traveling together. 

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Places for community growth

The areas of public meetings are very close to our profession, these are the breathing spaces that are immensely important for the well-being of society. Remember the days when we used to visit parks in childhood as a favourite part of our day. 

Well, now as architecture students and architects it’s part of our professional life too. Now we attach all the various attributes of cultural, social, community well-being aspects to it. It is quite fascinating how these public places have so much to offer for the betterment of society. 

It may also be possible that before architecture school, the association of social spaces was only with parks, playgrounds. This perception changes when we start realizing how crucially important streets, transit places, market areas are, and how a well-designed area could change people’s lifestyles.

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Valuing individuality – Knowing your roots

While growing up we often keep on idolizing the western culture and its architecture due to the obvious influence. Globalization makes us believe how certain kinds of architectural styles are superior and gives us a sense of being modern. 

Architecture lets us explore and know our roots, (thanks to all the travel we get to do). It makes us understand the reasons and logic behind the way things are. It’s extremely fascinating to unravel the ideas and details, making us value our regional architecture in depth. Well, it also prompts us to know more about our traditional architectural styles and how they can be amalgamated with modern techniques

These learnings through varied explorations help us to build a constructive debate on the binaries.


It is always a privilege to understand architecture immeasurably. This knowledge makes us look at the bigger picture to the macro level as well as to the minute micro-level details. It opens so many spheres of our minds and strives for solutions for the existing problems. Being on the other side of the picture, we start to become more sensitive about the quality of spaces and the way they will add more value to the lives of the users.

Architecture is a long, demanding course, which may seem quite overwhelming sometimes. Even in professional life, it pushes us to a point that it may become exhausting. But on hopeful prospects, it changes the way we think and the way we perceive the world. Our knowledge deepens on the way we look at our surroundings. 

The most enthralling experience once we enter this vast field is the way we unlearn and relearn the basic aspects. The journey from being an aspiring architect to an architectural designer is truly rewarding in its own way.


Kimaya is a recent Architecture graduate. She loves to design, travel and learn through exploration. Her interests also lies in reading, narrating and capturing stories. With her designs and stories she desires to delve deeper into her passion.