Landscapia Ltd is a garden design and landscaping company based in the West Midlands, UK. Founded in 2006, the company has quickly established itself as one of the leading providers of garden design and landscaping services in the region.

They specialize in creating high specification, contemporary garden designs that are both beautiful and functional. The company’s mission is to provide their clients with unique and personalized outdoor spaces that they can enjoy for years to come.

So, what set’s Landscapia Ltd apart?

They specialise in contemporary designs

One of the main things that sets Landscapia apart from other landscaping companies is their focus on contemporary design. The company believes that a garden should be an extension of the home and should be designed to reflect the homeowner’s personal style and taste.

To achieve this, they work closely with their clients to understand their individual needs and preferences, and then create a garden design that is tailored to them. This approach allows them to create gardens that are not only appealing but also reflective of the client’s lifestyle.

Attention to detail

Landscapia Ltd understands that every aspect of a garden, from the layout to the choice of plants, is important in creating a cohesive outdoor space. They take the time to carefully select the right plants for each garden, taking into account factors such as climate, soil, and the homeowner’s preferences.

They also pay close attention to the details of the garden’s construction, ensuring that everything is built to a high standard.

Expertise in creating low-maintenance gardens

Landscapia Ltd appreciates that many homeowners don’t have the time or resources to devote to maintaining a garden, so they design gardens that are easy to care for.

Some of the things they do include using drought-tolerant plants, incorporating hardscaping elements like pathways and patios, and using low-maintenance materials like gravel.

Commitment to sustainability

This landscaping company believes that gardens should be designed to be ecologically friendly, which is why they use sustainable materials and practices whenever possible. Their goal is to reduce environmental impact and create outdoor spaces that are good for both people and the planet.

To achieve this, they recommend using native plants as well as having efficient rainwater harvesting systems in place.

They offer additional support services

In addition to their garden design and landscaping services, Landscapia Ltd also offers a wide range of other services that can help clients with various gardening needs. This like garden maintenance, tree surgery, and garden lighting design.

The company also has a team of experts who can help with garden planning and garden design consultations. This breadth of services allows Landscapia to be a one-stop-shop for all of their clients’ gardening needs.

Top-notch customer services

Landscapia is also truly dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible customer service. They understand that their clients are investing a significant amount of money in their gardens and that they want to be sure that they are getting the best value for their money.

To this end, they remain committed to providing their clients with regular updates on the progress of their garden projects and working closely with them to ensure that they are happy with the final result.

Fully accredited

Landscapia Ltd is fully accredited with the Association of Professional Landscapers. This membership demonstrates the company’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in the landscaping industry.

As a fully accredited member, Landscapia Ltd has undergone rigorous assessments to ensure that they meet the association’s strict standards for quality and customer service. This gives clients peace of mind that they are working with a reputable and reliable company that can be held accountable if things don’t go as expected.


Landscapia incorporates cutting-edge technology into its design process, including the use of virtual reality experiences which they’re currently rolling out. This innovative approach offers clients an immersive and interactive way to visualize their landscape design, bringing their ideas to life in a way that was not previously possible.

With VR, clients can explore their landscape design in a way that feels real and make any necessary changes before the actual work begins.

Speak to Landscapia for your garden design needs!

Overall, Landscapia is a leading landscaping company based in the West Midlands, UK. It sets itself apart with its focus on contemporary designs tailored to their clients’ personal style and preferences.

They also provide eco-friendly and low-maintenance garden options, a wide range of support services, top-notch customer service, and now use innovative virtual reality technology in their design process.

Their commitment to professionalism and quality is demonstrated by their accreditation with the Association of Professional Landscapers.

Whether you’re looking for a new garden design or simply need help with garden maintenance, Landscapia Ltd is the company for you.


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