Since childhood, we would have done this one thing without a doubt. We would escape into a reverie about what the future holds for our lives. It is always exciting to imagine the unknown. We get the chance to create a world where anything is possible. We know that the future cannot restrict us like the past or the present. To help us further broaden our imagination, we take help from mass media.

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Popular mediums such as cartoons, movies, and comics bring creativity to our lives. Many studies, research, and reports show the focus is on achieving a complete lifestyle change. Amongst all the brilliant ideas and creations, there is one that no one could invent yet – the time machine. Tampering with time has always been the ultimate goal in our mind’s playground. We either try to rewind it to change the past or fast forward it to know what the future holds. Time is the essence now in our busy lifestyle. Technology is trying to lessen the time spent in all areas. From travel to education, everything has become easier and faster to access. Technology has boomed in less than 50 years. It has affected the world in communication, health care, and other sectors. Furthermore, another reality is thriving after this booming growth – the new age Web.

How does all this affect the architecture in the future?

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The impact of Climate Change

When the world is changing, we also see our living standards change. So, the construction business needs to keep up according to the rising market demands. One cannot deny the good that technology has brought about in this world, along with the curse of climate change that came with it. This adversity has forced us to think of immediate solutions. 

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Reducing the carbon footprint of the AEC industry has become of utmost importance. People are taking steps to overhaul these changes before they start threatening our existence. Architects have taken the responsibility to help hasten this change. Creating more sustainable and ecological conscious projects is a start. Alternative materials have begun to replace concrete with other options like the use of bamboo and rammed earth, chipboard made of potatoes, and mycelium insulations. With ever-expanding technology, these new materials are ecological, cheaper, and aesthetic. 

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Or, some never before seen futuristic ideas have emerged and are on their way to becoming a reality. A recent study conducted by the University of Westminster has published significant solutions. Among these solutions, the top five are: super deep basements, floating sea cities, high-rise or rooftop farms, 3D printed homes, and buildings with their microclimates. Once executed, they will change the entire face of the landscape as we know it. Super deep basements are like high-rise buildings that go underground instead. Floating sea cities will harness tidal and wind energy to sustain their inhabitants. Rooftop farms will help reduce agricultural land use by going vertical. These are some inspiring and constructive changes that have already started to materialize.

A new way of life

Besides the physical change, we can see a different realm opening up now- virtual reality. There is the rise of a new field called metaverse in which architects are to create a virtual world. It is a simulated version of the world that people can interact with and experience in real-time. They can not only make structures using BIM software with great detail but have real-life experience with interiors and ensure structural strength before finalizing them.

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Cities are being made from scratch and lived in virtually even before they exist in reality! People have begun to own lands and various assets in virtual reality. They have started to offer virtual properties and items using crypto-currencies. Research shows that artificial intelligence, like robotics, can manage laborious tasks and complex calculations. They will help with controlling environmental impact levels and time management. The metaverse, AI, and NFTs are popular and somewhat in demand now. Pioneering in them will help architects gain an edge over other competing industries.  

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Bright hope for the Future

Collaborating with people to create a parallel reality sounds interesting, one that is beyond cultural and societal differences. Such drastic changes will be the outcome of years of trial and error. It will keep adapting to the competition, demands, technology, and current affairs. Our hunger to create new experiences never ceases. Our pursuit of achieving a sci-fi reality here on earth will start sooner than expected. These changes are both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Yet, that does not negate the positive impact they would have on architecture and the world. Architecture would see a new scope of creative and environmental possibilities and architects would have plenty of opportunities to explore and challenges to overcome. In time, the future generations will see a world where they can do the impossible.

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An architecture graduate, teacher, and aspiring artist. Varsha is also a passionate writer, dancer, and mental health advocate. She believes that writing is a powerful medium for our mind to express freely as words and our voice to be heard even when unspoken.