Life = Architecture

Life is not something that is in between birth and death. It’s a journey. Not everyone gets this opportunity. Some can’t experience it completely. Not everyone’s life is the same. Each one of us has a different task and role to play. Architecture is the only profession that gives creativity, ideas, talent and varied tasks to architects individually. All the architects are similar in the profession but unique in their participation in the field. The most common things in Architecture and our lives are Journey, Learning, and tasks to solve the problem.

To Be Adventurous

Wowsers! Finally “they” got to know about free tickets to travel around the world. Each and everyone in this adventurous world has this, knowingly or unknowingly. Some don’t have time, many don’t know how to use it. But, “They” got it and joined me to travel. 

Wish to share some pics and visual experiences of us from our journey. Before getting into, we desire to know, we split us into two groups depending upon our visuals and understanding, we named it as A & B respectively.

Visuals and Understandings through objects and scenes

1. Maple Tree

Architecture And Our Lives - Sheet1
©Ray Sandusky

From this image of Tree, We got two types of understanding and visuals from us,

Visuals of A Maple Tree, Bigger and taller one, Shelter, The best place to get to refresh, can spend some time with our loved ones and family.

Visuals of B Texture, Nature, Barrier of noise and air pollution, Improves the air quality, Soil erosion control, It can change the microclimate around the site. Point of attraction, Perfect place to encourage the community gathering. Can virtual it in plan and sectional view. 

Hmm quite confusing it right, stay tuned to last.,

2. House

Architecture And Our Lives - Sheet2
Mud house_©

Visuals of A  –  Old house, compact and not ventilated well, If it rains it would leak all around, looks like their ancestor house.

Visuals of B  –  Mud House, using sticks and thatches for sunshade, small niches in the façade for lighting,

A small window with grill pattern, Flexible wooden door with the Wooden architrave, Perfect for the spatial and Activity study. The utilization of spaces inside the house will be the most exciting thing to know.

3. Public Space                  

Architecture And Our Lives - Sheet3
©DWG Urban Architectural Landscapes

Visuals of A Refreshment, spending some time with family and friends, let’s get some break here.

Visuals of BIt encourages the community gathering and their participation in the city, activity zone, anyone can exhibit their ideas and share their contents, appreciating the community to do furthermore and utilize the space for good. The space gets activity all day.

4. Skyscrapers

Architecture And Our Lives - Sheet4
High-rise Residential Complex_ ©Sergey Skuratov Architects

Visuals Of A How tall it is! So scary to look at! Will it withstand any natural disasters? It must be so expensive.

Visuals of BSpatial Organization, the need to know its structural details, façade treatment considering the microclimate of the site, Materials used , wish to know its planning details.

5. Art


Visuals of A Color , a celebration of Holi, a variety of colors had been used, It does not seem like art until we notice the artist.

Visuals of B Textures, details, tries to convey something to the community who passes by. When we look closely we can notice the color tone of eyes, cheeks and fingers, they look similar on both sides respectively. Looking deeper into the eyes, we can notice a man in front of the window, it reflects the color similar to the color of the cheeks and finger respectively. Both visuals are the same in the eyes, it looks different because of the visuals and colors. It tries to convey that what we see is different, because of the surroundings that convey it in a different meaning.

Lead to different Path 

So interesting to get to know our experience throughout this visual journey right. Both the visuals of A and B

are similar in physicality but different in imagination. How is it possible? Which things change the way?

It is possible by Architecture. It can change the vision and ideologies of one. It creates more questions and emotions.

Oh, wait! Who are ”they”? What do Free tickets mean? Split into two groups why? Will make it clear.

They –  YOU. Yes, it may be “WE”. We Architects & Designers. Am mentioning you and me only.

Free ticket –  “READING”. Mark Haddon says, Reading is a conversation, All books talk but good books listen as well. Content is available for everyone but few of us get that opportunity to use it. By reading, we can explore anything at any time and go anywhere in our imagination by simply sitting on the couch.

Split into two groups – “Before and After Architecture”. I Just differentiate us into two. Before entering into the field, we were all users, we had the visuals and ideals of what visuals A had. We just see the things, what our eye retina focuses on, and what our surroundings thought. After entering into the field, Architecture changes the view of our image of what visuals B had. We got a precious opportunity to experience it in two contexts, didn’t we?

New World – New Approach

Therefore, as a User and as a designer, architecture impacts heavily on us. It hides our eyes to search for treasure rather than enjoying it. From the reference and the exploration of the above-mentioned images, we can differentiate how it changes our lives and our visuals around us. It helps to rewind our memories of how we were and how we are now. Architecture leads us to the path of Community Encouragement, to create a space that should do its purpose and satisfy the users without getting abandoned and make us think more socially and welfare for the people.

The world gets to update it daily, it starts its day as a new one, let’s start to explore the beautiful things around you by using the free ticket.


Lincy is an Architect. She adores Architecture and to explore more on the same. She likes to do research as it only leads to know where we are now. She firmly believes that design should have a purpose or else it is no good. To cool her off she enjoys the music and plays the piano often.