“You are an architecture, right?” The inner me trying to correct it the 1000th time with a big smile on my face that it’s the course that we study that is architecture and we as professionals are called “architects.” The architecture itself has become humor that provokes us to laugh and provides amusement whenever you need it. From the everlasting deadlines and submissions to being criticized in every jury, it’s been a roller coaster of moments that have made us cry but laugh at the same time for all those hilariously stupid but innocent mistakes that we have made and will continue doing.  

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Humour Of My Architecture Life

Speaking of the humor that architecture actually gave me is none other than “A-R-C-H-I-T-E-C-T-U-R-E” itself. It changed my ideology of a perfect morning and a good day’s sleep. It was a bright sunny day and I was all prepared for my jury but unprepared for what was about to come my way. I have never had the hands to create masterpieces but hands that could create “unwanted models of imagination”. All set for the jury as I was walking down reminiscing nature with sheets in one hand and the “model of my imagination” in the other, the wind started to blow heavily. I was scared but at the same time happy as it was a bright sunny day after all. 

No longer had I walked a little I could see my “imagination” being swayed away by the wind with no mercy shown by it. My rooftop was gone!! Now, I had a model with no roof and justification to the juror. I somehow brought the courage in me and showed up the “roofless” model to which they questioned and I answered that “It is a glass roof and the sheet that should have been there of glass for the representation got torn a few minutes ago”. Since it was my 1st year of college they didn’t question much about it and this is how I added another humorous yet humiliating memory to my life in architecture.

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Incidence That Changed My Architecture Life

If you ever want to know what a creative person’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2857 tabs open all the time.” Now, this is exactly what an architect is like. The mind never stops but does take a break as soon as the flickering flames of smoke are inhaled. I had always been a morning person and less of a night person as for me “sleep” was on the top of my priority list. I still remember my first day of college where I was super excited and woke up like 6:00 in the morning to get ready for an 8:00 AM class. 

Till then I did not know that the teachers also could bunk a day!! Now being the punctual girl that I am, I rushed to the department door so that I was not late for my first day and what happened next is something you would want to know to laugh your smiles out. I was the sole loner to have actually thought that classes start on time. 

The most hilarious part of this incidence is yet to come. After sitting there for about half an hour the housekeeper there enters and tells me “Excuse me miss, but aren’t you too early for a class of 8:00 AM.” I was shocked by the question that he had put up and also laughing inside me that “Was I the only fool to have taken it too seriously?” So, this was the second humorous incident that changed my perception and living style for a class to attend. Now I know that “coming on time” is a myth and “being half an hour late” is the reality of an architecture life.

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Ever thought why this architectural life of ours never gets boring? Why do we have so many tales to tell and regret at the same time? It is the humor that adds the spice to the unforgettable tales and memories making us want to create and form incidents in this short span of 5 years. Architecture is not just about making drawings and fulfilling the desires of teachers but is also an art of connecting emotions and expressions to our daily lives. 

Good humorous memories are just like a refrigerator when it works no one notices but when it doesn’t it sure stinks. Having a life around just drawings would make you stink but having a life outside drawings will tell you how drawings work. Humour must exist in the lives of architects otherwise we will have no life left with us. It’s always said that some things when not experienced or felt feel less important than the rest. “Tasteless u say? We say, beyond tasteless.”  

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Mansi is pursuing her graduation from SMVDU, Jand K. She is an avid nature lover and in the perfect environment to pursue her architecture dreams. She looks to becoming the voice for the unspoken emotions depicted in the world of architecture. A keen observer and hard worker is what describes her well.