When your world revolves in and around architecture, there is a change in every sense. An individual’s perspective about small to huge details eventually changes. Architects are prone to see his/her surroundings in a completely different possible way. The way architects observe a structure is not just as a building, but much more than that. He/she when they look at something; it’s like a third eye has opened up to see the detail of form, symmetry, concept, elements, working, colors, textures, …………….!!! The list goes on and on…………… 

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“Different angles reveal different worlds.”

“Perspective is a choice.” Bronnie Ware 

The perception differs from individuals. The way you see something differs for everyone, which puts forth an individual’s thought process, creative side of the individual, the way he has an alternate thought process. As architects, we are observant about things people tend to overlook.

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What do you observe as an architect?

A particular incident that appears amusing!!! Yet many of us architects experience firsthand. An individual who takes a break goes on a vacation, first and foremost never travels without sketchbooks, camera!! Architecture creates an increase in the ability to identify every inch of detail. Before getting introduced to architecture, we used to relax during vacations taking in sights of the scenery. Architecture, like space, buildings, and forms are the aspects that catch your eye! 

How architecture changed your perspective

“I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.” Tadao Ando

The spaces, structures, surroundings, the perspective of observing any space has changed because of architecture predominantly. Private, public, community, all types of places are designed, analyzed in a systematic technical approach. Architects are interested in discovering new ideas, exploring new spaces, forms. Architects have developed a sense of pride in the work they do and also have the responsibility to preserve, protect, and provide shelter to people.

Architecture has changed architects’ perception of viewing different spaces, forms, places while pursuing this profession. 

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Architects’ perception on viewing spaces

“Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view.”


These buildings help us to remember the history of our city. A visit to a monumental structure by architects is always an informative one. We admire the form, planning, historical context, features, etc. multiple aspects. It always helps us learn more about our culture, pride in our past, and heritage. Monuments also act as an icon to any city. Architects are curious to gain more knowledge to learn more. There is no end. We can identify iconic structures by observing mere line figures. Architects can identify buildings based on their form, structure, form with ease!! Architects,

Eiffel Tower – Iron architecture marvel!! 

Burj Khalifa – Tallest structure!!!

Heydar Aliyev Cultural center – Fluid curved form!

Storytelling: Architecture and one's perspective - Sheet
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Public spaces

The architect’s view of these spaces not only includes just providing public zones, such as parks, plazas, squares, beaches, etc. Any space should be observed not only in the requirement aspect but also accessibility, open to everyone. The relationship between people & spaces is considered an important aspect. Architects have learned design, planning of a single structure also important as surrounding space design. 

Public space has also become something of a touchstone for critical theory in relation to philosophy, (urban) geography, visual art, cultural studies, social studies and urban design.

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Public spaces are community zones of gathering, interaction, and activity zones. We learn that the design of these spaces is of utmost importance, given importance to the public, public life, activities. Public spaces are necessities to every city, promoting the value (economic, social, etc.) of a place. 

High rise structure

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High-rise structures are known to be structures that are the height of architecture/engineering marvels. These structures are a mere iconic symbol for that city, but designers, engineers admire the structural design, solving issues, design concepts, and intrigue architects after entering into the world of architecture. These structures are complex architectural marvels.

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Professionally observing aspects is much distinct to other individuals being looking at structures, spaces, forms. What architects learn in school makes architects become creative individuals who think of any process in a technical, conceptually, structurally, aesthetically, many other ways. Every architect is unique in their way. 

We can indeed say that architecture can create a substantial change in every aspect of life. The architecture we know now evokes different emotions, feelings in any individual. Architecture can speak for itself. Architecture, this profession, one’s perception changes everything, the way you see, think eventually. 

We can change a person’s life, bring a smile, comfort to people through our skill of designing/planning.  

“I don’t think you can teach architecture. You can only inspire people.” Zaha Hadid


Arpitha is pursuing her bachelor's degree.She has passion for writing and design.She interests herself in designing and writing about architecture. She believes architecture has a prominent impact in any person's life and we architects have the ability to create change. She loves exploring new ideas, concepts, thoughts and believes there is no end to learning!!!