DHD Architects+ Interior Design is a client-favorite New York based firm that specializes in residential, commercial and hospitality architectural and interior works. Their committing services like site developments and interior design make them a sought-after name in the industry. Having expertise in creating a confluence of modernity and classism, each of their work reflects a unique-individual style. Headed by David Howell, DHD team works towards providing bold, imaginative yet ecological solutions thorough their projects.

1. Water Mill House, NYC

Completed in 2016, this property is the definition of ‘built flowing into unbuilt’. The Classic Hampton House was incorporated with latest interiors in an open-plan style renovation project. With floor-to-ceiling glassed fenestrations removing the visual barriers to landscaped outdoor pool space, The Water Mill house is a fusion of old and new.

Water Mill House - Sheet1
Flowing Spaces source- www.dhd.nyc
Water Mill House - Sheet2
Renovated modular kitchen with marble countertops at the Water Mill House source- www.dhd.nyc
Water Mill House - Sheet3
Family Room reflecting styled-comfort source- www.dhd.nyc
Water Mill House - Sheet4
Sophisticated staircase and sitting at the entry source- www.dhd.nyc
Water Mill House - Sheet5
Canopy by the pool source- www.dhd.nyc

2. ONE57 Residence, NYC

The primary attraction at this ‘epitome of luxury’ residence are the full-height windows offering views of the magnificent Manhattan Skyline. Each room, be it the Living adorned in blue, or dining under the sculpted ceiling, bedrooms or even the sleek bathrooms- all are characterized by the views offered in them. The marble flooring, stylish lighting, personalized kitchen appliances and high-quality finishes prove why DHD is a client favored firm.

One57 Residence - Sheet1
Sitting space with a dark touch source- dhd.nyc
One57 Residence - Sheet2
Viewing Manhattan skyline from inside source- 1stdibs.com
One57 Residence - Sheet3
A bathroom with a view source- streeteasy.com
One57 Residence - Sheet4
Bedroom interiors source- www.iacm.nyc
One57 Residence - Sheet5
Living space styled with elegant lighting systems source- iacm.nyc
One57 Residence - Sheet6
Window wall next to dining area source- streeteasy.com

3. Granercy Loft, NYC

This ground-up commercial design is a perfect visualization of the firm’s design philosophy and approach. The neutral-toned interiors create calmness in the living space; contrasting to the noisy street outside. Even though the building blends in seamlessly with it’s neighboring façades, it’s up-to-date indoors are a stand-out feature.

Gramercy Loft - Sheet1
Interior living, facing exterior living source- dhd.nyc
Gramercy Loft - Sheet2
Sleek interiors in Dining space source- architizer.com
Gramercy Loft - Sheet3
Loft with a terrace garden source- 6sqft.com
Gramercy Loft - Sheet4
Coziness in the Master Bedroom source- 6sqft.com
Gramercy Loft - Sheet5
Inside the washroom, at Gramercy Loft source- 6sqft.com

 4. Framestore, Los Angeles

An unused, industrial building was converted into the commercial Framstore outlet as a refurbishment project in 2013. Collaborating with local Architects, DHD provided the interior design solutions. Adding pops of yellow highlights and reuse of existing materials along with creating rooftop spaces was the design approach adopted.

Refurbishment n the outside source- dhd.nyc
The Framestore at Los Angeles source- officesnapshots.com
Pops of yellow inside source- thewrap.com
‘Carpet drying station’ of old industrial building converted into leisure space source- archdaily.com
Refurbished interiors done by DHD Architects source- thewrap.com
Vibrant furniture with unfinished walls source- dhd.nyc

5. Media Storm, NYC

Office of Media Storm includes open-studio spaces, casual zones and relaxed working spaces to remove strict ‘working environment’ of typical offices. The famous ‘Collection Wall’, roped-ceilings, vintage and reclaimed furniture are the user favorite. Green principles and eco-friendly finishes have been incorporated in the workspace.


Open sitting workstations source- glassdoor.co.in
The wall of salvaged TV Sets source- dhd.nyc
Reception, lobby and sitting space source- glassdoor.co.in
Eco-friendly finishes of the cafe space source- dhd.nyc
Rope-work roof source- design-milk.com
Cafeteria of Media Storm office source- glassdoor.co.in
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