Environ Planners is a Nashik, Maharashtra based architecture firm that is established and led by Ar. Sanjay M. Patil. They specialize in residential, institutional, commercial buildings. Their motto is to respect nature, build sustainable buildings, and to make the building airy. The buildings they designed have a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and the buildings have bold messages to convey. The understanding of materials, aesthetics, and functionality is what makes them stand out and won many prestigious awards at the National level.

1. Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik

This project is an educational institute on 32-acre land which has spaces for administrative, academic, research, cultural, and recreational activities. The building focuses on the interlocking courtyards to increase the interactions and multi-use of the spaces. The building is curved beautifully with a grand entry and courtyards make the building full of life and light. This building has also made a landmark and the area and represents the technological advancements through the built structure.

Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik - Sheet5
A courtyard full of trees ©environplanners.com
Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik - Sheet4
Landscaped courts ©environplanners.com
Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik - Sheet3
Interior view of the entrance building ©environplanners.com
Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik - Sheet2
Grand entrance ©environplanners.com
Mumbai Education Trust (MET) Bhujbal Knowledge City, Nashik - Sheet1
Bird’s eye view of the institute ©environplanners.com

2. Mahindra Institute of Quality, Sawargaon

Mahindra Institute of Quality is an institutional project with an academic block and beautiful landscape. The elliptical shape of academic building gives the form of being dynamic and the representation of quality. Giving the building a vernacular touch with a beautiful open landscape gives the building a contemporary trend. The interior spaces are beautifully sculpted to allow entry of sunlight and keep the building airy.

Mahindra Institute of Quality, Sawargaon - Sheet4
Landscaped courts ©environplanners.com
Mahindra Institute of Quality, Sawargaon - Sheet3
Other building in the campus ©environplanners.com
Mahindra Institute of Quality, Sawargaon - Sheet2
Grand entrance ©environplanners.com
Mahindra Institute of Quality, Sawargaon - Sheet1
Bird’s eye view of the institute ©environplanners.com

3. YCMOU Library, Nashik

This building is designed with the context of site contours and the building form is made so that built up and landscape complement each other. The punctures are made in the cylindrical building form to lower solar heat gain and vertical openings are moved over the roof to allow sunlight and make the building airy through the stack effect. The building is a good example of green building architecture and is also barrier-free.

YCMOU Library, Nashik - Sheet5
Interior view ©environplanners.com
YCMOU Library, Nashik - Sheet4
Interior view with the vertical opening on top ©environplanners.com
YCMOU Library, Nashik - Sheet3
The entry side of the building ©environplanners.com
YCMOU Library, Nashik - Sheet2
The backside of building ©environplanners.com
YCMOU Library, Nashik - Sheet1
Landscape and the built form ©environplanners.com

4. Splendor Hall, Mumbai-Agra Highway

Splendor Hall is a three-storied structure that is used for marriage ceremonies, conferences, public meetings, and gatherings. It consists of three multipurpose halls, terraces, and guestrooms. The bold architectural character makes the building stand out and helps to maintain the functionality of spaces.

Splendor Hall, Mumbai-Agra Highway - Sheet3
Interior view ©environplanners.com
Splendor Hall, Mumbai-Agra Highway- Sheet2
Double height entrance ©environplanners.com
Splendor Hall, Mumbai-Agra Highway - Sheet1
Front view ©environplanners.com

5. Beyond Resort, Nashik

Beyond Resort is a resort which aims to take the visitors beyond their daily life and get themselves recreate and rejuvenate. The building is designed to allow the spaces to breathe and let the earth, air, and water flow into the building.

Beyond Resort, Nashik - Sheet3
Inner courtyard ©environplanners.com
Beyond Resort, Nashik - Sheet1
View from the resort rooms ©environplanners.com
Beyond Resort, Nashik - Sheet1
Front View ©environplanners.com

6. Vrindavan Garden

Vrindavan Garden is a condominium complex project whose flats are made for specific budget clients. The central landscape with the amphitheater plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics and creating a memorable experience for the visitors.

Vrindavan Garden - Sheet3
Exterior view ©environplanners.com
Vrindavan Garden - Sheet2
Central landscaping ©environplanners.com
Vrindavan Garden - Sheet1
View from Central landscape ©environplanners.com

7. Residence for Mr. Gavit

This is a residential project which aims to integrate natural landscape, light, and air ventilation in the interior spaces. The interior is made with minimalistic orders with varying materials and dynamic staggered geometry to ensure quality and spaces.

Residence for Mr. Gavit - Sheet4
Living room ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Gavit - Sheet3
Interior view ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Gavit - Sheet2
Bedroom ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Gavit - Sheet1
Front View ©environplanners.com

8. Residence for Mr. Pachpatil

This project is a farmhouse for Mr. Pachpatil is in the vineyard of the owner which has large verandah and openings with a sloping roof. It complements with beautiful landscape and scenic beauty in the background.

Residence for Mr. Pachpatil - Sheet3
View from the verandah ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Pachpatil - Sheet2
Interior view ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Pachpatil - Sheet1
Front View ©environplanners.com

9. Residence for Mr. Thete

This residential building aims to mix the rural architecture of the area with the luxury. The building belongs to Pujari Thete at Trimbakeshwar meets the perfect blend of earthiness, comfort, luxury, and cultural flavor. The minute details and functionalism are also the main striking factor of the residence.

Residence for Mr. Thete - Sheet3
Interior view ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Thete - Sheet2
Minute details in front facade ©environplanners.com
Residence for Mr. Thete - Sheet1
Front View ©environplanners.com

10. Bungalow for Mr. Saraf

The mixture of traditional knowledge with the approach to create spaces with ethnic luxury can be seen in this residential building. What drives the great ambiance inside the building is its simplicity and double-height spaces. small courtyards and big openings let the sunlight in and the building becomes airy.

Bungalow for Mr. Saraf - Sheet4
Interior spaces ©environplanners.com
Bungalow for Mr. Saraf - Sheet3
Landscaped grass lawn ©environplanners.com
Bungalow for Mr. Saraf - Sheet2
Bird’s eye view ©environplanners.com
Bungalow for Mr. Saraf - Sheet1
View from the grass lawn ©environplanners.com

11. Trishala

Trishala is an industrial type building which aims to create multi-functional spaces and connection between the two units of the building. Aluminum pre-coated louvers are used in the building to lower the solar heat gain and keep the building cooler by 5 to 7 degrees.

Trishala - Sheet4
Bright colors used in R&D workstations ©environplanners.com
Trishala - Sheet3
Landscaped grass lawn ©environplanners.com
Trishala - Sheet2
Multi-functional courtyard ©environplanners.com
Trishala - Sheet1
Front facade ©environplanners.com

12. Workspace For Mr. Bhujbal

The building plan is kept simple with large projected verandahs to allow sunlight and allow ventilation. This project is built with colonial style, and the interior is designed with wooden finishes and artifacts in the backdrop. With beautiful landscaping, the heart of the building has green foliage and greenery can be enjoyed from every corner of the building.

Workspace For Mr. Bhujbal - Sheet1
Front facade ©environplanners.com
Workspace For Mr. Bhujbal - Sheet2
Large verandah in colonial style ©environplanners.com
Workspace For Mr. Bhujbal - Sheet3
Greenery at the heart of the building and colonial corridor ©environplanners.com
Workspace For Mr. Bhujbal - Sheet4
Living room©environplanners.com

13. Zarwad – Farm House Project

To protect the ecology and letting the maximum environment let in the building this farmhouse is made. The farmhouse stands with a beautiful scenic beauty background. The interior is made in a rustic style to complement natural beauty.

Zarwad - Farm House Project - Sheet4
Toilet ©environplanners.com
Zarwad - Farm House Project - Sheet3
Zarwad - Farm House Project - Sheet2
Living room ©environplanners.com
Zarwad - Farm House Project - Sheet1
Farmhouse exterior view ©environplanners.com

14. Sandip Institute of education, Nashik

Sandip Institute of education is an institutional building that aims to conserve the existing topology and landscape features. The plan is made like fingers each representing different departments. The built-up form is made with a double-height structure and visual linking is done to connect nature and building.

Sandip Institute of education, Nashik - Sheet4
Landscaped areas ©environplanners.com
Sandip Institute of education, Nashik - Sheet3
Double height corridor©environplanners.com
Sandip Institute of education, Nashik - Sheet2
Front facade ©environplanners.com
Sandip Institute of education, Nashik - Sheet1
Exterior view ©environplanners.com

15. Kusumagraj Smarak

Kusumagraj Smarak is a multi-functional complex that is made in the memory of a Marathi poet. The entrance there is four Kadamba trees from one of his inscriptions and several other components are made. The cobbled pathway is the spine of the entire complex and the visitor can experience his life. The complex has ‘Jeevan darshan’ hall, Library, Art gallery, audio-visual rooms, seminar, music, and drama practice halls, and the complex is designed in an environmentally-conscious way.

Kusumagraj Smarak - Sheet1
Entrance with four Kadamba tree ©environplanners.com
Kusumagraj Smarak- Sheet2
Cobbled pathway ©environplanners.com`
Kusumagraj Smarak - Sheet3
Jeevan darshan hall ©environplanners.com

Souktik is a creative architecture student with a passion for architectural designs. He loves to research extensively on every field and shares his thoughts through visual illustrations. He is also an honest, kind-hearted person and an all-rounder.