‘Kairos’ is defined in Greek Mythology as a feeling of joy, love, and passion. Considering the mantra of creating a happy home, Shreya Jain, a textile adventurer, invented La Kairos, a luxury bedding and soft furnishings brand. A perfect example of ‘Made in India’ La Kairos dives deep into the tales of rich heritage combined with flawless Indian craftsmanship, offering unique yet sophisticated designs. Every collection has an inspirational saga attached to it, which expresses the stories, art, people, travel, and philosophies that the creator has experienced in her life. Every product is handcrafted, which is a revival process of the art of Indian hand-embroidery and uses the finest natural materials including cotton, silks, silk velvets, and linens. Her projects can be termed as ‘sustainable’ because she not only uses organic and biodegradable materials but her design process ensures there is no wastage of fabric.

Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
©La Kairos
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Shreya Jain with mixed Collections Etoile Violette, Enchanted and Mandarin Sun-Garden ©India Today

Listed below are some of the mesmerizing projects done by La Kairos which is an amalgamation of beautiful concepts and intricate artistry.

1. Evoke: Bridal | Shreya Jain

Type: Bedding Collection
Material: 100% Linen

Inspired by the majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame, this delicate yet elegant detail displays the Gothic style of Europe, as experienced from Paris to Portugal, along with courageous workmanship.

Evoke Bridal ©Catalog-Bedding Collection
Evoke Bridal Bedding Set combined with Silver Furniture ©India Today Home – Sept 2015
Evoke Bridal Featured in Heirloom House ©Better Interiors – Sept 2014

2. Haola Deco

Type: Pillow Collection
Material: Cotton and Modal Fabric

The story behind this beautiful piece of art is quite fascinating. On one of her travels, Founder Shreya Jain was reading an interview of Actor Jason Momoa, where he commented on how he was always considered as an outsider among his people.  The feeling of being a misfit in your circle is never pleasant. Inspired by these words, Shreya thought of creating an example that shows how a misfit can be extraordinary in its peculiar way. This Haola decorative pillow is embroidered with intricate hand beading, as a reminder to celebrate one’s unique weirdness.

Haola Pillows ©lakairos.com
Haola Pillows combined with a Bed Set ©Orchid Lux Homes
Haola Pillows Detail ©The House of Things
Haola Pillows – Colours  ©Catalog – Pillows and Table Linens

3. Mandarin Sun Garden

Type: Bedding Collection
Material: 100% Habutai Silk and Linen

Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batllo is not just a mesmerizing structure, it is a whimsical expression of vivid dreaming. Correlating this dreamy detail with the Indian Ikat printing technique, this chic ensemble represents a radiant summer sun into a floral garden with its burnt orange tints and peachy hues.

Mandarin Sun Garden ©Catalog – Bedding Collection
Mandarin Sun Garden – Cushions ©houzz.com
Mandarin Sun Garden ©houzz.com

4. Hana

Type: Cushion Collection
Material: Front – 100% Silk, Back – Cotton and Silk

These decorative cushions were primarily tailored to make a style statement. Lively and exotic, this cushion celebrates floral patterns with a striking 2D hand embroidered motif. The handmade potli buttons add more grace to the overall appearance of the cushions.

HANA - Sheet1
Hana Cushions ©Catalog – Pillows and Table Linen
HANA - Sheet2
Hana Cushions – Bouquet ©lakairos.com
HANA - Sheet3
Royal Monochrome by Aastha Khetan (Founder of THOT) featuring Hana Cushions ©India Today Home

5. Japanese Tea Ceremony | Shreya Jain

Type: Bedding Collection
Material: 100% Habutai Silk

Cherry Blossoms are a symbolic representation of a graceful way of life in Japan. Sipping tea under the cherry blossom tree – a ceremony celebrating the past and the present inspired this collection. The classic color palette used here pays a tribute to a country that pushes forward while always seeking protection from its past.

Japanese Tea Ceremony ©Catalog-Bedding Collection
Japanese Tea Ceremony Cushion ©treniq.com
Japanese Tea Ceremony Pillow Detail ©Instagram – La Kairos
Japanese Tea Ceremony Bedding ©houzz.com

6. The Emy Series

Type: Cushion Collection
Material: Cotton, Viscose, and Velvet

Insects are an important part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Bees are essential to the life cycle of many plants on which most living organisms depend on. Without them, the terrestrial portion of the biosphere, including humans would be devastated. Showing this affinity towards nature, the Emy cushions were introduced into this collection of home décor. The elegant design is hand embroidered with intricate French Knotting technique.

The Emy Cushions © Catalog – Pillows and Table Linen
The Emy Cushion Detailing ©The House of Things
Pali Hill Apartment in Mumbai by Ali Baldiwala featuring the Emy Cushions © Architectural Digest

7. Rosa Table Linen

Type: Table Linen Collection
Material: 100% Linen

The Rosa collection is a project that enhances the sophistication of one’s dining space. It has a unique hand-cut lace border embroidered on pure linen of subtle colors. It brings together a mix of modern design and taste of great countryside onto a dining table.

Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Rosa Table Linen – Natural and White ©Catalog – Pillows and Table Linens
Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Rosa Table Linen displayed at Dallas World Trade Center ©Instagram – La Kairos

8. Dewdrops

Type: Pillow Collection
Material: 100% Linen

A mother’s relationship with her children is like a ray of sunshine for the plants. As a poet once said, “She is the light in our darkness…She is the jewel in our crown…” This project is dedicated to all the mothers who sparkle even in difficult times. Exclusively made by artisans, who hand-beaded and hand-sequined a single pillow over 10 hours, the cushion does bring out the sparkle in one’s home décor.

Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Dew Drops Cushion ©The House of Things
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Dew Drops Cushion ©lakairos.com
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Dew Drops Cushion Colors ©Catalog – Pillows and Table Linen

9. True Form 

Type: Bedding Collection
Material: 100% Indian Silk

Bold colors, hand-embroidered motifs, and a reflection of the Hindu mythology are the elements that give this fabulous collection its due name as True Form. The National Bird of India, the peacock is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi, who is a symbol of fortune and prosperity. The colors and details have been inspired by a peacock feather. It surely brings luxury in its grandest and truest form.

Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
True Form Cushion Detail ©Instagram – La Kairos
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
True Form ©Catalog-Bedding Collection
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
True Form Bedsheet Detail ©Instagram – La Kairos
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
True Form Bedsheet Detail ©Instagram – La Kairos

10. Bug Pouch | Shreya Jain

Type: Accessories
Material: 100% Cotton Java Fabric

Nature never fails to fascinate. Taking this inspiration from the living organisms, Director Shreya Jain created the ‘Bug Pouch’ to spread the message of ‘Save the Bees’. Each pouch is hand-beaded and embroidered on pure cotton fabric by a single artisan at a time. It consists of a pure wool handmade tassel. Among all the variants, the Ultra Violet pouch is given a special effect as it was the Pantone Color of the Year. Hence rather than keeping it simple like the others, the bug detail was enhanced by French Knots, making it classier and finer.

Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Bug Pouch – Colors ©Catalog-The Bug Pouch
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Bug Pouch – Ultra Violet ©Catalog-The Bug Pouch
Shreya Jain - La Kairos- 10 Iconic Projects
Bag Pouch – Hand Embroidery ©YouTube – La Kairos

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