“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling!”

Maiden Home is that fairy-god-mother who charms you with her elegant, chic, and unavoidable collection, bestows you with items befitting you, ultimately creating an aura that speaks volumes about you.

Handcrafted, heritage quality furnishing made by the best North Carolina artisans is a mark of exceptional value for money. Minimalism being at the roots of their concepts, this retail company headed by Nidhi Kapur in New York, started from nothing and today, has set a benchmark in sustainable industrial design.

From a large assemblage of furniture items, 10 of the top products that best portray panache have been mentioned.

1. The Warren

A sofa identified by its look catering to a Saturday night party or the formality of appealing to the in-laws, alongside the feel of a cozy movie night, The Warren offers a generous seat depth and soft recline, paired with seat and back cushions.

This piece of art is a balance between modern style and sink-in comfort owing to its eight-way hand-tied spring fabrication with low maintenance cushions made of a highly resilient ultracell core wrapped in microfiber, making it ultra-cozy to dive into at the end of a tiresome day.

Available in a neutral colour scheme with over 45 options of fabric or leather, this sofa has been the talk of the town.

Dimensions: 60″ Wide X 39″ Deep X 31″ Tall (6 configurations available for width).

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The Warren - Sheet2
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The Warren - Sheet1
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2. The Hudson Day-bed

This is a sophisticated piece of furniture with a design inspired by iconic mid-century styling involving uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms, minimal ornamentation, functionality, and the juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials.

Without diverting from its typical colour scheme, The Hudson Day-bed offers over 40 options of fabric or leather for the back, front and bolster of this item.

Dimensions: 77″ Wide X 29″ Deep X 24″ Tall (with Bolster)

The Hudson Day-bed - Sheet3
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The Hudson Day-bed - Sheet2
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The Hudson Day-bed - Sheet1

3. The Leroy

Inspired by Danish modern design, this stunning statement piece eliminates unnecessary bulk and meshes well with a lot of contemporary designs prioritizing clean, functional, and timeless craftwork.

A comfortable product of soft curves, The Leroy comes in 49+ options of fabric or leather in a monochromatic grey colour scheme with wood finishes in Pecan, Coffee, Driftwood, and Charcoal.

Dimensions: 31″ Wide X 31″ Deep X 34″ Tall

The Leroy - Sheet4
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The Leroy - Sheet3
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The Leroy - Sheet2
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The Leroy - Sheet1
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4. The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman

A master of elegance and functionality, this coffee table ottoman is a mark of plush comfort, beautifully tailored in straight, simple, modern lines with a movable oak overlay and subtle detailing throughout.

A state of the art coffee table, this piece of furniture lets one sip on their beverage, with a book in style without compromising on the coziness offered by the material palette.

From simple greys to tonal browns, The Bowery offers over 49 fabric or leather choices with White or Grey Oak wooden finishes.

Dimensions: 47-52″ Wide X 30″ Deep X 16″ Tall

The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman - Sheet3
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The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman - Sheet2
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The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman - Sheet1
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5. The Dune Chair and a Half

Fabricated in linen for relaxed beach vibes, with cushion tie-downs on either side of the seat cushion, the Dune Chair and a Half comes in generous proportions, perfect for snuggling up. The organic contents within the fabric of the Dune Chair make it sustainable yet delicate.

The fully upholstered fabric cushions are available in a simple range of 9 colours.

Dimensions: 48″ Wide X 38″ Deep X 34″ Tall

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The Dune Chair and a Half - Sheet2
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The Dune Chair and a Half - Sheet1
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6. The Minetta

Submerged in vintage charm regarding the feel, appearance, and overall stature, The Minetta, with a channeled back and delicately tapering legs, is a perfect element of furnishing in a formal or informal setting, allowing the users to be engrossed in conversation.

Complementing any kind of interior décor, The Minetta tends to enhance the aura of a room.

This chair with its wide range of fabric colour palette and wooden finishes is an item worth having in your living room.

Dimensions: 28″ Wide X 31″ Deep X 31″

The Minetta - Sheet3
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The Minetta - Sheet2
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The Minetta - Sheet1
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7. The Hayes

A true minimal design abstracted from the traditional folding cloth chair, The Hayes is a successful experiment in cool, comfortable crafting. It has not only revamped the legacy folding chair from being occasionally used to permanent usage but has also become a dominant piece of furnishing in a room. Unpretentious, clean, and simple crafting with understated detailing allows its natural materiality to shine.

Sustaining this look, it is available in just three simple colours with Beech or Walnut wooden finishes.

Dimensions: 26.5″ Wide X 28″ Deep X 32″ Tall

The Hayes - Sheet3
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The Hayes - Sheet2
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The Hayes - Sheet1
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8. The Wythe

Available in Queen, King and California King sizes, The Wythe’s ultra-cool low profile belies its cozy comfort. Coming home to the most comfortable item of bedding is an option that most of us have, but a choice not many of us make. This modern bed features a down-filled headboard, flange seams with a dash of panache, and is worth every penny invested.

The bed comes complete with a 2” wooden platform) that is upholstered in a neutral muslin. This even platform rests upon 3-4 six-inch hardwood slats. This foundation construction is selected to provide the optimal support system for the mattress, making this bed more comfortable and contributing to the longevity of the mattress by distributing weight evenly over time.

This flawless piece is available in a range of over 49 colours from blues to tonal browns to aesthetic greys.

The Wythe - Sheet3
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The Wythe - Sheet2
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The Wythe - Sheet1
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9. The Ludlow

This perfect lounging experience, one of the first designs by Maiden Home, the Ludlow has become a people’s favorite for its super-relaxed, ultra-comfortable generous seat depth and back recline paired with gorgeous styling details like its biscuit-tufted tight back and polished look which belies its plush feel. This is the perfect craftsmanship where midcentury-style meets Classic Polish and comfort meets elegance.  The Ludlow’s seat is constructed using rows of heavy gauge sinuous springs that provide a resilient seat on a sleek, slender silhouette.

The verve that The Ludlow gives out can be experienced in about 50 colours and in 4 of the best wooden finishes.

Dimensions: 60″ Wide X 40″ Deep X 34″ Tall 

The Ludlow - Sheet3
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The Ludlow - Sheet2
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The Ludlow - Sheet1
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10. The Mercer

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is best suited for this design. Modern, minimal, and snug, The Mercer is abstracted from the mid-century artistry that is casual and yet a highly coveted item of seating.

Available in 50 vibrant colours for the fabric or leather and a tasteful, simple black metal finish.

Dimensions: 30″ Wide X 31″ Deep X 27″ Tall

The Mercer - Sheet2
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The Mercer - Sheet1
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The Mercer - Sheet3
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Currently pursuing Architecture, Pallavi is in her final year of B.Arch. Being a passionate Architecture student,she’s developed a vast technical and hand-based skill-set. Finally, having had time this lockdown, she revoked her love for reading about the field which ultimately led her to believe that “Form does follow Function”.

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