The firm StudioMET Architects located in Houston, Texas, is defined by their comprehensive approach and designs for quality spaces. The award-winning firm seeks individuality and client-responsive solution for each project that they execute. A serene amalgamation of defined spaces, astute materials, and conscious inclusivity of outdoors drives the firm’s stellar work. Their projects have also been featured on national and international platforms such as AIA Houston Home Tours, Houston Business Journal, Arch Daily, Design Milk, Italian Houzz, Japanese Houzz, to list a few.

Take a look at 15 projects which give an insight into the design philosophy and spellbinding work of the firm.

1. Pavilion Haus

A single-story house spread over an area of 2,500 sq. Ft., in the Oaks Forest neighborhood, appears as a pavilion with astute spaces. The house belongs to the principal and partner of StudioMET Shawn Gottschalk and his wife, who aspired for an abode that contains a visual relationship throughout the house with the outside. Keeping this in view, the modern house features floor to ceiling windows set against brick walls. The comprehensive environment of the house complimented with definitive interiors and earthy tones.

Pavilion Haus - Sheet7
Plan of Pavilion Haus. ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet6
View of the pool in the backyard of the house. ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet5
The use of earthy tones extends in the washrooms. ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet4
Bedroom in Pavillion Haus. ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet3
View of the Kitchen. ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet2
Interiors of the Pavilion Haus ©
Pavilion Haus - Sheet1
The Exterior view of Pavilion Haus. ©

2. Spring Valley House

Designed for a globetrotting family, the Spring Valley House is an astounding project designed by the firm. The design centered around an existing oak tree which is located in the central courtyard of the house. The architects provided glass walls to the kitchen, outdoor living room, dining room, and a cabana which a transition from the interiors to exteriors.

Spring Valley House - Sheet6
Interiors in the kitchen. ©
Spring Valley House - Sheet5
Washroom in the Spring Valley House. ©
Spring Valley House - Sheet4
The saved oak tree in the central courtyard. ©
Spring Valley House - Sheet3
View of the pool. ©
Spring Valley House - Sheet2
The outdoor spaces of the house ©com
Spring Valley House - Sheet1
The Exterior view of Spring Valley. ©

3. Holly House

The encapsulating Holly House is a 5.560 sq. Ft. residence designed with contemporary features. Aspects such as a naturally lit living room with a high ceiling, a floating staircase, and clerestory windowsare some of the highlights of the house. Enclosed are 3 bedrooms, a master suite at the rear end for privacy, an art studio, pool, and basketball, whereas the interiors have been adornedwith dynamic colors.The exteriors have been finished with brick, stucco, and white cement board, ipe siding, and soffits.

Holly House - Sheet6
Interiors in the kitchen. ©
Holly House - Sheet5
Double height living area. ©
Holly House - Sheet4
Living area. ©
Holly House - Sheet3
The entrance space for the pool area. ©
Holly House - Sheet2
View of the pool ©com
Holly House - Sheet1
The Exterior view of Holly House. ©

4. Emory House

A 3,200 sq. ft. house in West University Place, Texas, is a two-story modernist residence designed by the firm. Besides the use of features such as flat roofline, ipe Bazillion wood, corrugated metal, the house is an energy-efficient and sustainable design. By expanding outer green space, provision of open plan living areas, repurposed wood for stairs, and use of polished granite floors, the firm attempted to make the house low-maintenance and energy-saving. Besides, a striking feature of the house is a grass paver system tucked in the back to be used as a driveway and mini soccer pitch.

Emory House - Sheet5
The kitchen of the Emory House. ©
Emory House - Sheet4
View of the living area. ©
Emory House - Sheet3
View of the living area also showing the repurposed wood. ©
Emory House - Sheet2
The green area at the entrance. ©
Emory House - Sheet1
The Exterior view of Emory House. ©

5. Helena House

The content house designed by the firm in the year 2010, is in Houston, Texas. With a defined form externally, the house opens into inviting spaces in the interior. Considerate use of glass walls allows areas such as gardens, pool, to be visually connected through the internal spaces. Evocative use of color and tactical orientation of spaces, binds both interior and exterior spaces, creating a warm, inclusive environment for the house.

Helena House - Sheet5
The pool enclosed in the Helena House. © Arch Daily
Helena House - Sheet4
View of the living area. © Arch Daily
Helena House - Sheet3
View of the pool from the living area. © Arch Daily
Helena House - Sheet2
Terrace of Helena House. © Arch Daily
Helena House - Sheet1
The Exterior view of Helena House. ©Arch Daily

6. LEGO Art Studio

Creating a dynamic space with extensive white surfaces, and splashes of colorful bricks in every nook and corner made the studio an efficient workplace. Located in Brooklyn, the existing space was a parking garage with worn-out services and dingy areas. The firm installed state of art services, and measures such as light wells, frosted commercial glass doors, and a functional layout spanning 4,000 open up space as a studio. The highlight of the design is the flexibility of spaces which encloses collaboration work floor, desk pods, animation studio, meeting space to list a few.

LEGO Art Studio - Sheet5
View of the kitchenette in the studio. ©
LEGO Art Studio - Sheet4
Use of light wells. ©
LEGO Art Studio - Sheet3
Colorful arrangement in the studio. ©
LEGO Art Studio - Sheet2
View of the existing space. ©
LEGO Art Studio - Sheet1
The LEGO Art Studio. ©

7. North Boulevard House

Through the design, the firm captured the client’s passion for travel and nature in the mid-century modern house. With clean lines, and strategic spatial orientation the house has ceiling to floor wide windows for amalgamating inside with the outside and the house is ornamented with art pieces, and sculptures.

North Boulevard House - Sheet7
Bathroom Interiors. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet6
Bedroom Interiors. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet5
View of the living area. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet4
View of the living area. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet3
View of the pool area. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet2
The artwork adorns the interiors. ©
North Boulevard House - Sheet1
The North Boulevard House. ©

8. Underwood House

The house set amidst fire, water, and garden landscape spans across 5,500 sq. Ft. The entrance of the residence features the water landscape, opening into the living spaces. Comprising of the master suite, three additional bedrooms, a family room, a garage workshop, and a distinct guest space, the design merges them inside out. Whereas the materials such as gabion wall, ipe decks, and vertical grain cypress further enhance the interior ambiance.

Underwood House - Sheet5
View of the pool. ©
Underwood House - Sheet4
Master Bathroom. ©
Underwood House - Sheet3
Living area. ©
Underwood House - Sheet2
Central living area. ©
Underwood House - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©

9. Lampton Circle

Designed in the year 2010, Lampton Circle is a single-story residence. Featuring exquisite wooden work, and marble finishes and the overt layout in the house is a sight to behold.

Lampton Circle - Sheet4
Bathroom in Lampton Circle. ©
Lampton Circle - Sheet3
View of the kitchen. ©
Lampton Circle - Sheet2
Central living area. ©
Lampton Circle - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©

10. Wharton Residence

5,000 sq. Ft. residence is an exemplary design by the firm for two distinctive reasons. Developed with keen inputs from the client, the modern house has been executed with an adequate budget, highlighted with extensive use of earthy tones. Secondly, the house has ardently incorporated the Vastu Shastra principles in spatial geometry. An open-plan layout comprises of kitchen, dining, living room which provides an efficient circulation for the residents.

Wharton Residence - Sheet5
The living room and pool in the residence. ©
Wharton Residence - Sheet4
View of Master Bathroom. ©
Wharton Residence - Sheet3
View of the kitchen connected with the living room. ©
Wharton Residence - Sheet2
View of the kitchen and the staircase. ©
Wharton Residence - Sheet1
Exteriors of the Wharton Residence. ©

11. Merrick House

The brief required the firm to design a house for a growing family beyond the existing structure on site. With the redesigning, the architects repurposed materials such as wood in the entry art niche and master bedroom wall. In the design for this house, the firm furthermore saved the existing oak tree on site and inculcated its presence through first-floor living-dining-kitchen and second-floor master bedroom.

Merrick House - Sheet5
View of the staircase connecting the upper living area. ©
Merrick House - Sheet4
Kitchen/ Dining Area. ©
Merrick House - Sheet3
Living area. ©
Merrick House - Sheet2
Existing Oak Tree. ©
Merrick House - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©

12. Drexel House

Designed in the U-shape, the form allows navigating through different areas of the house whilst keeping a connection between indoors and outdoors. The house comprises double-height entry space leading to private office, guest suite on one end of the foyer, and garage and court on the other. Around the pool, kitchen, dining, and living are provided with full height glass panes allowing an unobstructed view while the upper floors enclose a family room, three bedrooms, master suite, and terraces. The finishes of the house include steel, stucco, concrete plains, and ipe wood.

Drexel House - Sheet6
Master Bathroom. ©
Drexel House - Sheet5
Staircase Lobby. ©
Drexel House - Sheet4
Kitchen/ Dining Area. ©
Drexel House - Sheet3
Living/ Dining and Kitchen area. ©
Drexel House - Sheet2
Exteriors of the house. ©
Drexel House - Sheet1
View from the pool. ©

13. Five Oaks House

Keeping in the view the requirement of the client, a house that feels like a boutique hotel, the residence is a one-story living with a dedicated entrance and guest house. Taking into consideration the adjacent one-story structures, the house merges fits in perfectly. Besides, the design proposed the use of low maintenance material while the interiors of the pose comfort and serene living. Capturing the five oak trees lining the perimeter of the Montrose-area corner property, the house also overlooks an adjacent park.

Five Oaks House - Sheet5
Outdoor area. ©
Five Oaks House - Sheet4
Kitchen/ Dining Area. ©
Five Oaks House - Sheet3
Master Bathroom. ©
Five Oaks House - Sheet2
Five Oaks House - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©

14. Westview Drive House

The Westview Drive house is another distinct project designed by the firm. Driven by the location of two oak trees on-site and the need for accommodating different generations of the family, the house blends private spaces with astounding views. Keeping the family areas to the ground floor, the open floor design caters kitchen, living, dining, and entry whereas the first floor has dedicated space for the mother-in-law. Keeping the other bedrooms on the second floor, the privacy of the house is maintained. The palette for design primarily includes earthy tones such as bricks, board, and batten siding.

Westview Drive House - Sheet6
Outdoor dining. ©
Westview Drive House - Sheet5
Exteriors of the house by the pool. ©
Westview Drive House - Sheet4
Westview Drive House - Sheet3
Kitchen/ Dining Area. ©
Westview Drive House - Sheet2
Seating by the pool. ©
Westview Drive House - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©

15. University I

Defined by the bold limestone walls, the design is an exemplary residence. The planning focuses on key aspects of privacy and response to the urban landscape. Designed with an open concept, the interiors are flushed with natural light and inclusive environment that holds formal living, family room, kitchen, and private together.

University I - Sheet6
University I - Sheet5
University I - Sheet4
Living room. ©
University I - Sheet3
Kitchen/ Dining/ Living Area. ©
University I - Sheet2
University I - Sheet1
Exteriors of the house. ©



Aditi Sharma is an architect, researcher and amateur photographer based in Mumbai. Through RTF she is expressing her ardent thoughts in the domain of culture, history, gender, and architecture.

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