What are the Natural finishes for interiors

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The inclination towards contemporary materials has taken a halt. 

Gone are the days when one could think of interior design as only hefty, over-the-top glossy materials plastered all over the place, from which one can feel all types of riches. The exorbitant ornamentation has a charm of its own, but now, there is a shift; people have started to drift towards calm, muted & subtle interior choices with earthly roots. Because Natural Finishes keep the connection between earth & nature intact. For instance, regulation of indoor microclimate, durability, easy application, and sound aesthetics are some of the benefits from them. Nowadays, people are more aware of the sustainability aspects and make efforts to achieve it in whatever humble proportions possible. It is more about preserving and bringing nature inside homes.

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Wood is straight-ahead, the closest element from nature, having inherent characteristics. The finished wood surface gives an exotic appearance to interiors, be it a blend with Minimalistic or excessive ornate styles. The wood used for panelling, flooring & more; is a sustainable and eco-friendly material which gives an exuberant outlook; It is sometimes used as suave & smooth as marble or in its raw, unrefined form to look extravagant with its imperfections; Colours and textures are retained & showcase a rustic look, Worn-out wood can be reused in various forms for interiors besides furniture with alterations; The natural wood finishes are intact for a long time. There are various grades of solid wood available; natural wood is always a choice for homeowners and designers because of its durability & timelessness.

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Brick used in its original form retains the traditional aspect; Brick finishes look affable & playful. The exposed brick style is a timeless finish. Brick bonds and brick patterns in repetition showcase an impressive ambience & value. Various colours are available, from white, greys, through buffs, and light to dark reds. The texture has a high-performance value; it regulates the microclimate. As it is made from clay, it is a thermal insulator, soundproof and fire-resistant. They are readily available and cheap. Due to the variety in sizes, it can orient in different patterns. The type of walls consists of solid brick walls, cavity & veneer brick walls. It can be combined with other materials like concrete or metal to create a mystique industrial effect. Brick walls have a superior effect on any home. It is well-balanced when combined with any design style. A natural finish which is raw, pure, content and homely!

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Stone is considered an important material associated with olden times. There are a variety of stones in shape, size, and textures available in the market. The variety of stones graces the diverse interior design style. Marble is used in a setting where ornamentation is in tremendous amounts. It is considered elite and used for lavish interior settings. Stone like Granite, basalt, travertine & sandstone can be used with various techniques as natural finishes. The exposed stone inside the interior gives a pure, organic warmth to the surroundings. Minimalist interior style is where it balances well with its characteristics. A highlight wall of stacked stone or stone looks divine. To achieve this high-value effect, The work with stone always required skilled labour. The sturdy character of stone is retained, no matter the revamping. 

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It is an elegant material, raw & robust, and its application as a finish in both traditional & modern styles has effective results. Even when used in combination with other materials, it exhibits sheer grace. The use of an industrial style suits well and gives a bold, valorous outlook to interiors. It is durable; it gives the impression of a bulky, well-built surface. Its other uses in furniture like metal bookcases, tables and more. Warm colour tones in metal like aluminium, nickel or steel are available. The metals such as copper & brass too look elegant in applications. Metal finish is used excessively in commercial interiors, in the form of mesh, coils & fabric, and curved panels, crushing the statement that metal is inappropriate to use. It can be used in column covers, partitions and drop ceilings; It is available in a vast number of textures and patinas with innovative uses like murals, floating ceilings and wall panels.

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Natural Plasters

Natural plasters are eco-friendly, simple & subtle; it is obtained from materials easily available in nature. It doesn’t consume energy for processing. It has various health benefits, it lets the home breathe. A natural finish gives the interiors an earthy tone. It is easy to use and is available in different textures & colours. These finishes are available in smooth, trowel finish, sponged finish, rough or brushed, hand, fibrous, Plain, grainy and so on. They are infinite. Natural Plaster finishes have two types, lime-based finishes and clay-based finishes. Lime & clay have extreme binding properties, in consequence, it withholds the plaster together. Sand, stone dust, recycled building materials or natural fibres mixed with it in different proportions. Natural Plaster consists of Clay, Lime, Stone dust and numerous additives. All of this helps in the better performance & workability of Plasters! 

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The use of Natural finishes protects us from the risk of high VOC, which the widespread prevalent materials possess. Harmful paint finishes, whereas Natural Plasters as discussed, not only eliminate the release of these toxic substances but also help in the regulation of temperature and humidity & possess antifungal Properties. The other finishes of Wood and Stone give a good appearance, microclimatic conditions and an exquisite look. These finishes redefine the aesthetics of interiors and give a feeling of residing close to the natural environment & content, which modern interior materials fail to provide. Temperature regulation with the help of these finishes, less use of mechanical equipment in different weather conditions; it prevents heat gain in summers & heat loss in cold weather. Natural finishes are unique like bringing a natural colour palette into homes!

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