Ever had a look at those built structures that once served a purpose but are now abandoned and left on their own accord? Numerous such structures around us require a new identity. Architecture is not only designing brand-new awe-inspiring structures but also enhancing the usability of such structures around us. 

This is where adaptive reuse comes into the picture in which already existing built structures, habitable forms that vary from a billboard to massive airplanes. These units are redesigned and converted to serve a new purpose. This gives a new identity to the structure. 

Here is a collection of a few of such projects redesigned to become residences. 

1. Water Tower to Sky House

Ever imagined what could be done with those abandoned tall water tank towers in the neighborhood? Well, there is one such water tower in Thorpeness, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom. Originally, in 1923 this structure was a tall water tower disguised as a house which was later turned into an actual house in 1979 when the water tower was no longer in use. 

The structure currently houses a total of five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It provides an excellent view of the beautiful seaside village.

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Water tower to sky house_©weburbanist.com

2. An Old Barn turned into a Modern Residence

After industrialization, which caused a major shift in occupation, many buildings of agricultural usage were abandoned. Barns were one such typology of buildings. But Bjarne Mastenbroek and his Amsterdam-based architecture firm SeARCH saw these structures from a different lens. They believed that these structures could be much more than warehouses. 

Following the same line of thought, they transformed such a barn in Zutphen, Netherlands. Its new look with airy, bright interiors with vast expanses of glass make it a stunning mix of modern and traditional architecture. 

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An old barn turned into a modern residence_©weburbanist.com

3. Fire Towers as Contemporary Residences

Who would have thought that fire towers could do much more than act as stations to keep an eye on possible fire disasters? Being tall observatory towers, they provide the best possible view of surroundings along with giving a treehouse vibe. 

These fire towers are increasingly being transformed into habitable spaces all over the world.

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Fire towers as contemporary residences_©weburbanist.com

4. Grain Silos upcycled into Homes and Hotels

Grain silos are a common sight in the countryside. Their simple cylindrical metal structure provides a great opportunity to transform them into habitual spaces. Be it a one-bedroom loft apartment or a large structure made by merging a few silos, these grail silos are seen to be functioning as better as any normal habitual space.

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Grain Silos Upcycled into Homes and Hotels_©weburbanist.com

5. Abandoned Mid-rise turned Modern Condo Complex

The old abandoned building complex can be effectively adapted as a modern condo complex as it provides the basic structural skeleton needed for a modern condominium. Following the same line of thought, Kimmich Smith Architecture designed 1100 Apex located in Clearwater, Fla., what was once an abandoned 15 storey building and now houses 134 luxury apartment units with all modern facilities.

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Abandoned mid-rise Turned Modern Condo Complex_©www.bdcnetwork.com

6. Factory turned Modern Condo Complex

Old factories which don’t serve the purpose anymore can be efficiently adapted and reused to serve a new purpose. One such project is located in Philadelphia. This factory-turned condo complex is styled to suit the growing needs of people along with several eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, etc.

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Factory Turned Modern Condo Complex_©weburbanist.com

7. Countryside Church redesigned as a Luxurious Home

Religious spaces are known for their peaceful vibe; exactly what some people desire in their homes. A person having such a vision turned an old church into his home in the countryside in England. 

Stained glass-fitted windows, vaulted ceilings, and other typical features of a church came along with the package. It retained its old rusty exterior but is fitted with modern facilities in the interior.

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Countryside Church redesigned as a Luxurious Home_©weburbanist.com

8. Classic School House to Contemporary Residence

Everyone has a lot of precious memories attached to their school. One such school which was abandoned for a while in New York’s Catskill Mountains is now a unique two-bedroom inn. It once served as a one-room school in Sullivan county. 

This house offers a comfortable stay to its residents with its open layout, homely interior, and lush green surroundings.

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Classic School House to Contemporary residence_©in.pinterest.com

9. Recycled Billboards as New Tiny Homes

The idea of living inside a billboard might seem like a blizzard at first glance. But on careful thought, its perks like living in a prime location with accessibility to all facilities might be more appealing. 

Front Architects, introduced this unique idea of transforming billboards made of wood, steel, concrete into tiny homes. 

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Recycled Billboards as new tiny homes_©weburbanist.com

10. Trailer-wrap: Turning old Trailers into Attractive Homes

Remember those traditional trailers that acted as an earlier version of portable houses? Architect Michael Hughes has redesigned those old trailers to be more pleasing to the eyes and also provide all the comforts that a modern house offers. He calls this Trailer-wrap.

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Trailer-wrap: Turning Old Trailers into Attractive Homes_©weburbanist.com
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