21. Barbouni

Location: Costa Navarino, Greece
Architect/Designer: Dimitris Karampatakis, Thomai Christopoulou, Marivienia Chiotopoulou, Christina Stamouli, Natassa Kallou, Izoli Zavistanou, Konstantinos Karampatakis
Year of completion: 2011

The interior of the restaurant situated on the platform on the sand is partly opened. Its structure is created by wooden columns and wooden walls. The most impressive part of the project is the ceiling covered with hanging fabric sheets that sways on the wind which imitates waves of the sea.

Barbouni - Sheet1
Barbouni ©Yiorgos Kordakis
Barbouni - Sheet2
Barbouni ©Yiorgos Kordakis
Barbouni - Sheet3
Barbouni ©Yiorgos Kordakis

22. La Sastrería

Location: Valencia, Spain
Architect/Designer: Masquespacio
Year of completion: 2020

The restaurant is divided into three parts: Sergio’s cooking, Mediterranean and Tomar la Fresca. Tiles that create a great ornament effect are a reflection of the facades of the buildings in close neighbourhoods. Part of the interior that concentrates on seafood was finished with blue and white ceramics creating shapes of waves when chairs are remaining old fishing boats.

La Sastrería - Sheet1
La Sastrería ©Masquespacio
La Sastrería - Sheet2
La Sastrería ©Masquespacio
La Sastrería - Sheet
La Sastrería ©Masquespacio

23. Bodon

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architect/Designer: Will Erens
Year of completion: 2017

The interior designer used inspirations of many styles 1920s, 1970s, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The effect shows richness and tradition of hospitality. Decorations are made with marble and velvets.

Bodon - Sheet1
Bodon ©Jesaja Hizkia
Bodon - Sheet2
Bodon ©Jesaja Hizkia
Bodon - Sheet3
Bodon ©Jesaja Hizkia

24. Swift & Sons

Location: Chicago, United States
Architect/Designer: AVROKO

The design of this restaurant is taking the visitors back to the 19th century when the cattle trade was a profitable business. The interior project aims to create a space that could look like it was at that time.

Swift & Sons - Sheet1
Swift & Sons ©https://www.avroko.com/projects/swift-sons/
Swift & Sons - Sheet2
Swift & Sons ©https://www.avroko.com/projects/swift-sons/
Swift & Sons - Sheet3
Swift & Sons ©https://www.avroko.com/projects/swift-sons/
Swift & Sons - Sheet4
Swift & Sons ©https://www.avroko.com/projects/swift-sons/

25. L’Arte Contadina

Location: Chicago, United States
Architect/Designer: S&R Carlone Architects of K1artStudio

Whitestone walls, painted with white wooden ceiling, columns imitating trees, white chairs and tablecloths create a bright and elegant interior.

L’Arte Contadina - Sheet1
L’Arte Contadina ©K1artStudio
L’Arte Contadina - Sheet2
L’Arte Contadina ©K1artStudio
L’Arte Contadina - Sheet3
L’Arte Contadina ©K1artStudio

26. Casa Velha

Location: Quinta do Lago, Portugal
Architect/Designer: Sofia Andrez

This elegant restaurant is located in the Quinta do Lago. The interior is contemporary but contains traditional decoration.

Casa Velha - Sheet1
Casa Velha ©Sofia Andres
Casa Velha - Sheet2
Casa Velha ©Sofia Andres
Casa Velha - Sheet3
Casa Velha ©Sofia Andres

27. Turtle Bay

Location: Winchester, United Kingdom
Architect/Designer: FUSION

This restaurant design is beautiful by its vibrant mix of colours, unusual walls paintings, and well-thought-out decorations.

Turtle Bay - Sheet1
Turtle Bay ©https://www.fusiondna.co.uk/
Turtle Bay - Sheet2
Turtle Bay ©https://www.fusiondna.co.uk/
Turtle Bay - Sheet3
Turtle Bay ©https://www.fusiondna.co.uk/

28. Auriga

Location: Mumbai, India
Architect/Designer: Sanjay Puri Architects
Year of completion: 2013

This restaurant interior is divided into two levels which are in contrast to each other. One of them is dominated by wood, the other one by steel. The walls and ceiling are fully covered with strips which make the rooms look like caves. The addition of lighting makes an impressive effect.

Auriga - Sheet1
Auriga ©Vinesh Gandhi
Auriga - Sheet2
Auriga ©Vinesh Gandhi
Auriga - Sheet3
Auriga ©Vinesh Gandhi

29. Masa

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Architect/Designer: Studio Cadena
Year of completion: 2018

The interior is strongly defined by the facade project – triangular openings in the walls create a similar effect inside and outside of the building. The ascetic interior has vibrant decorations that are underlined by lighting design. The floor is made of unique hand-cast terrazzo which is a popular technique in Bogota.

Masa - Sheet1
Masa ©Ambiente Familiar
Masa - Sheet2
Masa ©Naho Cubota
Masa - Sheet3
Masa ©Naho Cubota

30. Seen

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Architect/Designer: Sidney Quintela Architecture
Year of completion: 2019

This restaurant interior was designed in Art Deco Style. Warm lighting, the contrast of dark furniture and glass and the bar located in the centre, under the branches of the tree, that all create an amazing effect.

Seen - Sheet1
Seen ©Fernando Guerra
Seen - Sheet2
Seen ©Fernando Guerra
Seen - Sheet3
Seen ©Fernando Guerra
Seen - Sheet4
Seen ©Fernando Guerra
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An architect from Poland who was educated also in Finland. Being at the beginning of her career she looks for a balance between architecture and nature. Despite the interest in the history of architecture she search for modern design solutions.

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