The quality of a restaurant is determined not only by the food served there but also by the atmosphere created by both the restaurant staff and the interior design. The choice of the most beautiful restaurant interiors in the world is impossible because there are certainly thousands of unique restaurants, some of which are probably not even popular.

Below are presented 50 restaurants in random order with beautiful well-designed interiors from all over the world showcasing different cultures, cuisines and design approaches.

1. Boccanera

Location: Cracow, Poland
Architect/Designer: ORB Studio

The atmospheric restaurant with a wealth of decorations, wooden and leather furniture, flowers, all covered with warm, slightly dimmed light. Because of the magic in this interior, it is hard to believe that it used to serve a function of a horse tram depot.

Boccanera Sheet1
Boccanera ©Hana Studio
Boccanera Sheet2
Boccanera ©Hana Studio
Boccanera Sheet3
Boccanera ©Hana Studio

2. Piccolino

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Architect/Designer: Carroll Design

This interior expresses elegance and freshness which was obtained by combining blue textiles with light wood and white lamps.

Piccolino - Sheet1
Piccolino Restaurant ©
Piccolino - Sheet2
Piccolino Restaurant ©
Piccolino - Sheet3
Piccolino Restaurant ©

3. Bangkok

Location: Kolkata, India
Architect/Designer: A Square Designs Studio

A Square Designs created this richly detailed space that connects contemporary style with Indian architecture. Decorative elements in vivid shades of yellow, blue, and red have been combined with wood in natural walnut and teak colours, a subdued floor pattern, and a tree in the centre of the restaurant.

Bangkok - Sheet1
Bangkok Restaurant ©2018 Photographix
Bangkok - Sheet2
Bangkok Restaurant ©2018 Photographix
Bangkok - Sheet3
Bangkok Restaurant ©2018 Photographix

4. Banq

Location: Boston, United States
Architect/Designer: Dan Gallagher
Year of completion: 2008

The restaurant that astonishes with its canopy made of wood slats does not seem to be located in the old banking hall. This wavy ceiling flowing also on the walls contain parts of the building’s infrastructure like mechanical equipment or sprinkler system.

Banq - Sheet1
Banq Restaurant ©John Horner
Banq - Sheet2
Banq Restaurant ©John Horner
Banq - Sheet3
Banq Restaurant ©John Horner

5. Gaga

Location: Shanghai, China
Architect/Designer: Coordination Asia

The natural and cosy atmosphere created with the use of rustic wood and green decor is enlivened by ceiling wooden panels that contain the lighting.

Gaga - Sheet1
Gaga Restaurant ©
Gaga - Sheet2
Gaga Restaurant ©
Gaga - Sheet3
Gaga Restaurant ©

6. Studio Hermes

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Architect/Designer: Corvin Christian
Year of completion: 2013

This interior design responds to the acoustic requirements of the shows and live band performances taking place here. Decoration elements like velvet sofa or wooden wainscot have a style of 60’s audition hall.

Studio Hermes - Sheet1
Studio Hermes ©
Studio Hermes - Sheet2
Studio Hermes ©
Studio Hermes - Sheet3
Studio Hermes ©

7. Black Sea

Location: Moscow, Russia
Architect/Designer: Elena Krylova

The combination of the depth blue colour of the walls with decorative elements such as fishing nets or fish illustrations creates an amazing maritime atmosphere.

Black Sea - Sheet1
Black Sea  ©
Black Sea - Sheet2
Black Sea  ©
Black Sea - Sheet3
Black Sea  ©

8. Recess

Location: Atlanta, USA
Architect/Designer: Square Feet Studio

Inspired by artist John Wesley and his vibrant menu, the design is characterized by unusual combinations of pastel and black colours, metal elements of furniture, and neon lights.

Recess - Sheet1
Recess ©Andrew Thomas Lee
Recess - Sheet2
Recess ©Andrew Thomas Lee
Recess - Sheet3
Recess ©Katie Bricker Photography

9. Shade Burger

Location: Poltava, Ukraine
Architect/Designer: YOD Group
Year of completion: 2016

Simple, ascetic, and a little bit brutal interior design where metal surfaces and veneer on the ceiling offer interesting effects of light diffusion.

Shade Burger - Sheet1
Shade Burger ©Andrey Avdeenko
Shade Burger - Sheet2
Shade Burger ©Andrey Avdeenko
Shade Burger - Sheet3
Shade Burger ©Andrey Avdeenko

10. The Middle House

Location: Shanghai, China
Architect/Designer: Lissoni Associati, Piero Lisosni
Year of completion: 2016

Elegant and sophisticated design, this effect was obtained by the use of dark, subdued colours, glass and mirror elements, and general simplicity.

The Middle House - Sheet1
The Middle House ©Edmond Leong
The Middle House - Sheet2
The Middle House ©Edmond Leong
The Middle House - Sheet3
The Middle House ©Edmond Leong
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An architect from Poland who was educated also in Finland. Being at the beginning of her career she looks for a balance between architecture and nature. Despite the interest in the history of architecture she search for modern design solutions.

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