Interior Design Awards have become famous over the years for their ability to give credible designers and creators due that they deserve. The awards provide a sense of motivation to work towards a goal and get recognized for it. Not only is it a good way to push designers to be their best selves, but also gives the world unseen, unique and fascinating creations. 

The awards have branched out over the years, to cover varying fields. The possibilities in the field are endless and the rewards for that should also be vast. There are many awards with different categories to hang on to and reach. Getting an award is similar to climbing a tree—the varying branches being different designers, each playing their role in the look of the tree but the one on the top which gets to see the beautiful sunrise and sunsets, i.e., the actual award.

There are a few interior design awards that I have listed below. These are the well-known awards and designers and architects strive daily to bag one of them. 

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1. Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards

The Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards are one of the crème-de-la-crème of the interior design award field. They have been a timeless legacy in the history of design awards. Created by the Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Awards program, the awards have provided acknowledgment to the designers of the era and upcoming designers as well. 

These awards, launched in 2000, by the White House Millennium Council, aim to lavish recognition to innovation and creation and want to increase awareness through educational design initiatives. The awards have been curated in a way to promote design through educational initiatives as well as through awards. Few award categories are Design Visionary, Architecture, Emerging Design, Landscape Architecture, Fashion Design, etc. 

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2. Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

Interior Design Awards aims to honour all types of interiors and the astonishing and innovative designs created for people to experience. One such category in these is restaurants and bars. As time has passed, people have started socializing more often rather than sitting at home. They prefer to unwind at a beautiful restaurant or bar instead of their home for the ambience, vibe and experience that they bring to the table. 

Through the years, various restaurant owners have gone above and beyond to inculcate the interiors into the experience of dining outside. They want to create a wholesome experience through the interiors. Interior Design Awards such as the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards provide a dedicated achievement in the hospitality department. 

These awards have been around for a decade and have welcomed entries across a span of countries for all types of spaces—ships, museums, airports, Michelin-starred enterprises, etc. This award has been covered by renowned media houses and has its name etched into the interior design awards to be achieved. 

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3. Jane Drew Prize

This interior design award is a stellar award to win in the field of design. It is an architecture award given by the Architects Journal to someone who shows deviation from the norm, diversity and inclusiveness in their designs. 

The award has been named after the architect, Jane Drew, who tried hard to set up an all-women architecture practice as the first full-time female professor at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The winners are chosen by the Architect Journal Women in Architecture Judging Panel. It recognises the “contribution to the status of women in architecture”.

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4. International Design Awards

Interior Design Awards strive to showcase excellence and bestow recognition to those in the fields of interiors, landscapes, spaces and the experiences created in these interiors as well. The 5 design disciplines they look at are architectural design, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, and product design. 

The IDA believes that they acknowledge, celebrate and promote those designers who are visionaries and par excellence in their field. They wish to discover the imminent talent and upcoming designers worldwide. This award was founded by the Farmani Group as a design sibling to the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography. These are the most prestigious awards in the photography field and they hoped the same for the IDA. 

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5. Årets Möbel Award – Furniture of the Year, Sweden

Interior design encompasses all aspects of the design being carried in the home. This includes furniture and the interior design award for furniture of the year is the Årets Möbel Award. It is based in Sweden since 1993 and is the most prestigious furniture and interior design award in this country. The award is handed out by the magazine Sköna Hem. 

The prize for the award is the oldest of its kind in Sweden till today. Varying interior design magazines give out prizes but this Sweden award has a qualified jury and they award the prize to only one singular piece of furniture. The winner goes on to receive a handsome sum of SEK 30,000. 

Årets Möbel Award, Sweden Image Credits – ©Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

These are a few famous interior design awards in the large industry, where everyone is striving to achieve a unique and distinct design in every space they design. 

The awards make the designers work harder and this produces intelligent, functional, aesthetic, sustainable, and out-of-the-box interiors. It is all about creating a better world to live in while giving people the due credit for the hard work and effort they put in to make someone’s house feel like a home.

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