Living room, a space where one can relax and spend some leisure time, watching TV, chatting with friends, or even while reading a book. Living rooms are also formal, modern, gathering spaces. These gathering spaces are sometimes divided into two spaces: a family room and TV rooms or meeting room. This usually happens in large houses. These spaces are furniturised with sofas, center tables, bookshelves, lamps, armchairs, and other aesthetic furnishings. The family rooms have these furnishings along with fireplaces or semi-open spaces. 

Living rooms have to be inviting and comfortable. With the help of colour palette, different material palettes, interior lighting types, etc. This article helps one design and introduces you to the process of designing a welcoming and cosy living room. 

1. Solid Color Based Theme 

Solid Color Based Theme
Grey Shades_©

The example shown above has dark walls and dark colored furnishings. The most incaptivating element of this space is the painting. The artwork with bright pop colors on dark subtle colored walls changes the mood of the space. The coffee table and the lighting fixtures are kept minimal in order to exaggerate the greys. 

2. Pop Color Based Theme 

Pop Color Based Theme 
Pop Colored Rug Ⓒ

This living room follows a subtle beige color palette. The flooring of the apartment is dark such that the chairs almost merge with the flooring. Here the most eye-catching element is the pop colored rug. To give some bounce and life to the space this rug has been chosen. While designing in the tones of beige where the walls are also kept white or cream colored it is important to have some element which adds contrast to the space. 

3. Subtle Color Based Theme

Subtle Color Based Theme
Subtle Color palette Ⓒ

The informal, flexible seating arrangement gives a friendly vibe. Here the walls and floors are kept light colored and the couches and furnishings are pop colored. This color palette creates a friendly bubbly atmosphere of the space. 

4. Placement of Furnishing

Placement of Furnishing -Sheet1
Sofa as center Ⓒ
Placement of Furnishing -Sheet2
Sofa as center Ⓒ

The sofas here are the center of attention. It is the main element, and everyone entering the space has to have their attention on it. The size of the sofa, with a dark colored wall next to it and an opening on the other side, acts like a barrier. This stops the visitors from entering the dining and the kitchen space.

5. Textured Rustic Theme 

Textured Rustic Theme 
Tones Ⓒ

The warmth of the space is experienced because of the wooden ceiling and the subtle yellow colored sofa. To experience this, the walls and the rug are kept dark colored. Even a warm yellow light is used to keep the space warm. 

6. Textures and Prints 

Textures and Prints 
Textured backdrop Ⓒ

While designing living spaces, texture and prints of the material adds depth to the space. Above the texture and print on the rug along with the glittered texture wall, bring warmth to the space. The lamps along with the coffee table are such that they give a floating or elevated effect.

7. Textures And Solid Colors 

Textures And Solid Colors
Textured surfaces Ⓒ

This living room has a modern chic finish but the minute details like the textured flooring, rug, textured brick wall, and the texture of the couch. These textured elements add depth and warmth to the space. 

8. Lights at backdrop 

Lights at backdrop
Background lights Ⓒ

Wall with the lights acts as a backdrop for the couch. The printed rug and cushions with floating coffee-table make the space look warm.

9. Chandelier In Interiors


Chandelier In Interiors
Chandelier with warm lights Ⓒ

Here the play of light in the wall and chandelier with warm yellow light and textured rug all together bring the entire cosiness of the space together.

10. Contrast Tones 

Contrast Tones
Dark-Light Ⓒ


11. Artwork and Tints 

Artwork and Tints 
Artwork Ⓒ

Again here the palette is beige but the pop colored yellow cushions are good enough to pull the entire space together. To follow the language, the painting also has a tint of yellow.

12. Material Textures 

Material Textures
Marble- Wood texture Ⓒ

To give warmth and highlight the space, the walls are kept light but textured and the furnitures are kept dark colored. This is a usual contrast of light and dark but a layer of texture is added.

13. Artworks 

Wall of art Ⓒ

Here the color palette is pop colored but with a tint of grey, which makes the colors look subtle. The artwork and furniture has a texture which brings depth in the space.

14. Metallic Furnishings 

Metallic Furnishings 
Minimalistic furnishing Ⓒ

The artwork with a monotonous background, and metallic furnishings gives a warm finishing in the space. 

15. Texture-Prints-Material

Printed fabric Ⓒ

Textured walls and printed fabrics are the main elements that made the space cosy. 

16. Vintage Furnishings  

Vintage Furnishings
Exposed brick wall in Chimney Ⓒ

The textures here bring depth and warmth with flat background and openings.

17. Rustic Theme 

Rustic Theme
Textured wall and furnishing Ⓒ

A rustic theme based design with printed cushions and wooden furnishings along with textured surfaces makes one experience warmness.

18. Subte-Pop Colors 

Subte-Pop Colors
Combination-complementation Ⓒ

The dark subtle couches, with pop coloured fabrics and printed fabrics and minimal metallic furniture gives a cosy effect to the space.

19. Traditional Theme 

Traditional Theme
Bright walls and printed fabrics Ⓒ


20. Printed Fabrics

Printed Fabrics
Chaos Ⓒ

The entire space has printed fabric and rounded cushioned furnishings which bring warmth. Even the openings help in bringing the warmth. 

21. Walls And Furnishing

Walls And Furnishing
Rustic fixtures Ⓒ

The rustic wooden furniture with brick textured walls and exposed lighting points brings a sense of warmth in the interior spaces. 

22. Velvet Fabrics

Velvet Fabrics
Velvet sofas and rugs Ⓒ

The glossy smooth texture of the velvet, with bright colors in the contrast. The shades used in the furnishings here are also used in rugs that complement each other. 

23. Plain and Printed Fabrics

Plain and Printed Fabrics
Usage of plain and prints Ⓒ

The rugs and pillows are printed and textured, with plain matt finished walls, creating a contrast within the interiors. 

24. Curtains and Carpets 

Curtains and Carpets 
Curtains and rugs Ⓒ

The coffee table is the centerpiece of the space, with pop colors and contrasting subtle background.

25. Mismatched 

Multiple tones Ⓒ

The background is subtle grey, but the furnishing is in contrast to the background. The fixtures like centre table and lamps are metallic and kept minimal.

26. Prints and Furnishings

Prints and Furnishings
Rugs-flooring-furnishings Ⓒ

The flooring near the chimney, printed rugs and veneered furnishings bring a traditional warmth sensation within the space. 

27. Printed Pop Colors

Printed Pop Colors
Prints as textures Ⓒ

The walls here are bright, but the fabric is kept printed. This is a contrast between the furnishing and walls. 

28. Lightings

Warm lights Ⓒ

The play of light mixed with the combination of the fabrics creates warmth and cosiness in the space. 

29. Volume 

Prints adding depth Ⓒ

A kin decision has to be taken, while designing living rooms. The entire designing is a continuous process, it can’t be done in bits and pieces. A language has to be seen in the entire project.

30. Exterior and Interior

Exterior and Interior
Horizon as backdrop Ⓒ

The living space spills over to the deck, with the windows framing the horizon. To compliment the horizon and the blues of sky and ocean the major furnishing is in lighter tone. 


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