Every year brings about changes in long-standing ideas about fundamental things in our lives; from where we live to how we work and balance our lifestyles keep on evolving for our pleasure. The must-haves in homes are different from what they used to be and this has rolled out to all disciplines of design. 2020 has become the year of epic change as we move away from the structured and direct concepts of life to create softer, gentler environments with the inception of a pandemic. Designers have curved to create solutions for multi-functions and social distancing to integrate safety, sanity, and security of the users.

Below is the list of 10 furniture design trends of 2020:

1. Multi-Functional Work Stations

Without a doubt 2020 is the year that made us all couch up inside our home whether we approved of it or not. With most of us working from home portable furniture with multipurpose functions has been designed to change the dining table to work station in no time. With a portable desk organizer and cabinets on castors that can be pushed back in place when it is time to clock out, these tables make it easy to switch to work mode on and off the table. Hence there is plenty of room for work time and lunchtime with the family.

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet1
Work Desk © www.ikea.com

2. Hands-free Replacements

Many home products can be replaced with hands-free models today in order to stop the spread of germs around the house. These all have the potential to enhance wellness and fit into a wellness design model. Light switches can be replaced with hands-free models fairly easily and quickly making them operate with just a wave of hands thus eliminating one of the most frequently touched surfaces at home. Soap dispensers can be switched out for a hands-free model to be added to all the shared sink areas at home. Faucets can also be swapped with hands-free models. There are special versions made for kitchens and others designed particularly for bathrooms.

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Hands-free Faucet ©www.design-milk.com

3. Sustainable Furniture

Since we are all spending a lot of time in our homes it is kind of essential to sit in a healthy environment. At the risk of sounding alarmist, most traditional home furnishings are made with unsustainable and toxic materials that pose risk to the users and the environment. This is where sustainable living comes into the picture where furniture made from upcycled waste and regenerated materials are introduced for our infinite use. Buying from small sustainably-minded sellers not only supports humble artisans and craftsmen but is also better from an ethical standpoint. They ensure your home maintains healthy air quality, reduces carbon footprint, and works to make the furniture industry a climate positive one. In order to sit out, and finish playing your favorite games to the end you need comfortable furniture. Do not miss your chance to become a customer of one of the best and most honest virtual casinos in Ukraine Pin Up online. The operator of the Internet gambling establishment Pin Up online has earned a high reputation at least a large selection of certified slot machines and an extensive system of generous rewards. As well as guaranteed and quite prompt payment of prizes on popular and secure payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, Sistema, IBOX, Easy Pay, etc.).

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet3
Noho Office Chair made out of Reclaimed Fishing Nets and Carpets ©www.design-milk.com

4. Adaptable Furniture

While we are all entering a strange new world of office environment big changes are already in with the ease in restrictions for businesses to open up. Prioritizing adaptability to keep up with the needs of the employees and workspaces are certainly on the high. Incorporating pieces that are versatile and compact is the key here. Furniture that is both fun and functional and those which can be portable and moved around with ease for individual work or group work are preferred. These items can be used for anything from holding laptops or even to store objects and can be folded and stacked up when not in use to save space. 

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet4
Adaptable Ziggy Table ©www.design-milk.com

5. Playful Light Fixtures

Today designers are trying to incorporate imaginative and playful furniture into their projects from various styles and eras. These objects with their childlikeness and nostalgia are intended to offer escapism to an easier time before the anxieties of society and politics. Italian designers have showcased this best with conceptual yet functional pieces of lighting. These light fixtures are brought out in bold primary colors or soft pastels in saturated hues to highlight a room’s established palette or add a pop of standout color. For example, a bold statement can be made with a line of fire-engine red warehouse pendants above the kitchen island, or a metal pendant enameled in soft matte blue can deliver soothing color to the bathroom. 

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet5
Colorful Lights ©www.eameslighting.com

6. Pet Houses 

Homes are typically designed for human inhabitants on a human scale but when having pets at home having the right furniture to take care of them goes a long way when it comes to keeping them happy. Every pet requires different kinds of furniture For example, dogs prefer dog beds and houses to lie in whereas cats love litter boxes and cat trees. It depends on the animal you have and how you want to care for them. Knowing that cats are going to scratch, handmade scratchers were designed that cats would love. Cat scratchers made from cardboard, felt, and jute in warm colors and natural materials offer them a fun place to play and sleep in. These designs are also lightweight and easy to move around.

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet6
Miaou Tula Cat Scratching House ©www.design-milk.com

7. Statement Handles

The transformation brought by new and stylish handles to tired furniture is often prodigious. Design forward handles installed on kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity to bring in a pop of eccentricity. This hardware comes in a variety of materials and styles. Solid timber handles feature beautiful details with curved edges and leather faces with exposed-stitch edges to make a beautiful statement. Using handles in a contrast color to inject some personality into the space is also a very clever feature that glows in children’s rooms, bedside tables, and kitchen cabinets. Leather handles are another coming up trend that adds warmth and softens the hard appearance of the hard wooden cabinetry. These only grow to become more beautiful as they age gracefully with time.

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet7
Brass Handles on Bathroom Vanity by MuseLab ©www.muselab.in

8. Geometrical Furniture

An antithesis to the big, bold, fast, and perfect is the geometric furniture pieces to develop the relationship we have with our spatial environments through shape and form. They can be configured and arranged in various ways to satisfy the desires of the users thus enhancing spatial versatility. The visual relationship between the subject and the object is materialized through the “geometric language” for softness, slowness, and intimacy. These visually abstract and unique furniture pieces are a check to infuse some artistically designed pieces into homes. From glass living room tables to tubular seating designs that overlap to form abstract shapes they add great eclecticism and are certain to stay. 

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet8
SW Velvet Chair by Soft Geometry ©www.soft-geometry.com

9. Tapestries and Upholstered Walls 

The world outside is harsh and cold enough and people do not want that inside their homes too. They want spaces that nurture and envelope them letting them sink into the important aspects of life. Tapestries and upholstered walls are perfect to make a soft themed statement inside a room. Tapestries bring out beautiful colors and landscapes of the outdoors to the indoors. Upholstered headboards add up the coziness and warmth in the bedroom and they also bring a chic flair to the sleep space.

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet9
Upholstered headboard ©www.thesofaandchair.co.uk

10. Planters

Since we have restricted ourselves indoors most of the time adding something living to your space is not only good for the air quality but also improves mental health. Talking about plants, they have become a huge component in the design world and planters now come in various sizes, shapes, and styles to cater to the indoor lifestyle.

Some planters consist of moveable magnetic pots which can be wall attached or placed on a stand. Modular planters attach to the wall and cleverly hold your air plants. They can also be configured in ways to create your personalized vertical gardens.

10 furniture designs trends of 2020 - Sheet10
OASIS Indoor office planters ©www.design-milk.com

An architecture graduate, Merina is a strong believer of the "Less is More" idealogy, a principle which is not only evident in her designs, but one that bleeds into other facets of her life. A passionate writer with an insatiable curiosity for all things design, she is ever ready for soaking in some Vitamin D and a conversation over some freshly brewed chai.