A style of architecture that arose as an absolute contrast to the Russian movement of an architectural style called constructivism during the world war. Deconstructivism is a postmodern architectural subset. This style of architecture represents the thought of breaking the rules, the rules laid by the French classical architecture, about geometry, symmetry, wholesomeness, and visually stable structures. This style is the culmination of disruptive ideas resulting in buildings visibly chaotic haphazard. The final appearance and the character of the building are dislocated and fragmented. The formation of the volumes is usually non rectilinear and unorganized. 

There is a large number of list architects and architects associated with this fashion of architecture, like Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Eisenman, Philip Johnson, Frank Gehry, etc., with world-renowned structures like the Seattle central library, Walt Disney concert hall, etc. Not just visually distorted but breaking age-old conceptual statements like form follows function or truth to materials, were also seen to be instigated for a revamp. 

The following is a list of examples of this style in interior design:

1. Walt Disney concert hall:

An architectural marvel, the Walt Disney concert hall is situated in Los Angeles California, and designed by the world-famous architect Frank O Gehry. The cervical shape of this building is seen on the exterior but the interior space of this shape proves to be a side walkway allowing light throughout the path. It represents the connecting bridge between the concert-goers and other visitors and the inner sanctum. Indeed A noteworthy element, along with extensive seating and rounding performing arts stages.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet1
Walt Disney concert hall ©wdch10.laphil.com

2. Gehry residence :

Owner and architect Frank o Gehry, along with his wife purchased this piece of land in Santa Monica California. This residence was in a corner avenue but soon grabbed the title of a classic example of deconstructivism. The interior of this house is influenced by the method of construction and the choice of material. Corrugated layers of the metal block, exposed wooden framework from the inside, removal of walls for enlarged living and dining spaces, cubist skylights on top, oak and plywood planking in the studio were few notable features chosen and designed by Gehry.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet2
Gehry residence ©en.wikiarquitectura.com

3. UFA cinema center

Located in Dresden Germany, the Ufa cinema center had to resolve the European issue of lack of public spaces and the reduced public interaction. This cinema center emerged to be a prolific example of it with the deconstructivism style followed in the construction. It not only is a Cineplex projecting movies but rather connectivity between the two units. The main theatrical and the Crystal. The Crystal is a glass shell foyer which acts as a public gathering square. The entire building is through and through visible from the outside and the inner view is vice versa. 

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet3
UFA cinema center ©images.search.yahoo.com

4. Beijing national stadium

The national stadium designed by the architects Herzog and de Meuron is essentially referred to as the bird’s nest due to its striking resemblance to one. It was initially referred to as heaven too. This is located in Beijing China. The designers had to keep a record of the earthquake resistance which was made possible due to the twisting steel beams roofed as they provided strength and stability to the entire structure. The interior is an open-air stadium with the Chinese crazed pottery replica as the periphery.

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Beijing national stadium ©images.search.yahoo.com


5. parc de la Villette:

This incredible park is located in Paris, France, and is designed by Bernard Tschumi. He designed the first-ever landscape design emphasizing deconstructivism philosophy. It is a large green patch sitting amongst the metro stations along with other multidisciplinary arts and a cultural venue like the conservatories, theaters, museums, etc. in the backdrop. The park breaks the older norms of a park ideology. It is bright red and has an asymmetrical form as a whole.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet5
Parc de la villette ©architecturesstyle.com

6. The Libeskind building 

Daniel Libeskind decided to build this museum unusually. The museum tells the German –Jewish history. Between the lines is the basic concept of this museum. It is because of the zigzag building form and the floor plan which consists of a set of straight and zigzag lines. 

The intersection of these is a simple void that spans from the floor to the roof. The windows are unsystematic, in the shape of oblique slashes, axes, etc. . . . . The entrance is from the basement passageway.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet6
The Libeskind building ©www.jmberlin.de

 7. The dancing house

Situated in Prague chez republic and designed by Frank Gehry is a structural engineering marvel. Built to represent the destruction during U.S bombing in 1945 The asymmetrical interior spaces of the nine floors houses an art gallery, a restaurant, offices, luxury hotels, apartments, etc. This structure is nicknamed Fred and ginger.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet7
The Dancing House ©images.search.yahoo.com

8. Vitra fire station

Designed by Zaha Hadid, the Vitra fire station is in Germany. An unconventional fire brigade building consists of art museums, an office, room for the firemen, and a shower. It is a complete reinforced built mass. It has a certain viewpoint for the visual transition from the outside to the inside.

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Vitra fire station ©images.search.yahoo.com

9. Experience music project 

Another aspiring creation of Frank Gehry, it is situated in Seattle, United States. The masses are highly dysfunctional geometry and irregular on the inside. An astounding feature is that the Seattle monorail passes through one of these colorful masses with dramatic levels and floors. It is a tribute to the evolution of American music.

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet9
Experience music project ©images.search.yahoo.com


10. Lou Ruvo center for brain health 

The center is situated in Las Vegas Nevada. The collapsing melting metal consists of a museum of mind, therapy and examination rooms, offices for practitioners and researchers. Gehry wanted it to be a memorable structure for all. 

10 examples of Deconstructivism in Interior Design - Sheet10
Lou Ruvo center for brain health ©images.search.yahoo.com

In this way, deconstructivism captivated and took over the world then, and continues flourishing even today.


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