Innovation defines this kitchen designed for a young bachelor, in a penthouse in São Paulo. Flying high and far from traditional kitchens, the island here, almost 4.5m long, hangs above the floor. Suspended at its ends by black metallic structures, the white block, facing the social area, allows the entire kitchen floor to remain visible and thus all space is incorporated into the social area.

Project: Dijon Kitchen
Architect: Diego Revollo Arquitetura
Photographer: Alain Brugier
Size: 33 m2

Dijon Kitchen By Diego Revollo Arquitetura - sheet1The kitchen, now light and wide, is complemented by the line of cabinets in mustard color and, on the side, by the slatted block in massive Tauari wood. While the mustard color, in contrast to the black top, gives personality to the set, the honey-colored wood with its natural texture delimits the entrance area of ​​the apartment and ensures warmth by counteracting smooth and metallic surfaces.

Dijon Kitchen By Diego Revollo Arquitetura - sheet13

By conferring almost industrial language, but avoiding any obviousness, the burnt cement reflects the natural light and gently reinforces the simplicity of the materials chosen. In coating the floor and other surfaces, it only unifies and enhances the luminosity that was the target for this kitchen.

Dijon Kitchen By Diego Revollo Arquitetura - sheet16


Diego Revollo began his studies in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo in 1994. He joined the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1997 and graduated in architecture and Urbanism in 2001. He began his career in 2000 working alongside Roberto Migotto and, in 2008, opened his own office.

He values the beautiful above all and has as main virtues the aesthetic rigor and search for balance. It operates from the initial conception of houses, apartments and commercial environments to the final choice of art objects. Author of the project for the first shop of the Armani Casa group in Brazil, Diego Revollo has works performed in other Brazilian states and also in other countries such as France and the United States.

His projects have already been published in magazines and books in Italy, Germany, France, Croatia, Spain, Greece, United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Uruguai, India,  Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Emirates Arabs, China, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, as well as sites around the world.

He is currently part of the team of columnists of  Casa e Jardim  and Avantto Lifestyle magazines.


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