The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic is located at the very heart of the Russian capital, overlooking the Kremlin from the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

Project Name- Mirum Cosmetology Clinic
Studio Name- SketchLab
Head of Studio- Alla Bogdanova
Chief аrchitect- Olga Mitnik
Project equipment- Ivan Menshenin
Art Director-
Gleb Ekimov
Visualiser- Roman Kotenko
Architect- Elena Bykova
Designer- Elena Frolova
Photographer – Anton Likhtarovich
Stylist- Yana Yakhina

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet1
©Anton Likhtarovich

At the entrance, guests are greeted by a clean and simple reception desk made of large-format slabs and an impressive waiting area, illuminated by a double-height stairwell space.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet2
©Anton Likhtarovich

The ground floor of the clinic houses the spa rooms and the administrative area. The
cosmetology rooms and the clinic’s offices are located upstairs. The choice of style was guided by a combination of the customer’s wishes and the project’s positioning: it should be a modern, minimalistic interior incorporating interesting solutions, yet giving a clear sense that it is a medical clinic.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet3
©Anton Likhtarovich

One interesting feature on the second floor are the large arched windows, which are divided into three parts by vertical mullions. Initially we had concerns about some rooms having a narrow window with arches, but in the end, the unusual shape of the windows became a unique feature for the cosmetology rooms. We opted for a linear approach and fairly strict forms paired with a slight use of roundness to soften things up. We had large arched windows originally, and the clinic’s logo is a round shape, so we couldn’t help but support this motive.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet6
©Anton Likhtarovich

For the offices and shared areas, we used multiple linear forms: vertical wood panels, milled MDF, metalized panels, light lines, and ornamental profiles with a soft matte gold tint. Alongside the visual effect, some linear elements had an added functionality: for example, the light lines in the corridors, which run from the ceiling to the walls, visually emphasize the location of the doors to the offices.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet7
©Anton Likhtarovich

The navigation elements appear next to these light lines. Additional round and arch shapes appear in the bathrooms and in the main waiting area on the ground floor. There, we placed a soft group around a circular carpet under a cascade of circular linear lights. Also, round logos are located in the common spaces of the clinic, in addition to those behind the receptionist’s desk.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet8
©Anton Likhtarovich

Complex shades of green are key colors in the clinic. In the waiting areas and bathrooms, the green color is shown through green patched stone. In the spa rooms, it is represented by onyx green porcelain stoneware with intricate iridescence. In the offices and adjacent rooms, it is visible through the color of the walls and furniture.

The Mirum Cosmetology Clinic by SketchLab-Sheet10
©Anton Likhtarovich

Selecting the right shade of green for the offices was a challenge; it needed to be neither too grassy nor too emerald, but somewhere in the middle, while also being both soft and relaxing at the same time.


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