The Art School project was designed as a part of his 3rd-year design studio. The aim was to propose a design for the school of fine arts and commercial arts in the educational hub of Kharghar.

Architect: Dhruvit Mehta
Location: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India
Status: Concept

Art School At Kharghar- Kalakshetra by Dhruvita Mehta - sheet 1
PRECONDITIONS: The site enjoys expansive views of the Parsik hills in the south and a pond towards the north, and the design was thus, born out of this precondition. The site had unusual linearity, which enabled views to north-west-south.

Art School At Kharghar- Kalakshetra by Dhruvita Mehta - sheet 2

DESIGN: Being a linear site, with a vast amount of requirements, it made sense to have an ambiguous flow from solid public mass at the entrance to the porous educational area. The elements connecting the spaces have been designed to observe these natural conditions which also work as a breakout area from their studios and workshops The design was conceived by thinking about the daily activities of an art student, which led to the idea that they utilize the open and closed spaces equally for their art activities.

Art School At Kharghar- Kalakshetra by Dhruvita Mehta - sheet 3

A hierarchy of spaces is developed while maintaining the ambiguity of the borders. One flows from the central courtyard to the semi-covered spaces to the covered studios and classrooms. The semi-open areas like the one in the library are topped by translucent cloth in a grid fashion to avoid the direct south sun. Thus, these spaces can act as an observation field for the students.

Art School At Kharghar- Kalakshetra by Dhruvita Mehta - sheet 4

The blocks have been designed as simple spaces that cater to the activities of the students and also allow them to move out into open spaces to continue their art activities.

Dhruvit Mehta

I am currently pursuing Bachelors in Architecture from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai, and am in my final year of the course.

My experience in these 4 years of architecture has been a journey of exploration where I have been inspired by different architects and concepts and thus learning from my mistakes and putting my imagination to good use.


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