For over 90 years, YMCA Camp Marston has proudly served the Julian community and its children. In designing the renovation of the dining hall, Hubbell and Hubbell and the YMCA team transformed the outdated space into an inviting hall where the children gather around long bench tables for their meals together.

Studio Name: Hubbell and Hubbell Architects
Design Team:
Architects: Hubbell & Hubbell Architects – Drew Hubbell, Simon Hansen, Peter Barroso, Richard Boynton
Contractor: Scott Lee Rudge Construction
Landscape Architect: Greg Hebert Landscape Architect
Structural Engineer: Paul Christensen
Owner: Simon Hansen
Area: San Diego County
Year: 2020
Location: Julian, California
Photography Credits: Brent Ayers

YMCA Camp Marston Dining Hall Addition By Hubbell and Hubbell Architects - Sheet2
©Brent Ayers

Passive solar design was imperative in the natural lighting of the space as well as implementing clerestory windows with exposed beams. The stone hearth, cedar ceilings, and colorful walls come together to create a beautiful and welcoming space that children love to spend time in. During days of great weather, children can eat outside on the picnic benches on the long deck that wraps the earth-toned dining hall exterior.

YMCA Camp Marston Dining Hall Addition By Hubbell and Hubbell Architects - Sheet3
©Brent Ayers

Practice Abstract:
The first duty as architects is to create spaces that celebrate the excitement and mystery of the world in ways respectful of nature’s laws, as well as in ways that connect people to nature’s nourishing beauty. Hubbell and Hubbell accomplishes these ideals by specializing in straw bale homes and other green building techniques such as green roofs, natural plasters, adobe, passive solar design, and rainwater harvesting.

YMCA Camp Marston Dining Hall Addition By Hubbell and Hubbell Architects - Sheet4
©Brent Ayers

Since creating the firm in 1995 with James Hubbell, a world-renowned artist deeply embedded in San Diego’s culture, father and son team James and Drew have built an established reputation for personally serving their clients and professionally applying their expertise to a wide spectrum of projects—from residential home design and remodeling to public facilities such as churches, zoos, parks, nature centers, tribal centers, and youth centers.


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