Distinct from typical boarding halls, Wesley Learning in Residence scheme responds to the school’s vision for a more independent, residential style of accommodation for senior students.

Project Name: Wesley College Learning
Studio Name: Cox Architecture
Project size: 4138 m2
Completion date: 2016
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Shannon McGrath

Wesley College Learning by Cox Architecture - Sheet1
Playground ©Shannon McGrath

Conceived as a ‘village’, the project consists of eight student residences, each housing up to sixteen students, carefully positioned to create a porous ring of deliberately domestic forms that encircles a landscaped heart-space, offering residents both connection to and retreat from the openness of the Glen Waverley campus.

Wesley College Learning by Cox Architecture - Sheet2
Seating Space ©Shannon McGrath

From the macro scale of the village within the campus, the residences are broken down into a series of perceptible groupings designed to create a manageable scale for students to comfortably slot into.

Wesley College Learning by Cox Architecture - Sheet3
Food Court ©Shannon McGrath

The planning of the residences supports this intent, giving the students areas in which they can gather with their cohort, but always encouraging the students to roam out into the communal outdoor and recreation spaces.


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