Mamre Anglican School is a low fee paying private school in a lower socio-economic area of western sydney. At the beginning of the design process the school was growing in numbers and provided education up to year 10.

Project Name: Mamre Anglican School
Studio Name:
Day bukh architects
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photography: Brett Boardman
Project size: 1000 m2
Site size: 40000 m2
Project Budget: $2700000
Completion date: 2014
Building levels: 1

Mamre Anglican School by day bukh architects - Sheet1
Gathering Space ©Brett Boardman

The aim of the project was to build a purpose designed seniors study centre for year 11 and 12. 2015 would be the first year the school would have a year 11, and 2016 a year 12.
Expansion of the school provides additional educational facilities for the area. i.e. the school can now be classified as one providing education from Kindergarten to HSC (year 12) for those within the community.

Mamre Anglican School by day bukh architects - Sheet2
Study Pod ©Brett Boardman

This provides security for parents of the community knowing that their children have the benefit of belonging to one school and one campus for all of the their secondary education, giving children the opportunity to grow friendships and for their parents to grow friendships with other parents.

Mamre Anglican School by day bukh architects - Sheet3
Discussion Pod ©Brett Boardman

Parents of the school had the opportunity to come to a presentation and question and answer forum regarding the school’s planned new seniors study centre. In addition local newspapers ran articles about the project with pictures of perspectives of the proposal.


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