The urban-architectural concept of reconstruction and addition to the new Municipal Library was created as an intersection of several basic motifs that can stimulate the buildings to coexist, function well together, and create a pleasant place in Česká Lípa.

Project Name: The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa
Studio Name: H3T Architekti
Status: Built

The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa By H3T Architekti

Particularly important are the urban links and the remarkable structure of the public areas of the wider neighborhood, as well as the volume solution in relation to the reconstructed and to the surrounding houses. Equally important are the typological and functional links of The urban-architectural concept of reconstruction and addition to the new Municipal Library was created as an intersection of several basic motifs that, cafeterias and other parts to the inner courtyard – a pedestrian passage. The proposed solution aims to create a fully-fledged urban space formed by original and new buildings that complement the urban structure of the historical core.

The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa By H3T Architekti

It is clearly legible and defined by densely built blocks and areas of large and small scale public spaces. The studied area is located on the imaginary link between several city squares – T.G. Masaryk Square, Osvobození Square, Škoupovo Square, and Jeřábkovo Square. The proposed building uses this strategic position and its layout of the ground floor allows free passage for pedestrians with connection to the area of a public garden in the courtyard. The overall design and volume of the house are concise, traditional, and based on the character of the place. House No. 158 is completed in its original form.

The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa By H3T Architekti

In the courtyard, the existing house is extended by a new passage with the upper gallery, as a direct connection to the new library building. The library formally fits into the surrounding area. At the same time, however, it holds its strong position and importance of a public building on the city square. The city library is not limited to its main function. It is a collection of spaces and various functions that belong to the city – a café, a gallery, or other commercial spaces. They are accessible both from the street and from the passage.

The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa By H3T Architekti

An important element is a courtyard – a space of smaller scale with public greenery and an intimate atmosphere that can be used for smaller gatherings, a summer cinema, or exhibitions. The spaces in the reconstructed buildings are re-used for new purposes as much as possible. It is worth considering the possibility of using the buildings’ cellars, which could serve as alternative exhibition spaces in the future. The operation of the library is concentrated mainly in the new building – here are the separate departments on three floors, with the possibility of extending into the loft space of building No. 158 above the administrative part.

The proposed solution verifies spatial adequacy for future operations, with consideration of the needs and possible changes in the layout. The house was designed to be adequate in terms of construction and material, and the acquisition and operation costs would meet the requirements of the contracting authority. Used technologies and principles are most common and available, such as monolithic reinforced concrete, plaster, wood, and metal interior fittings, floor coverings. The atmosphere and the pleasant climate in the courtyard are complemented by the planting of new greenery.

The grown trees will bring the possibility of sitting in the shade. The grassy area of the courtyard will be supplemented with ornamental shrubs, grasses, and climbing greenery. We believe that the construction of the library should also be reflected in the modifications of its surroundings, especially the public space on the adjacent square. To achieve a dignified space between the Library and the Basilica of All Saints, we propose to unify and adapt the surfaces (new pavement and road surface), planting trees, placing a new urban furniture and water element. Building a “real” square will help to create a varied mosaic of public spaces around the library.

The Municipal Library In Ceska Lipa By H3T Architekti

H3T architekti _ BIO

Studio H3T architects were founded in 2009 by Vít Šimek (*1981) and Štěpán Řehoř (*1981). Studio’s work deals with all possible aspects of architecture, finding optimal solutions, incorporating their own specific topics, and developing knowledge and craftsmanship skills.

Their projects are often temporary and located in an unexpected context that eventually generates an interesting situation and creates a new opportunity. Over time, the studio’s work is becoming more and more standard architectural practice. However, the architects remember the origins and the elementary principles on which they based their studio and they will strive to continue that way in the future.

Team members: Vít Šimek, Štěpán Řehoř, Darina Bartková, Martina Kubešová, Jiří Ksandr, Elena Seregina, Tomáš Bařinka.


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