Don’t we all have a dream home? You must have wanted to stay in a lavish home with all the luxuries of affluent living and high standards. You all desire opulent city living and are willing to pay plenty of dollars for it. Isn’t it? It’s worth checking out a penthouse. A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the top floor of a tower, condo, hotel, or apartment complex. Luxury elements are often what set penthouses distinct from ordinary residences. The cityscape is breathtakingly beautiful; the interiors are pleasant, and the town’s well-defined penthouse design in the upscale neighbourhood is remote from the crowds and noise. A penthouse not only offers comfort but also raises the status of the owner. The demand for penthouses has increased along with income growth. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a huge and a modest penthouse design. You may enjoy the best of both worlds with a penthouse.

A Penthouse also presents physical and mental health benefits: people feel better and tend to be more active. A penthouse also provides comfort, seclusion, and a refined atmosphere. In contrast to conventional apartments, these dwellings have a sufficient amount of space because they have both a terrace and a balcony. Their rooms are lavish yet cosy and consistently follow a modern brief.

Penthouse Design Ideas

The space provided to decorate the interiors is one of the penthouse’s key features. Penthouse interior design and decoration must be appealing and in keeping with the room’s mood. Large glass windows are a requirement for a penthouse design to maximise the daylight and city breeze. The majority of penthouses are built with a balcony or terrace. The penthouse occasionally passes across the duct spaces and utility chambers. In that instance, they might be included in the penthouse design to highlight the eccentric furnishings. A few design elements set them apart from typical apartments, some of which are described below:

Private Terraces | Penthouse Design

Penthouses developed on the skyscraper’s top floor, as already described, with a big open area surrounding them. As a result, penthouses thrive when the outside is brought inside. The setbacks now serve as private terrace spaces to retain the user’s privacy instead of being projected cantilevered balconies reminiscent of old-style penthouses. Users benefit from the much-needed respite and relaxation that private places provide. Terrace areas can be constructed around various design features depending on the user’s demands, whether modern or contemporary

Design Guidelines: Penthouse - Sheet1
Private Terrace_©Agoda

Elegant Furniture, Your penthouse apartment’s furniture must be carefully chosen to complement the decor, atmosphere, and floor patterns. For instance, you can create a rustic, earthy atmosphere with wrought iron furnishings, potted plants, soft lighting, and natural, rough-hewn components to simulate the outdoors. Polished hardwood furniture can add a highly sophisticated touch to your interior design. Additionally, different burnished wood tones would be fantastic! Choose fewer furnishings if the penthouse is a manageable size.

Design Guidelines: Penthouse - Sheet2
Elegant Furniture_©Behance

Doors and Windows

A spacious penthouse has large windows and doors that let the breeze in. Frameless windows that almost reach the ceiling are a terrific way to give your penthouse the necessary degree of elegance. Such windows give a room a more opulent and spacious appearance and offer a captivating panoramic view of the cityscape.

Lighting Scheme | Penthouse Design

Every space benefits from the presence of light, which raises the ambience to entirely new heights. Avoid using any lighting that does not go with the decor. You may opt to have pendant lights built into false ceilings in various lovely white lights, or you could choose to dangle them from the ceiling. Table lamps work well in bedrooms. Sconces in basic geometrical designs placed around the dressing area work well in bathrooms. Always keep your lighting designs contemporary. In addition to ceiling pendants, strings could illuminate terraces or balconies.

Design Guidelines: Penthouse - Sheet3
Lighting Scheme_©Behance

Colour Palette 

Colour has a crucial role. Depending on what is chosen for which area of the living space, penthouse colours might be either too bright or too muted. Neutral colours offer an air of refinement and counteract any loud colours. For example, paint the walls in pastel or beige tones to introduce elegance. Based on the colours of the walls, plan the additional furnishings and accessories.

Color Palette_©Behance

Blend and Match Patterns

If not thoughtfully planned, penthouse space can quickly grow boring. A symphony of numerous patterns could liven up the surroundings while complementing your individuality. For instance, breaking up the monotony with neutral-coloured walls, vibrant-coloured rugs on the floor, and patterns on the couches.

Conclusion | Penthouse Design

Regarding furnishings and design, penthouses are all about simplicity. The components that are provided must be extravagant enough to forgo the requirements of other necessities. Penthouses offer a lot of customization options.

A penthouse design has a cosy, inviting feel thanks to the wood finish. Depending on the type of wood treatment, you can provide an elegant or rustic feel. You can take advantage of natural light during the day with the correct curtains and blinds. Put in some indirect lighting to make the space feel cosy. Designer furniture is a requirement for a penthouse design. It is recommended to get professional assistance in integrating the various decor pieces. Fill up empty spaces like ducts, slopes, and chambers with low furniture. The environment might become more charming with well-placed furniture.


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Osama Nasir is a creative architecture student with a passion for art and history & a serendipitous explorer as a person. He believes architecture is made up of millions of untold stories preserved in heritage and culture. He wants to portray his concepts into the field of architecture by considering the community needs and bringing the past into the future with a minimal approach.