Fitness is an integral part of life. The first thing that comes to mind when the term fitness is mentioned is “gym”. The term “gym” has been branded worldwide as a go-to place for fitness. Although gym studios have been around longer than we can remember, there are numerous ways to achieve fitness. Various studios focus on different styles, techniques, and equipment to stay fit. Other fitness studios offer various benefits that aid the fitness regime one may seek. Diving into the fitness industry will serve the target audience with the best studios. 

1. Yoga | Fitness Studios

Yoga is a technique that focuses on breathing and mental and physical relaxation. The movements are designed to increase flexibility and elongation of muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Additionally, several techniques and types of yoga are associated with developing structural strength and overall body toning. One of the primary benefits of yoga is to calm the mind and attain focus. 

The Tru3 Yoga Studio in Kuwait designed by ITGinteriors offers a space with a holistic design approach. By adapting the Japanese design principles influenced by the Japanese slow living or “ikigai”, the studio has a minimal material palette and a simplistic approach. The concept was derived from the curvaceous body forms integrated with practicing yoga by connecting the three factors: mind, body, and soul. In addition to the sense of fluidity of movement, the lighting was made adjustable to cater to the functions of yoga as well as to set the mood of the studio.

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Plan for Tru3 Yoga Studio _©Archdaily
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Interior space in Tru3 Yoga Studio _©Archdaily
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Interior space in Tru3 Yoga Studio _©Archdaily

2. Pilates

Pilates focuses on creating long and strong muscles with a full-body workout and developing core strength. It tones the body and promotes endurance. The technique focuses on swift-moving postures and grounding positions to help feel balanced and centered.

Designed by Studio Wolter Navarro, the Core Kensington Pilates Studio in London was designed to achieve high quality, inspiring, and calm space that connects sports and architecture. The studio was designed using both Mexican and Norwegian elements, including a celosia, a traditional Mexican perforated breeze wall, and the use of Douglas fir timber. The large brief was fit into a very small unit by using selective materials and space planning. The aim was to create an open space with uninterrupted flow having one access point leading to all spaces.

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Inside the Core Kensington Studio _©Stale Eriksen
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Inside the Core Kensington Studio _©Stale Eriksen
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Traditional Mexican breeze wall made by timber _©Stale Eriksen

3. HIIT | Fitness Studios

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT as we know it is a technique that alternates short periods of intensive movements, followed by less intensive, nonetheless still active recovery periods. HIIT aims to regulate a sustained heart rate for exercise by allowing you to quickly burn fat in a brief amount of time.

Located in London, Digme Fitness is a boutique studio designed by Zynk Design. The 4500 sq. ft. studio resonates with an industrial-chic theme rendered by concrete, brass, exposed brickwork, and timber to create a raw appearance. Linear recessed lighting is seamlessly wrapped around the studio and plays an integrating part in creating an exciting ambiance for the users. 

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Interior space in Digme Studio _©Zynk Design
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Interior space in Digme Studio _©Zynk Design
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Interior space in Digme Studio _©Zynk Design

4. Strength Training & Gyms

Strength training focuses on enhancing your quality of life, building muscle strength, protecting your joints, and reducing the risk of falling. By using a combination of techniques, it improves the range of motion. 

Designed by Jill Diamant and DHD, Fhitting Room is a boutique fitness studio nestled on a street corner space on Lexington Avenue and 80th street on the Upper East side of New York. The one-room studio brands itself with the signature color of lime green and grey appearing in the interior spaces as well as branding. The small space was designed to improve functionality and create an energetic environment.

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Interior space in Fhitting Room _©Architizer
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Interior space in Fhitting Room _©Architizer
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Interior space in Fhitting Room _©Architizer

5. Kickboxing | Fitness Studios

Kickboxing involves a full-body workout that engages all muscles with a focus on core strength and cardio. It improves overall flexibility, cardiovascular health and balance.

Rumble Boxing Studio designed by Cutler Architects Ltd is based in Vancouver, Canada. With an area of 5800 sq.ft., the studio was completed in 2020. With a monotonous color scheme in greys and a simplistic design, the space provides functionality and linear circulation within the studio. The use of distinctive lights aims at creating a mood for their fitness regimes. The material palette considers the textures of exposed concrete and brickwork to ease the sight.

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Interior space in Rumble boxing studio _©Cutler
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Interior space in Rumble boxing studio _©Cutler
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Interior space in Rumble boxing studio _©Cutler

6. Dance

Dance Centers are becoming more popular with time. A variety of dancing styles allows an individual to improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, structural strength, balance, and coordination.

Swastika Dance Studio located in Bangalore, India is designed by Biome Environmental Solutions. The concept was challenging for such a small site where the space played more than one role. The partially sinking building allowed for a double-height volume with sound acoustics, and proper light and ventilation. The site itself provided the material used in making stabilized mud bricks that were used in the construction of the structure. The narrow skylights in the east and precast concrete ring windows create a play of light. The three-story structure encompasses a solid central core and a strong element for the façade along with a West Indian elm tree at the entrance.

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Studio space in Swastika Dance School _©Architecture Live
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Central core area in Swastika Dance School _©Architecture Live
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Studio space in Swastika Dance School _©Architecture Live

7. Circuit Training

Circuit training usually focuses on an interval-styled, fast-paced, short routine that is completed in a series to complete a circuit.

Warehouse Gym D3, located in Dubai includes 3 separate retail spaces in a limited space of 600 sq.m. The program was to acclimatize a gym floor, juice bar, cycling studio, and circuit training factory. The main challenge was to inspire, authenticate, and adapt functionality with a leading destination for art, culture, and design. Completed in 2018, the interior was designed using the concept of brutalism. Hence, the main materials used were concrete blocks infused with a gold-copper alloy which radiates a hint of modern yet elegant, warm, and muscular.

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Inside the Studio _©Archello
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Inside the Studio _©Archello
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Inside the Studio _©Archello

8. CrossFit

CrossFit involves a series of cardiovascular exercises, bodyweight strength training, gymnastics, and weightlifting in fast-paced, total body workouts. 

SuperForce CrossFit is the new headquarters that was transformed from a car workshop to gym space. Located in Porto Alegre in Brazil, the space was designed in 2018 covering an area of 944 sq.m. To renew the aesthetics with little budget, the space was re-signified to express the character of CrossFit and redefine the functionality. The brand analysis conducted revealed the ambiance of the space in black and red color along with OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood. The materials are used to protect the walls from any impact caused due to sports. The lights were installed such that they would enhance the industrial character of the space.

Inside the Studio _©Marcelo Donadussi
The visuals of material _©Marcelo Donadussi
Inside the Studio _©Marcelo Donadussi

9. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing centers are generally for people who enjoy the sport. There are a variety of rock walls with various skill levels.

Boulder Planet is a rock-climbing studio in Singapore. Designed in 2021, the studio covers 100 sq.m. space with 500 sq.m. dedicated to climbing walls alone. The design of the studio was created using an elegant and smooth ambiance that will positively affect the mindset of the climbers. Keeping in mind the functionality, the circulation spaces meander around the walls.

Inside the Studio _©Altline Studio
Inside the Studio _©Altline Studio
Inside the Studio _©Altline Studio

10. Fitness Centre for Women | Fitness Studios

Clubs that are specially built for women are getting more popular these days. The fitness centers have the same equipment and techniques as any other center.

A leisure center in County Tipperary in Ireland was overhauled by ABK Architects with a new façade made of corten steel. The rustic orange color of the façade blends with the natural surroundings. The Nenagh leisure center was built in the 1960s with only an outdoor swimming pool. The facility was recently upgraded to include a gym and aerobics area with a better connection to the swimming pool. The aim was to enhance the relationship between the leisure center and the adjacent park. The extension of the building created more space to include a jacuzzi and sauna unit. 

Swimming area in Leisure center _©Dezeen
Jacuzzi tub in Leisure center _©Dezeen
Corten steel facade _©Dezeen


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