Multifamily housing, also known as multiple dwelling units or MDU, refers to the sub-category of housing that consists of several dwelling units within the same structure or in a complex. These multiple units may either be stacked atop each other or placed adjacent to one another.

The most common type of multifamily housing is an apartment building, however other types include condominium, townhouse, duplex, triplex and quadruplex, which may not necessarily be rental housing.

Here is a list of 15 multi-family housing projects that everyone should know about:

1. Pierhouse | Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing -sheet1
1_Pierhouse_©David Sundberg| Esto Location: Brooklyn, New York Architects: Marvel Architects

Situated in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Pierhouse acts as an extension of the park with green terraces and varied pathways on the west façade, cascading towards it. The east façade is characteristic of the surrounding urban fabric and has pedestrian pathways that provide direct public access to the park. 

Thus, instead of becoming a barrier, the design embraces the surrounding landscape and becomes a link between the street and the open space.

15 Multifamily Housing Projects everyone should know about sheet2
2_Pierhouse_©David Sundberg| Esto
15 Multifamily Housing Projects everyone should know about sheet3
3_Pierhouse_©David Sundberg| Esto

2. Wind Tower

Wind Tower Sheet1
4_Wind Tower_©AGi architects Location: Salmiya, Kuwait Architects: AGi architects

The idea of a traditional mid-eastern courtyard is explored vertically, where different volumes extrude out organically from a central space. In turn, borrowing light and life into it thus dramatically affecting the interior spaces.

Multifamily Housing -Wind Tower Sheet 2
5_Wind Tower_©AGi architects
Multifamily Housing -Wind Tower Sheet3
6_Wind Tower_©AGi architects

3. Sprzeczna 4 | Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing -Sprzeczna 4 Sheet1
7_Sprzeczna_©Juliusz Sokołowski Location: Warsaw, Poland Architects: BBGK architects

Built as one of the initiatives to restore the Praga district, Sprzeczna 4, epitomizes prefabrication, a typology that was once a typical element of Polish landscapes until it was replaced by conventional building techniques. The red façade with angled balconies is an attempt at harmonizing with the surrounding geometry of streets and symbolizes the ageing of building materials.

Multifamily Housing -Sprzeczna 4 Sheet2
8_Sprzeczna_©Juliusz Sokołowski
Multifamily Housing -Sprzeczna 4 Sheet3
9_Sprzeczna_©Juliusz Sokołowski

4. Powerhouse

Multifamily Housing -Powerhouse sheet1
10_Power House_©Sam Oberter Location: Philadelphia, United States Architects: ISA architects

Located in a gentrifying neighbourhood in Philadelphia, the massing for the project is done in such a way that it promotes diversity with its provision of varied types of units while addressing the scale and street life of the surroundings.

Multifamily Housing -Powerhouse sheet 2
11_Power House_©Sam Oberter
Powerhouse sheet 3
12_Power House_©Sam Oberter

5. MLK Plaza | Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing -MLK Plaza Sheet1
13_MLK Plaza_©architectmagazine Location: Bronx, New York Architects: Magnusson Architecture and Planning PC

Planned to provide an inclusive living environment, The MLK Plaza redefines affordable housing in the industrial area of southern Bronx with the abundant use of shared spaces and amenities to reflect upon the needs and health of the community.

Multifamily Housing -MLK Plaza Sheet2
14_MLK Plaza_©architectmagazine
MLK Plaza Sheet3
15_MLK Plaza_©architectmagazine

6. Jefferson Park Apartments

Multifamily Housing -Jefferson Park Apartments Sheet1
16_Jefferson Park Apartments_©architectmagazine Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Architects: Abacus Architects + Planners

Built as a replacement to the former public housing development, Jefferson Park apartments, knits the neighbourhood together by adding community spaces like landscaped courtyards, walkways, yards lined across the extension of the local street, Rindge Avenue, thus, meticulously defining the transition from private to public spaces.

Multifamily Housing -Jefferson Park Apartments Sheet2
17_Jefferson Park Apartments_©architectmagazine
Jefferson Park Apartments Sheet3
18_Jefferson Park Apartments_©architectmagazine

7. Via 57 West

Multifamily Housing - Via 57 West Sheet1
19_Via 57 West_©architectmagazine Location: New York, USA
Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group

Designed as an amalgamation of the European Perimeter block and Manhattan skyscraper, the design has the merits of both, the intimacy and community life of the former as well the height and airiness of the latter. Thus, the improbable coalescence of the two is a paradigm of a new typology that celebrates high density along with green open spaces.

Multifamily Housing -Via 57 West Sheet2
20_Via 57 West_©architectmagazine
Multifamily Housing -Via 57 West Sheet3
21_Via 57 West_©architectmagazine

8. Cherokee Lofts

Multifamily Housing- Cherokee Lofts Sheet1
22_Cherokee Lofts_©Tara Wujcik Location: Los Angeles, California Architects: Pugh and Scarpa architects

A reflection of the cultural and environmental context of the district, the building features a dynamic perforated metal façade which acts as both a climate-responsive element as well as a privacy screen, thus enhancing the functionality as well the form of the building.

Multifamily Housing -Cherokee Lofts Sheet2
23_Cherokee Lofts_©Tara Wujcik
Cherokee Lofts Sheet3
24_Cherokee Lofts_©Tara Wujcik

9. XS House

XS House Sheet1
25_XS House_©Sam Oberter Location: Philadelphia, United States Architects: ISA architects

Revitalizing an extremely narrow, unused site, XS house is a seven-storey residential complex that makes most of the site with the use of mezzanines, bays and double levelled units while maintaining a single-core stairwell layout. The staircase provides access to the upper units while the lower units are accessed directly from the street thus encouraging pedestrian activity along the busy road.

XS House Sheet2
26_XS House_©Sam Oberter
XS House Sheet3
27_XS House_©Sam Oberter

10. Via Verde | Multifamily Housing

Via Verde Sheet1
28_Via Verde_©David Sundberg Location: Bronx, New York
Architects: Dattner Architects, Grimshaw

Situated on a reclaimed brownfield site in the Southern Bronx, Via Verde celebrates sustainable, healthy and community living. A multi-purpose garden serves as a unifying element of the design, which starts at the ground level but extends upwards as a series of terraces, ultimately towards the community roof garden.

Via Verde Sheet2
29_Via Verde_©David Sundberg
Via Verde Sheet3
30_Via Verde_©David Sundberg

11. Hunter’s view housing blocks 5&6

Hunter’s view housing blocks 5&6 Sheet1
31_Hunter’s View housing blocks_©Bruce Damonte Location: San Francisco, United States Architects: Paulett Taggart architects

Built around a central courtyard, the design comprises two L-shaped buildings per block to gain maximum street frontage. Each building consists of stacked multi-level units which resemble individual houses with a private or shared entrance, overlooking the courtyard, thus retaining a spatial and visual connection throughout.

Hunter’s view housing blocks 5&6 Sheet2
32_Hunter’s View housing blocks_©Bruce Damonte
Hunter’s view housing blocks 5&6 Sheet3
33_Hunter’s View housing blocks_©Bruce Damonte

12. Lofts at Mayo Park

Lofts at Mayo Park Sheet1
34_Lofts at Mayo Park_©Corey Gaffer Location: Rochester, Minnesota Architects: Snow Kreilich Architects

Located in a single-family residential neighbourhood on the banks of Zumbro river, and adjacent to Mayo Memorial park, the project integrates the various aspects of human scale and context into a homogenous apartment building. The planning and landscaping of the building are done in a way that it acts as an extension of the adjacent park as well the riverfront thus acknowledging social life in these areas.

Lofts at Mayo Park Sheet2
35_Lofts at Mayo Park_©Corey Gaffer
Lofts at Mayo Park Sheet3
36_Lofts at Mayo Park_©Corey Gaffer

13. Bill Sorro Community

Bill Sorro Community Sheet1
37_Bill Sorro Community_©Bruce Demonte Location: San Francisco, California Architects: Kennerly Architecture and Planning

Reviving an abandoned corner in the historic district of San Francisco, the design of the building evokes the diverse use of spaces and reflects upon the character of the neighbourhood while retaining affordability.  

Bill Sorro Community Sheet2
38_Bill Sorro Community_©Bruce Demonte
Bill Sorro Community Sheet3
39_Bill Sorro Community_©Bruce Demonte

14. Line Lofts

Line Lofts Sheet1
40_The Line Lofts_©Bruce Demonte Location: Los Angeles, United States Architects: SPF architects

Located in one of the most active development corridors of LA, the design celebrates multilevel communication by interspersing the vertical circulation areas across the plan thus eliminating the sense of rigidity and repetition in the apartment building.

Line Lofts Sheet2
41_The Line Lofts_©Bruce Demonte
Line Lofts Sheet3
42_The Line Lofts_©Bruce Demonte

15. Terrace 459 | Multifamily Housing

Terrace 459 Sheet1
43_Terraces 459_© Location: Chicago, IL Architects: Landon Bone Baker architects

A mixed-income development, Terrace 459 is a sublime example of how precast concrete can be efficiently used to provide affordable and economical homes to a diverse set of people thus celebrating the social and cultural demographics of the place.

Terrace 459 Sheet2
44_Terraces 459_©
Terrace 459 Sheet3
45_Terraces 459_©

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