London has been the global base for business for centuries. But the period of 2020 and 2021 people are forced to work in their own place. Remote working made the city a lot quieter, but people in the city very strongly need back to office spaces. Gotham city skyscraper, also known as Stanza London is an office-led development in London that is presently under construction. It is located within the city of London financial district and is one of a new building developments for the area.US law firm Kirkland & Ellis will be a major occupier from completion. Skyscraper was proposed in 2013, Construction started in 2020 with a target completion date of December 2023. The height of the building is 505 ft and rises from 14 to 34 floors. In London city this is one of the biggest building to ever get permission for planning.

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Challenges faced during construction | City skyscraper

The main contractor Mace Group is tackling the challenge while collaborating on the project with WSP, Make Architects, and development manager Nuveen. Two cores, one at each extremity of the skyscraper, are being built because of the variable height of the structure. In addition to providing structural stability and housing the elevators and other amenities, these are the focal point of each section. An excavation of this extent would disturb the so-called angle of incidence of the enormous structures that surround the site and put a strain on the ground by removing some of the soil that supports their weight. The continuous flight auguring (CFA) strategy, which entails digging and pouring a succession of overlapping concrete columns into the ground and topping them with a sturdy concrete capping beam, is used to minimize the risk of structures collapsing. Prefabrication is widely utilized to expedite the procedure and ease building on a constrained site. establishing an important standard for upcoming Mace Group projects. Considering all the technological advancements today.

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Virtual 3D models:

Virtual 3D models of the entire project allowed the team to stay a step ahead of the physical build, improving efficiency and ensuring costly mistakes are avoided. When covid hits there would difficulties with people working on the model at the same time so they looked at the BIM 360 Docs and Design system, which allowed all the designers and traders to put their models there in a live working environment. This makes everyone including those working from home, can track changes to the models and ensure the right work is happening in the right areas. On the ground, Autodesk BIM 360 lets the team on-site verify progress by filling out digital check sheets and attaching photos.

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Planning application | City skyscraper

In October 2013 Vanquish properties ( UK ) Limited partnership applied for planning permission to construct a building comprising 10,14 and 34 stories to a maximum height of 170m and the site boundaries are 19 – 21 and 22 Billiter Street, 49 Leadenhall street, 108 and 109 – 114 Fenchurch street, 6 – 8 and 9 – 13 Fenchurch buildings. The buildings only at 19 – 21 Billiter street are to be retained, all other existing buildings on the site will be demolished. On 29 May 2014, the city of London Corporation granted the planning permission. On 25 February 2014 following a resolution to grant permission by the Planning and Transportation Committee, subject to certain planning obligations being met. Following Brexit, the announcement by the developer that construction will only go ahead when a sufficient amount of office space has been pre-let.

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Stakeholders in a construction project are individuals or groups that have a direct or indirect interest in the project’s outcome.

The developer: British and Oxford Properties are the developers and they are the primary stakeholders in the project, as they are responsible for financing the development and ultimately benefit from the building’s success.

Tenants: The tenants who occupy the building are also stakeholders, as they rely on the building to conduct their business operation

Employees: The employees who work in the building are stakeholders, as the design and construction of the building can impact their working conditions and comfort.

Local government: the local government is also a stakeholder, as the building’s design and construction must comply with local building codes and regulations.

The general public: The building’s unique design has become a part of London’s skyline and visible from many parts of the city. The public also benefits from the building’s public sky garden, which provides a stunning view of the city.

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Conclusion | City skyscraper

Gotham City skyscraper is a significant landmark in the city of London, known for its distinctive wedge shape and slopping façade. The building’s height and unique design have made it a recognizable and iconic part of the London skyline. It offers a large amount of office space and features a public sky garden on the 43rd floor, providing stunning views of the city. It is also an environmentally sustainable building, with its design allowing for a modern and impressive building that has become an important part of London’s commercial landscape.




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