Heritage is none other than a treasure to the upcoming generation. The architecture style, their living, and also how they lived are important to know. So many technologies are getting advanced after day by day but the root remains. 

Each and every heritage shares a story even in the demolished state or in the time of demolishing. In India, every latitude has its own history. India is a place where you will find so many types of architectural styles varying from place to place which also contains a rich history.

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The sharpness is still visible on the heritage which was made so many centuries back, it shows the art and craft of that era. How people used to do hard work and handwork. The labor who made it wasn’t just labor but also an artist who made so much of magnificent structure. 

This is the 21st century with so much technological advancement but still, we suffer loss whenever a structure is erected. It should be a prior responsibility of each and every today’s architect to show interest in preserving the heritage with all efforts. 

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To study them thoroughly and make the new upcoming generation show interest in reading them all. Architecture is not about just designing a space, erecting just four walls, it’s beyond it. And the past shows them all. This generation is quite lucky to witness them all before some of the heritage sites get completely vanished. 

Well! Its true history is boring, exploring it isn’t. Have a thought for it, maybe it can change a mind. Exploring old heritage is an opportunity to explore a hobby. While walking around you can find your particular interest like photography skills, sketching, painting, one can also improvise his/her imagination skills, writing imaginary stories, scripts that so many years back something happened and this is a reason why the present scenario is like that. 

Exploring heritage is key to happiness and if you are an architect then it’s like the cherry on the cake. History has its own aura, an aura that was made centuries back, and still, the aura is alive with the structure. No one has ever thought about how the conservation architecture field got generated. Because there was someone who was having his/her heart on it and who wanted to live with the past, to explore them more, to understand the structure, the purpose of it, why it was made?

India has numerous styles, it is not limited to a certain style. From east to west and north to south. The style from contours to land, India has the oldest civilization. From there we can identify the evolution of the human. So many structures out there tell themselves how they have lived in that era. 

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Archeologists are under so much pressure collecting ruins of ancient civilization which are also called backbone to the new upcoming generation. So many things have changed from the atmosphere to daily living and also lifestyle. Architects are nowadays restoring old structures with new technologies, strengthening the base of it so it can remain more years. 

The material which was used in ancient lime and its properties are worth knowledge gaining. Heritage exploration comes with an unexpected experience, one needs that high energy to accept the past fact. One every monument is entitled to heritage, but every structure has its own purpose and story behind it. Understanding the basics is important. We cannot let them vanish in the coming years. 

Architecture is a combination of art and science and heritage is the root of it. In other terms, we can also name it as a plinth of knowledge and the technologies which were used in the past. The era with no advanced technology made such monuments with handwork is worth praising. It’s true not every person is interested in having a look into heritage work, but somewhere it is beneficial for the country economy also. 

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The tourist place nowadays is earning huge amounts with the visitors. People are looking more in history to explore and have a good time over there. With some efforts and teamwork, the team can make a monument standstill for certain years. 

It’s a harsh reality of today that people sell the land to someone and some investors build highrise buildings or any commercial building in the name of opportunity. It should not happen, only we are responsible for our history loss. Visiting new places, again and again, is a cherry on the cake in the architecture field. Architecture should get concerned about any heritage. 

In the coming years, how people will get to know how the past was, how the existing structures are still able to stand? Conserving them will be good management is all they need right now. And it’s not only the government’s authority but ours also that we should not suppose to ruin them or miss use them.

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