Although the past year has been a difficult and complex one worldwide due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel industry and the construction industry linked to it have not stopped completely. Thanks to this many new hotel projects will see the light of day in the coming years. Many of these belong to the large hotel houses that we all know, but some of them are the result of new investments in the field of hotel industry. 

Below is a selection of 10 notable projects for some peculiarities such as sustainability, innovation, natural material, etc.

1. Stanly Ranch, Napa Valley | Hotel Industry

This Hotel industry project is located on the southern edge of Napa Valley, along the banks of the Napa River. The architecture of the complex consists of 135 open-plan cottages, 40 furnished Villas, and 70 Vineyard Home residences each with large windows and patios overlooking rolling vineyards, and the Mayacamas Mountains

The resort aims to create a new way to explore the wine region, in complete harmony with nature; it is immersed in a natural environment and each building blends perfectly with the outside.

Stanly Ranch, Napa Valley - Sheet1
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2. Montage Big Sky, Montana

Located within Big Sky’s 3,530-acre Spanish Peaks, the new Montage Big Sky hotel industry project, will offer a year-round mountain paradise for luxury adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The resort’s architecture is inspired by a classic mountain ski retreat with a modern mountain design with a welcoming atmosphere; large windows allow you to frame alpine views, and vaulted ceilings and native natural materials, woods, and regional stones contribute to the atmosphere. 

The complex accommodates 150 guestrooms and suites and 39 Montage Residences, ranging in size from two to six bedrooms, including dining establishments, a Spa, a lobby bar and lounge, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and hot tubs, a recreation room, a children’s playroom, retail shops and skier services, and underground parking. All these amenities will provide a cozy respite for every tourist.

Every accommodation in this resort provides astonishing views of layers of mountains in assorted shades of brown, blue, red, and gray across Montana.  

Montage Big Sky, Montana - Sheet1
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Montage Big Sky indoor ©
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3. W Hotel Edinburgh, Scotland | Hotel Industry

This new Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Industry Hotel Project aims to refresh the city of Edinburgh’s traditional hospitality scene. The building, designed by Jestico + Whiles, in conjunction with Allan Murray Architects, resembles a spiral whose façade will be made in continuity with a single steel “ribbon”.

The Hotel will offer 214 guest rooms, 20 suites, and an Extreme Wow Suite that will be the innovative version of a presidential suite. In addition to the rooms, the hotel will provide guests with a lounge, restaurant, gyms, a spa, and a rooftop, with a bar and terrace, which will allow a 360-degree panoramic view of the historic skyline.

W Hotel Edinburgh, Scotland - Sheet1
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4. Costa Navarino, Greece

Costa Navarino is located in Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese. In this contest, there will be a large complex of the hotel industry that will develop in three areas Navarino Hills, Navarino Bay, and Navarino Waterfront.

The luxury hotel at Navarino Bay will offer 99 suites and pool villas on the waterfront, an exclusive beach club, a large swimming pool, a spa, and various restaurants, bars, lounges, and terrace spaces overlooking the historic Bay of Navarino.

The project was born from the need to merge with the surrounding landscape and, therefore, aims to define its shapes and materials based on tradition. To interact, the buildings will have an earth-sheltered design with the buildings blending into the curved hillside with planted roofs, giving the impression that it has grown organically.

Costa Navarino, Greece - Sheet1
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5. Chablé Sea of Cortez, Mexico | Hotel Industry

Chablé’s new project, a growing group of ultra-luxury spas and resorts that has won numerous awards in recent years, is a hotel industry plan in La Paz, Baja California Sur in northern Mexico. 

Chablé Hotels & Resorts will stand on an undeveloped beach located between two hills overlooking the ocean with elevated views and direct access to the main road south of La Paz. The 50 units are positioned on the slope of the two hills to have uninterrupted views of the ocean from each unit; guests will be offered various services including a spa, restaurants, event spaces, and boutiques.

Chablé Sea of Cortez, Mexico - Sheet1
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Chablé Sea sustainable scheme ©archdaily.comm

6. Little Duma Tu, Linyanti, Botswana

An innovative project in the field of the hotel industry, although little attention has been paid to it, is wilderness safaris’ new solar-powered field, the Little DumaTau. Small in size it has only four tented suites, but despite this, it is an innovative project in the genre and well designed. Each enjoys wide views of Osprey Lagoon and a private pool. 

This project was born to be an example of how, even the luxury of a safari camp can be designed and built to have a very low environmental impact without, therefore, compromising the guest experience and, at the same time, to make a positive contribution to local conservation initiatives.

Little Duma Tu, Linyanti, Botswana - Sheet1
Little Duma Tu – lagoon view ©
Little Duma Tu, Linyanti, Botswana - Sheet2
Little Duma Tu – view ©
Little Duma Tu, Linyanti, Botswana - Sheet3
Little Duma Tu – pool view ©

7. OKU, Ibiza | Hotel Industry

OKU is a new hotel industry project in Ibiza; an elegant hotel resort, nestled in the hills of the island, which will offer a luxury retreat a few steps from the beaches of the beautiful bay of Cala Gracio. 

The resort is composed of numerous penthouse suites with full bay views and a spacious villa with four exclusive rental rooms. Exclusive breakfasts, yoga classes, swimming pools, personalized spas and workouts, and gourmet restaurants complete the stay package. The peculiarity of this chain is the child-free connotation; this provides the creation of a relaxed environment that allows guests to fully enjoy their private sanctuary and the common spaces that elegantly blend modernist design with local charm.

OKU, Ibiza - Sheet1
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8. Paradero Todos Santos, Baja california, México

Paradero is a new Mexican hospitality brand that puts sustainability and engagement with local communities at the forefront of its operations. Its first project, Paradero Todos Santos, has been designated a Pueblo Magico, or magical town, for its natural beauty, 300-year-old history, and cultural wonders.

This hotel industry architecture was designed to disappear into the background, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living flowing into each other. The indoor consists of several rooms of three different types (garden, rooftop, and master casita); the outdoor includes the living room, the ojo de agua spa, the botanical garden and the pool. Ultimately the complex defines itself less than a hotel but a high-design landscaping project with luxurious suites. 

Paradero Todos Santos, Baja california, México - Sheet1
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Paradero Todos Santos, Baja california, México - Sheet2
Paradero Todos Santos Pool ©
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9. Azumi Setoda, Ikuchijima, Japan

An example of the hotel industry, born from the innovation of traditional ryokan Japanese inn, by the entrepreneur Adrian Zecha who bases his new brand, Azumi, on the memories of his first stay in a ryokan in the 50s.

Its “contemporary ryokans”, the first of which will open in March, are an attempt to express through the location the community, climate, history, and culture of the place. The first, Azumi Setoda, will open on Ikuchijima Island and is the renovation and conversion of a 19th-century former home of a powerful shipping and salt-farming family, that has been converted into 18 suites and four duplexes, divided into three room types, each with a garden or balcony. 

Through a thoughtful blend of traditional ryokan comforts and contemporary amenities, guests can wind down in a homey atmosphere. Each room has a balcony or a garden and a cypress bathtub. The rooms are made with cedar, cypress, washi, and granite, creating comfort in this contemporary expression of sukiya style design.

10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
Azumi Setoda Rooms ©
10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
Azumi Setoda Rooms 1 ©
10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
Azumi Setoda Gardens ©

10. The Matarazzo Park Tower, Cidade Matarazzo, São Paulo, Brasil | Hotel Industry

A new hotel industry project will be settled in the Matarazzo Park Tower, a project by Jean Nouvelle. This tower stands above Cidade Matarazzo, a complex of historic buildings of 3 hectares developed into apartments, restaurants, shops, and offices, in the elegant district of Bela Vista. 

Here, in June, the Hong Kong-based Rosewood Group will open a hotel with 265 rooms and suites, six bars and restaurants designed by Philippe Starck. This architecture is the most readable expression at a distance from the place of construction as well as the land to which it belongs, Brazil, thanks to the materials used including mainly red wood.

10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
The Matarazzo Park Tower ©
10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
The Matarazzo Park Tower 1 ©
10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
The Matarazzo Park Tower 2 ©
10 upcoming projects in Hotel Industry
The Matarazzo Park Tower terraces ©