Amy Lau is a renowned interior designer in New York City. She established her firm “Amy Lau Design” in 2001. Amy Lau Design initiates designs famous for their cordiality, eloquence, and faultless details. Her designs remark on natural materials, landscapes merging into the modern aura of the spaces. Amy Lau Design specifies on innovating purposeful & inhabitable spaces along with aesthetic standards & balance. 

Amy’s scrapbook has lavish residences which encompass numerous refined homes across the globe. Her designs have been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, etc.

Here are 15 incredible projects by Amy Lau Design:

1. Central Park West Apartment | Amy Lau

A massive apartment on top of Central Park conveys beauty with artisanal glass and sculptural carved wood. It is an L-shaped structure featuring Aalto’s iconic Savoy vase for delineating the spaces to enhance the charm of the spaces.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet1
Central Park West Apartment- living area_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet2
Central Park West Apartment- bed room_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet3
Central Park West Apartment- dining area_

2. Miami Townhouse

Designed for avid collectors, the house is situated in the forefront of Miami Beach. They accumulated some Miami photographs, sculptures, etc., which inspired Amy. They amalgamated classical designs with modernism & brought together depicting oneness & harmony. Miami Townhouse is a blend illustrating contemporary & Modern ideas collectively.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet4
Miami Townhouse- contemporary art pieces_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet5
Miami Townhouse- living & dining spaces_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet6
Miami Townhouse- bedroom_

3. Bridgehampton Residence | Amy Lau

A residence with brilliant shades and fabrics stimulated from imaginative thoughts by the sky & sea holds the capability to drive people with its aroused antique furniture. Extensive use of furnishings embraces the charm throughout the house.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet7
Bridgehampton Residence-living area_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet8
Bridgehampton Residence-use of hues_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet9
Bridgehampton Residence-outdoor spaces_

4. Watermill Residence

One of the liveliest projects of Amy Lau Design regulates daylight with captivating peculiar spaces. The art pieces from artists like Andre Joyau and Silas Seandel,​ are adding to contemporary art & offering a seashore paradise aura to the house.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet10
Watermill Residence-neutral base with blue hues_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet11
Watermill Residence-organic colors_×900.jpg
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet12
Watermill Residence-washroom_

5. Modern New York Tribeca Triplex | Amy Lau

The breathtaking double-height living room creates an opulent environment, uniting with a range of customized furnishings, accessories, and art forms further comprehending a monumental abstract plaster relief by artist Malcolm Hill. The appealing fabrics add tranquility to the modern Triplex.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet13
Tribeca Triplex-double-heighted hall_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet14
Tribeca Triplex-unique furniture & accessories_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet15
Tribeca Triplex-bedroom_

6. Architectural Digest Design Studio

A thought-provoking imagination led the design forward with counter-balancing the demands graciously. Amy Lau righteously quoted: “I wanted to create a space that felt like a calming interior—a work environment where you’d get inspired.” She designed an unruffled space where interior designers, architects, and decor enthusiasts could retrieve their creativity muscle.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet16
Architectural Digest Design Studio-sitting area _
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet17
Architectural Digest Design Studio-comfy chairs with organic furnishings_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet18
Architectural Digest Design Studio-dining area_×900.jpg&ehk=MzjZpSxrFNf9FjfxZL9ZuDU8JJnPy58eEEJkQsVARSM%3d&risl=&pid=ImgRaw

7. Park Avenue Triplex

Park Avenue Triplex ranges from terracotta façade to the restored Art Deco lobby, which accompanies stunning daylight, scenic spots of the city, and copious outdoor space. An electrifying art collection creates a focal point in the midst of antiquated & customized articles in this modern residence.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet19
Park Avenue Triplex- living area with art deco style_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet20
Park Avenue Triplex- bedroom_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet21
Park Avenue Triplex- varied colors diversifying the space_

8. Fifth Avenue Family Residence

Residence designed with exhilarating hues & profuse grains motives harmony with its wall impressions, furnishings, and chandeliers recreating the modern tranquility with its comfy furniture.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet22
Fifth Avenue Family Residence- furnishings_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet23
Fifth Avenue Family Residence- living area_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet24
Fifth Avenue Family Residence- dining area_

9. East Hampton Retreat

A contemporary retreat with extra-ordinary furnishings & adorable chandeliers, innovated by the perceptions of the client merging with Amy. She designed by keeping a neutral base to emphasize the volume of the spaces & bespoken accessory groupings to reconcile the comprehensive design.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet25
East Hampton Retreat-spaces blending with simplicity_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet26
East Hampton Retreat- simple yet charming space_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet27
East Hampton Retreat- scenic beauty via casement windows_

10. Bridgehampton Beach House | Amy Lau

A multicolored vivacious beach house was inspired by the flourishing Bridgehampton Polo Fields. The house integrates with the surroundings; the yellow & blue flowers enhance the ambiance of the interior spaces, further green shades are adding life to the light-filled spaces.

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet28
Bridgehampton Beach House- bedroom_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet29
Bridgehampton Beach House- living area_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet30
Bridgehampton Beach House- bedroom with sea green shades_

11. Chicago Residence

The residence is a 3,000-square-foot townhouse, designed for a couple in Chicago. Amy Lau’s design created a space that invites life, offered intimate gatherings, along with appealing furniture & embellishing decorative elements. Spaces like the library, screening room, ballroom with warm color gamut reconnect the aristocratic aesthetics with the house. 

Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet31
Chicago Residence- bedroom_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet32
Chicago Residence- circular hall_
Amy Lau Design- 15 Iconic Projects Sheet33
Chicago Residence-unique artifacts_

12. Upper West Side Residence

The two-bedroom apartment was renovated by them, beholding its true identity with the modern approach. The client’s imagination & Amy’s creative skills brought up a house with a classical kitchen, storage, bookshelves integrating with the house.

Upper West Side Residence-daylight merging with vibrant colors_
Upper West Side Residence-warm colors_×682.jpg
Upper West Side Residence-varying patterns in flooring_–comedian-amy-schumer-inside-amy-schumer.jpg

13. West Chelsea Residence

A modernist interior space designed with eastern thoughts & artistic taste balancing the past & future architectural elements, contemplating the private & sociable spaces with an approach of modern designs, while beholding the traditional crafts embellishments collectively.

West Chelsea Residence-bookshelves_
West Chelsea Residence-bed room_
West Chelsea Residence-dining room_

14. Kent Lake House

The lake house was an inspiration from the lake itself, the magnificent autumn shades of orange & amber added to the diversifying thoughts to design a warm space with wood finishes all over, organic smell brought up a space full of elegance & simplicity limiting the boundaries between outdoors & indoors. The materials used dignified the house with their unique sensibility towards the artistry.

Kent Lake House-living area_
Kent Lake House-warm colors merging with landscape_
Kent Lake House-glass invoking daylight indoors_

15. West Village Townhouse | Amy Lau

An imperial 5-story Village townhouse with balanced rooms, printed window treatment, and leaf green mohair upholstery creates a comfortable delightful home. The center of attraction is the neoclassical marble mantelpiece, & a Juliet balcony dominating the backyard articulates the harmony of the house.

West Village Townhouse –patterns tuning with each other_
West Village Townhouse – living area_
West Village Townhouse – floral prints on window_

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