With an experience of over 10 years in practice, Tiffany Brooks Interiors is a company recognized on international platforms. She is one of the most sought-after interior designers in Chicago. Being the lead interior designer and host of the popular HGTV Smart Home Giveaway series, her clientele includes celebrities. Their projects are located in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. 

Her works have been featured in Architectural Digest, CS Interiors, Forbes, and more. Tiffany focuses on creating designs keeping the client’s unique tastes and interests in mind. Each of her projects creates living environments that balance living comfort and aesthetics.  

Here are 15 projects by Tiffany Brooks Interiors:

1. Colleen And Ron’s Condo | Tiffany Brooks

A newlywed couple, who found Chicago to settle down, found their forever home in one of the trendy neighbourhoods called Lincoln Park. They own a stunning condo and the couple was super enthusiastic about making it their home. 

The dilemma that Tiffany Brooks Interiors found was that the couples’ styles were opposites. It was a tough decision between all things glamour versus traditional with a hint of comfort, as per Colleen and Ryan’s interest respectively.  

Tiffany’s team incorporated playfulness and colours as seen in various elements of the dining room. They had a ball of a time making opposites attract. She says the most important thing required for couples with opposite design aesthetics is to find a common ground for inspiration and to – compromise. Her team and she turned a lack-lustre condo with Colleen’s shine and sparkle coupled with Ron’s love for all things functional, historical and comfortable. 

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Colleen And Ron’s Condo_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

2. 2017 HGTV Smart Home 

The theme for the home was Desert modern. Tiffany was called to do this project based on her success in the 2016 version of the same show. The team visited ​Scottsdale, Arizona to research the project. She created the texture as seen on rocks in Arizona which is reflected on the sofa. She also used tiles on the fireplace. Copper was one of the main elements used throughout the house. 

The outdoor space, she wanted to create an open multifunctional space for family time as well as parties. My idea was to bring vibrancy to the dessert with a contemporary chic feel. The other rooms include a dining room with a palm springs modern vibe to a guest room with tribal rugs, wooden elements and an orange colour theme.

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HGTV Smart home 2017_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

3. Verda And Marty | Tiffany Brooks

Lake Geneva Living Room. This project was a cross between Verda’s Hollywood regency room and Marty’s Zen personality. It evokes glamour in just the right amounts. Tiffany Brooks Interiors took their overtly beige colour scheme and introduced glitter and blush pink.  

The furniture was chosen in such a way as to leave enough space for Marty’s need for all things related to tranquillity and peace. It was like designing for the yin and yang of couples. They also added starburst lighting fixtures. There are touches of animal print as well in the room. The project was completed in 6 months.

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Verda and Marty_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

4. Molly And Patrick

A project that granted full design freedom to Tiffany Brooks Interiors. Molly initially showed Tiffany the bedroom and wanted it to be an interesting space for her to read, write and relax. The team came up with a space plan. There were three options. They found out mood boards and fabric schemes that were shown to both the husband and wife. 

The trim work in the room was done in black. The bed was changed from its traditional style. There were plenty of lighting dimmers in the bedroom. Finally, the wallpaper was chosen which was very much needed to add a layer of depth and dimension to the room. It was a geometric ‘grasscloth’. The project was completed in 6.5 months.

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Molly And Patrick_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

5. 2016 HGTV Smart Home | Tiffany Brooks

Simply smart 

This stunning home in Raleigh, North Carolina was a three-story, three thousand, two hundred square foot. Even though the house has a lot of gadgets like wireless locks and doors controlled with an app,  the front of the house is very welcoming. 

The porch was designed in a classy manner and the yellow chairs are an absolute contrast bringing in a vibrant ambience. There is a huge living wall, which contains succulents in the frame. It also has skylights that open with modern touches, such as in response to built-in rain detectors.

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2016 HGTV Smart Home_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

6. Carol And John – Northshore

The clients wanted a beach house vibe. So I decided to go for a cooler colour palette. This would give the space air, open feeling. The toughest part was finding a common furniture style that had to balance the beach house aura with the hubby’s chic taste. 

She was able to design a space that worked for both their sensibilities, for example, an entertainment centre furnishing kept both Carol and John in the living room more often than Tiffany Brooks Interiors reused furniture and accessories. The clients wanted a more traditional feel. The living room had seating groupings which broke up an otherwise large living room. The project was completed in 6.5 months. 

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Carol And John – Northshore_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

7. Lisa And Charles’ Rockton Family Room

The clients had a massive space. They loved modern furniture which had warmth and comfort. The fireplace was what Tiffany based her colour palette off – the earthy orange colour. As it was one of the crucial elements for the clients, it further acted as the focal point of the design. 

The team added dramatic art in the living room. Cabinets for storage, toys for the kids and library space for Lisa were important parts of the design. They were needed to reduce the clutter of the home and in keeping the space open. Tiffany Brooks Interiors completed this project in 12.5 months. 

Tiffany Brooks Interiors- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet7
Lisa And Charles’ Rockton Family Room_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

8. Rashaanda – North shore Chicago High Rise | Tiffany Brooks

This was an amazing 2-bedroom condo. The furniture arrangement for the entire condo was rearranged. The colour scheme was also reworked. Tiffany’s team started with the kitchen by choosing a bright colour backsplash. This instantly lifted the mood of the room. 

The master bedroom furniture was custom-made. To the client’s already existing culture and art collection, few elements were added to add chicness. All the windows required treatments. The client wanted a stylish makeover that was budget-friendly as well. Tiffany Brooks Interiors completed this project in 6.5 months. 

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Rashaanda – North shore Chicago High Rise_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

9. Kinjal And Rakesh – Woodridge

The client had an unfinished basement. This was supposed to be like a man cave for the whole family. Tiffany worked in close association with her architect to imagine and create a space for movie nights, work and play! 

The kitchen was the highlight of the project as it also functioned as a bar. Tiffany designed and built a contemporary lighting fixture that was fixed over the bar. They were also able to execute a multi-level theatre room. The stage area could accommodate a 108” screen. Tiffany Brooks Interiors completed this project in 15.5 months. 

Tiffany Brooks Interiors- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet9
Kinjal And Rakesh – Woodridge_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com

10. Julie – North shore Living Room | Tiffany Brooks

Having known the client for 4 years, Tiffany was able to determine the style and needs of Julie.  It was crucial to identify the hobbies and interests as it would help determine the kind of space that was to be designed. The client and the family were well-occupied during the weekdays and looked to come to the living room to unwind for the weekend. 

Hence, they called it the “Entertaining Room”. The furniture plan was revamped, creating several seating zones. Drapery was added which was in navy colour. The client’s photography collection was chosen to adorn the wall. Tiffany Brooks Interiors completed this project in 7.5 months.

Julie – North shore Living Room_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com
Julie – North shore Living Room_©www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com
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