This international design firm is one of its kinds with offices around the globe. HLW was established in the year 1885 with its design as a telephone building in New York City. HLW has a very unique kind of work and their design process is very much user-oriented. They have very esteemed clients who are very well known across the world. They have been evolving as an organization since their foundation and have adapted the latest and advanced approaches in their projects. HLW showcases a varied range of work from different sectors and has been very successful in making their projects stand out. Below is the list of 15 Projects by HLW:

1. Aviva Investors | HLW

This office space by HLW is a reflection of their philosophy which is emphasized the most i.e. the user. The designers adopted a new technique of survey for all the types of users to understand the proper hierarchy and use of space. Aviva Investors had a vision for their office as a future-oriented space with all the required amenities to suffice the need of the staff, visitors, and investors. HLW has very efficiently converted this vision into reality by the design of the space to be futuristic and user-oriented. The final outcome is the amalgamation of the client and the designer’s aspiration of getting the widely spread Aviva Investors under a single roof.

Aviva Investors - Sheet1
Reception Desk ©
Aviva Investors - Sheet2
Discussion Area ©
Aviva Investors - Sheet3
Waiting area ©

2. Hotel Bel-Air

Hotel Bel-Air is an iconic boutique hotel in California. HLW redesigned this fancy hotel in two years serving as the design and executive architect for the project. The project involved addition and a herniation in terms of interior and exterior part both. The new concepts which were developed for this boutique hotel evolved around the original architectural character of the building. One of the major involvements was the addition of the new suits on the hillside. The luxury language of the hotel is reflected very well in the lavish interiors. The villas have views of the surroundings along with the pools, indoor and outdoor living areas. The original essence of the hotel is very well preserved by HLW through its design and planning solutions.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior view of buidling ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View of Guestroom ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Dining area in the Hotel ©

3. Revetment 

This recently completed project by HLW is located on the 10th street embankment, a historic railroad embankment that was once operated by Pennsylvania Railroad. This building is a luxury rental Apartment with 7 stories, whose client was Revetment Property LLC. The complete building has a varying size of units ranging from studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms. The elevation of the building has industrial elements like grid patterns, typical metal-framed glass windows. The entrance is approached by parking and a pedestrian walkway and has public spaces like lawn and seating areas. This rustic looking building by HLW is a functional structure with its interiors suiting the context very well.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior view of Building ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Elevation view of Building ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View of lobby inside Building ©

4. 915 Wilshire

HLW designed this underrated structure with a refreshing approach. The building is located in downtown Los Angeles and went unidentified before its makeover. HLW added appropriate materials which made this underutilized building function properly. With this new look, the place looks vibrant with all the new elements adding to its beauty. The greens add life to the barren and flashy glazing windows and to its outdoor seating area. This building is now being utilized fully to its maximum extent with HLW’s proper approach and design.

915 Wilshire - Sheet1
Seating area ©
915 Wilshire - Sheet2
Lounge inside the building
915 Wilshire - Sheet3
Glazed facade and semi open seating 

5. Cambridge | HLW

The design of this travel agency revolves around the two major aspects understood by HLW through the policy and the philosophy of the organization. The first aspect is the involvement of the employees in the design process to make space personalize in terms of their work. Hence, there are varied options for work stations suiting a different kind of work. They include a regular reception desk, personal booths, and collective discussion areas. The second aspect is the reflection of the journey of the organization which is influenced by the historic city of Cambridge. The overall design of this office space by HLW is highly responsive and reflective in terms of whom they are. Cambridge - Sheet1
Reception desk © Cambridge - Sheet2
Cafeteria Cambridge - Sheet3
Cafeteria and break out space

6. Corporate Point

HLW has designated the work of transforming this aging office space to meet the needs of modern times. The objective was to get the better infrastructure and working area for the offices in the building. With this brief and objective, HLW did a remarkable transformation for this project. The much-needed elements like breakthrough and amenities spaces were added to create a healthy working environment. The vibrancy was incorporated with different pop of colors, artworks like murals, and customized artifacts. The complete project by HLW is very carefully executed with an environmentally sensitive approach.

Corporate Point - Sheet1
Exterior view ©
Corporate Point - Sheet2
View of outdoor seating area
Corporate Point - Sheet3
View of entrance foyer

7. Glendale Municipal Services

This building originally has a complex structural system and to give it a new identity HLW used this complexity as an element. In view of overcoming this challenge, HLW opened up the structural system and thus redefined the central space as an elevated plaza. The complete building stands on four concrete columns and is cantilevered from all sides. The exposed structural elements include steel members, friction pendulum isolators that are now defining this building. This project is executed very accurately and is now fixed to be used for a long time again.

Glendale Municipal Services - Sheet1
View of central plaza ©
Glendale Municipal Services - Sheet2
Detail at column bottom
Glendale Municipal Services - Sheet3
Worm eye view of building 

8. Google, Shanghai

HLW has been involved in designing offices with Google for a very long time. They understand the brand identity and the requirements of the client very well. This office in Shanghai by HLW is designed keeping in mind the fundamentals of the client’s needs which is a flexible planning approach. This 60,000 sq. feet office space, another area of 27,976 sq. feet which is added later and the newly added noodle bar admeasuring 300 sq. meters is all designed by HLW and is located in Shanghai World Financial Centre. The design for the space is very much local in nature with a mix of art deco and contemporary Shanghai that are inspired by both Chinese and Shanghai culture.

Google, Shanghai - Sheet1
View of Lobby ©
Google, Shanghai - Sheet2
View of workstation from lobby
Google, Shanghai - Sheet3
View of workstation

9. HBO Communications Centre

This renovation work by HLW for HBO Communications Centre keeps intact the original essence of the building. The requirement framed by the client was to continuously expand the framework with an eye on future developments and expansions. The design is flexible in its nature, keeping in mind the need for the additional requirements as per the brief. The building is set in a beautiful green setting and hence the newly added elements are incorporated not to disturb the original setting. The mix of this original and the contemporary added elements make a nice contrast. The interiors are designed to suit the need of the modern-day to make it appropriate and productive for the people working there.

HBO Communications Centre - Sheet1
Exterior view of building ©
HBO Communications Centre - Sheet2
View of Green roof at the building
HBO Communications Centre - Sheet3
View of Lobby inside building

10. King Five Broadcast Facility | HLW

This project involved the King Five Studios and the corporate headquarters, the local NBC affiliate, and a member of the Tegna Inc. Group of Stations. All these were designed by HLW on the first three floors of an existing seven-floor building. The facility is designed with all the latest and modern technical elements suiting the place and its environment. The color palate is professional and subtle with the use of contemporary furniture to suit the ambiance of the interiors. The project by HLW showcases a good example in terms of technological involvement in the design along with its functional and aesthetic aspects.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Reception Desk 
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Lobby area © Jerry and Lois Photography
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Newsroom © Jerry and Lois Photography

11. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This private college designed by HLW can accommodate more than 5,600 students with above 30 academic programs located in Los Angeles. The design of the college is very much student-oriented. The spaces are multifunctional and flexible in terms of their use and function. This is specifically done to keep the environment of the college interactive and involve more communication between students and teachers. The need for such interactive spaces arises as per the courses offered by the university. The overall design, material, and color palette are very fresh and inviting influenced by the West Coast.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Reception Desk ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View for Lobby 

12. The Ellipse | HLW

This breakthrough building is one of the most recent structures completed by HLW. The complete project was collaboration work between HLW, the developer LeFrak and design Architect Arquitectonica. The building is situated on Newport waterfront along the Hudson River in Jersey City facing New York City. The tower by HLW has emerged to be an iconic symbol in the development of the urban skyline of the city. The structure is 41 stories high with 376 rental units equipped with all amenities. The form, material used and design of the tower are one of its kind and a landmark structure in the region.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior view of Building ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Pool and amenity behind the building 
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Lobby inside the building 

13. The Medicine Co. Global Center

The building originally served Zurich Bank is now housed by The Medicine Co. Global Center. The overall design revolves around the main staircase and lobby. The planning of the space done by HLW is free-flowing and flexible befitted from the original changing structure. The design is quirky and responds quickly to the changing work requirements. The color scheme is very professional and formal in nature that aptly suits and creates a proper ambiance. This is a very good example of adaptive reuse set by HLW that is aesthetically and functionally very new and refreshing.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View for Lobby ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View for Staircase Lobby
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View for Conference room

14. United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) at Court Square Place

HLW was appointed to design this building keeping in view the future spatial expansion of the organization. The design solution is flexible enough to cater to the need for renovation in near future. This prestigious structure by HLW is designed with steel frames and a glass façade making it viable for current and future needs. The massing of the building has resulted in an overall proper arrangement of activities within it. The footprint of the building is large enough to accommodate current and future spatial and functional activities of the organization.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior View of building ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior Corner Details
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Break out space and Cabin inside building 

15. Wellington College International Shanghai | HLW

HLW tried to redefine the classical style of Wellington College in the UK through its newly built campus in Shanghai. The original Wellington campus stands for over 150 years with its rich excellence and heritage. This international college is situated in the Pudong district of Shanghai in China. The building has typical classical elements like a grand entrance foyer, brick and stone facade, arched windows, etc. The complete design of the campus by HLW is very much reflecting and abiding by the original identity of Wellington College which justifies it perfectly.

HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
View of Campus ©
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior View
HLW- 15 Iconic Projects
Exterior View and entrance foyer

Srushti Tiwari is the Principal Architect for Chaukhat Designs, Nagpur. She is also a faculty at Institute of Design Education and Architectural Studies (IDEAS), Nagpur. She is keen about research based works and likes to explore the culture and community. She is also associated with Studio Sakha as an Associate Architect. She believes working with different types of people help you grow and hence is constantly engaged in some or the other collaborative works related or co-related to Architectural Field.

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