An office, where a significant portion of our lives is spent, need not be dull and uninspiring. Interior designer Ajay Arya’s client, Abhishek Jalan, shared this perspective, leading to the creative direction of the project. A Square Designs took on the task of designing a 3,000-square-foot office in Kolkata’s Park Street, aiming to infuse it with a luxurious ambiance. The design harmonizes contemporary aesthetics with classical accents, employing a soft color palette, rich textures, meticulous detailing, and distinctive materials. The office is blessed with expansive windows that flood the space with sunlight and offer sweeping city views.

Project Name: Office Space
Studio Name: A Square Designs

Office Space by A Square Designs - Sheet5
©A Square Designs

The reception area of this office has been conceived as a lavish living room, adorned with comfortable blue and white sofas, wooden storage units, shelves, and a rectangular coffee table. Large windows accentuate this space, while opulent sofas and carefully chosen decor pieces elevate the understated walls. The waiting area also cleverly integrates a marble dining table and pantry, serving as an informal space for lunch meetings.

Office Space by A Square Designs - Sheet7
©A Square Designs

Furthermore, the office encompasses visually pleasing cabins, adorned with contemporary furnishings, captivating artworks, and modern light fixtures. Each cabin carries a distinct character, mirroring the personality of its occupant. For instance, one cabin showcases a gallery wall adorned with motivational quotes, while another brims with an abundance of plants, establishing a refreshing connection with nature and fostering a positive atmosphere.

This distinctive interior style extends into the conference room, characterized by muted grey walls, a sleek wooden conference table, and vibrant artwork. Even the corridors are enlivened by whimsical and thought-provoking artworks, reflecting a creative and inspiring environment.

Office Space by A Square Designs - Sheet8
©A Square Designs

This Kolkata office stands out as more than just a regular workspace; it embodies the client’s identity while remaining highly functional and inviting. A Square Designs intends to redefine our perception of workspaces with this exceptional office, seamlessly blending sophisticated style with unique design elements. The office transcends its purpose, exuding the aura of a stylish home extension.


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