The designer was invited to upgrade the first YANSHU CREATOR collection store with a new brand image located at Xian Yitian Holiday Plaza. As a display platform for designer brand products, its slogan is “Where there is an idea there is a possibility”. It aims to create a diversified brand art platform, through which completing self-shaping.

Project Name: YANSHU CREATOR Collection Store
Chief Designers: Liu Cheng, Xiao Rong
Design Phase: October 2019 – November 2019
Completion: December 2019
Location: Layer 2, Xian Yitian Holiday Plaza
Area: 50 ㎡
Materials: Silver Sand-blasting Impervious Steel/ Acrylic / Wood Veneer
Photography: Gan Tang Studio

©Gan Tang Studio

The designer hopes to make a destruction and achieve a reconstruction by combing the relationship among all designer brands in this place, hunting for a part containing both boundaries and intersections, then the product bounds will be viewed and oriented from multiple dimensions. In this case, a spiritual place with experience, inclusiveness, sharing, art show will be created based on visual experience.

©Gan Tang Studio

The art installation is designed by extracting a few elements from the new logo to strengthen the brand’s new image,creating a flexible display that can successfully integrate art into the brand, to satisfy the brand’s need.

©Gan Tang Studio

During the brand self-construction, the designer strives to explore more possibilities that seeking common points while reserving differences, balance the brand positioning with the current art creation, dig the trend and depth of traditional culture.


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