Architecture is known for its creative dimension, but every piece of architecture also has a political aspect or influence on them. The politically emphasized architecture showcases a set of values or prominent features that represent the power or governance of a city. Through architecture, the political power of different eras is likely to be observed in several buildings from time to time in many parts of Ukraine. The architectural structures have a role to perform politically, in what situations, activities that help in encouraging or prohibiting it. Architecture can reveal and showcase the power contained in it formed by the political powers. For example, the structures built emphasize the political power or historical significance of the place. 

Throughout history, we have seen cities or buildings that tried to make political statements or establish political ideas. These politically influenced buildings and spaces help in showing the kind of governance or political inclination. Architecture and politics are interlinked and cannot be disconnected, since architecture is always connected to economics and politics. The architecture of a place can be affected by several dimensions like the historical, political, etc. Architecture and political aspects affect the public in many ways. Architecture in Ukraine has led to creating a political statement.

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The political dimension of Ukraine Architecture

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. The Architecture/Urban planning of many parts of Ukraine is under the influence of the political sector. The political sector of Ukraine has a role to play in the city planning, architecture of Ukraine. The socio-political influence on architecture can be evident. The social and political factors have an impact in many parts of Ukraine leading to changes in the architecture of authentic Ukrainian style giving new features. The political dimension in Ukraine architecture is to embrace the city context, history, culture, political capital, and its prominence. The planning and zoning of Ukraine can indicate the influence of politics and power in architecture.

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The historical evolution of Ukraine 

During the late 1920s and early 1930s the city planning, architecture revolved around political power and portraying the historical city context. In the early years of Ukrainian politics, many Ukrainian architects were encouraged to use national motives unique to Ukraine in their structure designs. The motifs would represent the power and history which is unique to Ukraine. The city planning gave the political and economic city center central importance. The architecture of the city embraced the city’s architectural style with political power and character. By the passing of time, the national motifs were not implemented as a part of the city’s architecture. 

Soviet Union

Ukraine was involved in the Revolution( In October) and the Russian Civil war. After the war for the first time in many years, Ukraine became a recognized nationality. An architectural style that was unique to Ukraine was formed. When Ukraine was affected by the World war and when the city’s capital was formed,(1917-1991) the history, political aspects, and the situation during wars influenced architecture.

The politically influenced architecture of the city Kyiv located in Ukraine

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The prominent architecture type that evolved in Ukraine is known as Stalinist architecture (Socialist Classicism). According to Stalinist architecture, all the cities were built according to a general development plan. The architecture of Kyiv was influenced by power, politics, and government when the new city was built over the old one. The planning and architecture of the city of Kyiv it is influenced by politics. The planning was done in several administrative wards based on the zoning of economic, political power. The part focused in Kyiv is the ancient Upper Town retains its old street pattern, and most of the surviving historical and architectural monuments are there. The Upper town focuses on economic and political zoning. The city economic zones, public squares are still retained given importance.

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The architecture of Kyiv has a unique and diverse urbanscape that has been transforming for centuries. The buildings and streets of the Ukrainian capital combine different architectural styles that reflect the city’s planning formation. 

Political landmark embraced by Ukraine architecture

The architectural process of Ukraine revolved around the public and economic realms. Many parts of Ukraine integrate economic and political power in architecture. The zones of economic and public character act as a landmark in the city of Ukraine. The places of public importance( public landmarks and zones) and government zones were given prominence during planning. The power of politics is shown in portraying the historical power of the city.

Architecture and politics are known to be linked aspects. The evolution of architecture and politics goes hand in hand. As much as importance is given to designing, the political and economic aspect is also important for any structure/place. Architecture as a building is considered political because it is a mixture of personal and state opinions. In the coming future, architecture with a political touch creates completeness. 


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