If you are an aesthetic fanatic looking for a colored canvas wall to adorn your Insta feed or are a keen traveler (like me) who loves to capture hues that this world has to offer, this article is definitely for you! Today, you are the painter, and this world is your palette. Jot down new items in your travel bucket-list as we wander to some of the most exotic places in the world that are pegged on the map by their vibrant colors. 

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet1
Outfit series shot in France by the backdrop of colorful houses of Menton_© https://www.connieandluna.com/blog/2015/11/menton

Each city bathes and revels in its color (s), contributed to it by a natural element, stonework throughout the town, or a unique feeling that stems from your imagination. Each of these distinctive colors takes us on an evocative journey. However, the ones that we have listed today are popular for their characteristic settlements, all in a variety of distinctly recognized monochromes or polychromatic tones. Some of these have popped up due to the availability of the same naturally occurring stones. Some others painted for pumping their tourist influx, and a revolution on the rise fuelled few others. 

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet2
Painted blank wall _©https://unsplash.com/photos/QoBKMQJE0PY
  1. Juzcar, Spain

A real-life replica of the animated Smurfs’ village, the once whitewashed houses of this quaint village in Spain were rendered blue as a part of SONY’s promotional campaign for The Smurfs movie. The publicity stunt pulled in 2011 continues even today, as the townsfolk decided to let the blue fade into their lifestyles and disagreed to re-white-wash the town. The Smurf characters are still visible as statues or painted on the blue cityscape. 

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Real life Smurfsville at Juzcar,Spain_©https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/spains-blue-village-home-smurfs

2. Burano Island, Italy

Just off the Venetian lagoon in Northern Italy, is a technicolor delight. Burano Island is visited for its rows of colored houses and charming water canals. However, the perfect palette choices are not a fluke. The small island has orchestrated a coordinated system of painting to keep the island’s façade look so chromatically stunning. Anyone who wishes to paint their house is required to write to the Government. Even looking at photographs of this vibrant land will fill your hearts with happiness! 

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet4
Row of pop colors at Burano Island, Italy  _©https://www.reddit.com

3. Jaipur, India

When the Royals have guests come over, they decide to spruce up their entire land. Dripping with pink: the color of hospitality, the Old City of Jaipur is an example of this grandeur. The then-reigning King decided to paint the entire city in this color, to accord a warm welcome to Prince Wales and Queen Victoria, who paid a visit to India in 1870. One of the earliest Indian cities to be planned in a nine-square-grid pattern; Jaipur is a beautiful ‘Gulabi’ (Rose colored) abode of forts, palaces, and by-laned local markets, making it a heritage hub. 

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet5
Hawa Mahal, UNESCO World Heritage Site at Pink City: Jaipur, India _©http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Jaipur-47.jpg

4. Izamal, Mexico

This city set in Southern Mexico is bright and sunny, and all things yellow! Izamal is a beautiful amalgamation of contrasting Colonial and Mayan Architectural flavors. Although the reason is ambiguous, the local materials painted in golden yellow hues bring positivity to everyone who roams the streets of this Magical Town, touring the magnificent Mayan ruins. Izamal is a must-visit for historical enthusiasts. 

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Golden Yellow streets of Izamal, Mexico _© https://www.beyondtheordinary.co.uk/mexico-holidays/destinations/izamal/

5. Falun, Sweden

Home to one of the oldest copper mines of the world, Falun is a Swedish town with a deep rusty red touch to every building on its streets. ‘FaluRödfärg’ or ‘Falu Red’ is extracted from the iron-rich leftovers from the mines and is widely used for its protective properties. The journey of the pigment’s usage from the limited wealthy classes in the sixteenth century to all strata of the countryside today has been one portraying a resilient and empowered society. The dye is now imported all around the globe.

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet7
Red barns at Falun, Sweden _© https://www.rd.com

6. Chefchaouen, Morocco

A maze of striking blues manifesting the best of Moorish Architecture, the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco, is a visual treat. Various locals trace the cause of the blue tints back to Jewish beliefs. Some believe the color reduces mosquitoes and brings down the temperatures. The stunning shades of blue are an aesthetic mecca for photographers all over the world.

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_Aesthetic blue tints on the streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco_© https://medium.com/@Travel.Earth/7-things-to-do-in-the-blue-city-of-morocco-chefchaouen-3f57a2bbee77

7. Menton, France

Summers call for a dip in the French Riviera, where you will find Menton’s mountainous rows of houses nestled comfortably in its warm hues. The city in its amber shades and terracotta roofing styles is an undiscovered pearl of France. The backdrop of the cherry, golden, and salmon-colored architecture against the blue waters of the quay draws travelers on the search for mindfulness to this serene, secluded town. Hence, taking a stroll through the centuries-old Baroque styled lanes of Menton is added to our list.

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet9
Complementing hues of the architecture and the water _© https://www.connieandluna.com/blog/2015/11/menton

8. Santorini Island, Greece

The powerful combination of White and Blue on the flag of Greece sprawls across Santorini Islands’ scenic attractions. The whitewashed houses keep the town cool from the scorching heat. The doors, windows, and characteristic domes are painted blue to harmonize with the sky and the sea and complement the dazzling white. The pop color combination has drawn the attention of several film directors and travelers alike! 

Colour Coded Cities on the World's Palette Sheet10
Harmonious white and blues of the Architecture of Santorini Island, Greece ©https://www.santorini-view.com/traditional-architecture/

9. Rainbow Village, Taiwan

True to its name and so much more, this small crafty hamlet in Taichung city is a globetrotter’s paradise. There are eye-catching visuals painted in flamboyant colors all over the walls, roofs, and even the streets. Mr. Hung, who started the painting when his neighbors had deserted town, actually started a movement to save the empty neighborhood from being demolished. Many kids joined his campaign to save the colorful Lala land. Today, Rainbow Village stands as one of the most amusing things that Taiwan has to offer. 

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Painted blank wall _©https://shutterific.wordpress.com/rainbow-village-taiwan/

All of these places are so picturesque and gaining visitors every year. If you want your Gram-worthy shots to stand out, we suggest you start planning your visits right now! 

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Colourful houses at Burano Island_©https://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-06-30/citiesbycolor-the-world-s-most-colorful-places

Radhika Jhamaria, an Architecture undergrad at NIT Jaipur, loves to travel and explore the world as a design enthusiast. She believes that one should always follow their heart and she pours hers into literary escapades. You may occasionally find her strumming her beloved guitar.