Gensler is a global architecture firm with the largest creative workforce in the world and the highest revenue generator. Gensler stands strong on the point of contributing towards meaningful structures that are long-lasting in communities where we work and live with civic and social responsibility.

They are diligent in developing innovative methods that resolve today’s problems and mould the shape of the future for design. Their main concern is constructing net-zero structures that are harmless to the environment and won’t contribute to climate change. Their main strategy is to provide proper analytics and technical data to help clients know more about carbon footprints, ESG goals, energy usage, etc. Later, they help clients with climate-friendly and environmentally-friendly ideas. Their goal is to establish and construct a portfolio of carbon-negative buildings in the coming years.

Capitol Federal Hall

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet1

Faculty workspaces in many colleges are designed away from the classroom and frequently straddle above students. The University of Kansas is spread over 167,000 square feet; classrooms, incubators, and laboratories occupy single-volume spaces, while administrative and faculty offices occupy adjoining ones. There’s a four-story atrium between them with vibrant and focal stairs that serves as the crucible—the home of innovation. The ground floor is divided between two elevations and then hemmed together with a crooked grandstand.

If faculty and students could interact with each other increasingly frequently, would something out of the box happen? If faculty offices were traditionally designed to be separated from learning spaces, would this collaboration ever occur in this situation? This is where Gensler comes in.

In this project, Gensler swiftly moved from traditional academic design to modern design. The school interiors are more closely related to academic incubators, coworking spaces, and even start-up offices than typical classrooms, libraries, or laboratories. This design gives students a glimpse into the afterworld and prepares them to live in it as they leap from 

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet2

A quote by Louis Pasteur, “Chance favours the prepared mind,” inspires a team. This prompted them to create flexible environments for interior spaces that provide cues to users; this design also helps to connect people in novel ways. The design gives students a chance by inviting authorship and providing them with options and control over how they can learn at their own pace and wherever they want.

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet3

The design l hint that students and professors should see each other to promote interactions. For this, Gensler created a thin line to connect earlier isolated spaces, namely the faculty workspace and classrooms. Staggered floor plans and openings gave a sense of division and awareness and continued connectivity between them.

Rock Chalk, Red Roof

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet4

The iconic hitched red roof is the structure’s defining feature. This campus has its history; every space is a significant element; the Capitol Federal Hall auditorium features a “Red Green Roof.” with a 60/40 mix of red and green sedum, an environmentally friendly surface complements the structure. It visually connects with the red roof across the campus.

Donor wall 

A donor wall showcases dimensional panels in a wide range of warm woods while catching visitors’ eyes.

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet5

Slider wall 

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet6

The slider wall allows students to customise individual coloured modules, providing a blank canvas for social interactions and showcasing artwork. The best of business and analysis conceded through a life-size abacus.

Allen Fieldhouse, “the heart”

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet7

Located at the heart of the campus in sight of Allen Fieldhouse, the home of many legendary basketball players, The federal capital hall aligns itself with a dynamic gateway for students, faculty, and visitors. The centre of the building is located in such a way that it connects the old campus to the new one. Capital Federal Hall was designed to serve the entire campus, not just students.

Social steps

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet8

As the site’s topography is hilly, these “social steps” are made to mimic the same. These steps allow students to see and be noticed, again creating the chance encounters at the core of the design of Capitol Federal Hall. Gensler collaborated with design students in this project to fabricate and install bench/work platforms on steps.

Humongous classroom 

Capitol Federal Hall by Gensler - Sheet9

Seating 350 students, the auditorium in the Capitol Federal Hall serves as a classroom and is supported by new technology-based lectures on three fixed screens.

The architecture of a structure is a concurrent nod to its university-rich architectural inheritance and a bold charge toward its destiny. The structure opens itself to Allen Fieldhouse, the cultural centre of campus, and other crucial spaces within, offering framed views of the hollow stadium. In negotiations with the old and new, high and low faculty and students. Capitol Federal Hall doesn’t just hope for good fortune. IT IS CREATED BY IT.


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