Lusail, the planned City of Qatar. The City was rebuilt from scratch. Lusail is the future vision of Qatar. The First green City within the country and, therefore, the most significant development that has been undertaken. Construction began in 2006 and is most likely to be completed by 2022. Lusail is a smart city development project undertaken by the LREDC (Lusail Real Estate Development Company). The City is found on the coast, within the southern part of the municipality of Al Daayeen and 22kms north of Doha.

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The City of Lusail is being developed as a part of Qatar 2030, The national Vision for 2030. Once the town completes the development, the estimated population would be 450,000, out of which 200,000 residents, 170,000 employees, and over 80,000 visitors. The total cost of development of the entire vision would be approximately $45 Billion. 

In October 2012, Lusail City was selected for the best mixed-use development at the International Property Awards in Arabia. The vision was to design a technologically modern, advanced, and green city in the country.  

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Identities of the city | Lusail Qatar

Lusail is one of the Largest commercial projects in the Middle east. It covers a neighborhood of 38 sq. km, with a waterfront location stretching over 28kms. The City is designed to cater to individual and community needs aiming to promote a technologically advanced and modern lifestyle. The planning is done keeping in mind an individual’s work, leisure, and recreational aspects; at the same time, spaces are designed for communal interaction. 19 mixed-used entertainment, commercial and residential districts are planned within the City.

There would be a total of 25,000 residential buildings, both high and low, spread in the 19 districts with four Qetaifan islands and a blue lagoon with two marinas. The City will also feature business squares, mixed-use buildings, commercial towers, hospitals, ports, two golf courses, five stadiums, retails, schools, religious mosques, shopping centers, public avenues, and cultural centers.

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The Crescent Park, The Marina Food Arena, The Lusail promenade, and the Place Vendome, the leading destination of luxury and entertainment within the City, are a few of the City’s most attractive destinations. Since Qatar was announced to host World Cup 2022 games, Lusails Iconic stadium was designed with 80,000 seats. 

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The Planning of the City

The city’s planning is done comprehensively, considering all the daily movements of the commuters and minimally affecting their lifestyle. Most of the Important management services are planned underground. For the first time, electricity is designed to be supplied through underground substations in the country. Around ten pedestrian tunnels will also be designed underground throughout the City and connect all the districts. The green City also utilizes underground tunnels to carry chilled water pipes that provide cooling water to the buildings above energy-efficient. 

The planning of Lusail is also done in a way that the heart becomes the mind of the city. The city center controls the entire city’s services and management. At the heart of the city, LCCC (Lusail Command and Control Center) centralizes all smart service management and monitoring operations under two central components – The operation Center and the Data Center. The smart city is also employing the latest technologies aiming to create a safe and peaceful environment for its inhabitants. 

The Heart of the city, LCCC_© Smart cities world,

The E- Green City

Lusail is Qatar’s first sustainable city. The core idea was to develop the city by combining true modernity with the richness of Qatari traditions and Islamic architecture. The vision was to make the lifestyle smarter and greener by providing a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle experience to all. The planning involves ecological and smart energy-saving strategies at all stages. The city functions through an integrated ICT (information and community technology) infrastructure, including city-wide Wi-Fi and a fiber-optic network. Lusail’s ambition is to improve lives and empower businesses through their smart and sustainable services. 

The city is built as per Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) standards. Today, all Lusail buildings hold a QSAS rating of a minimum of two stars, having successfully achieved targets for energy consumption efficiency, conservation, local material sourcing and recycling, outdoor environment quality as well as management and operations. 

As smart as the built infrastructure of Lusail is, City’s open spaces are also planned efficiently and smartly. Overall, the city offers a fertile ground for a tech-powered environment that brings together people, nature, and infrastructure for a model sustainable city of the future. 

_The city Promenade_© Lusail Real Estate Development

Transport within the City

Transport services are the foremost crucial development of a city. It must be designed and planned in a way that makes an identity and also ensures smooth functioning throughout the town. Lusail has built an integrated transport network of over 200 km of roads and highways around Qatar’s fast-paced, mobile future and alternative commute models, in line with national ambitions for sustainable infrastructure.

Self Anchored Suspension Bridges_© Lusail Real Estate Development

Lusail Rail Tram service 

The rail service is meant to scale back vehicular emissions and save energy. It connects 25 stations across 38kms and everyone 19 districts of Lusail. it’s designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient and connects to the Doha Metro network. It also promotes conveyance to be the foremost efficient and green mode of transport for the longer term. 

Road System of Lusail 

Road hierarchy has been designed to ease traffic and protect pedestrian amenities through the utilization of underground tunnels across the town. In Qetaifan Islands, two of the vehicular bridges boast iconic structures, comprising self-anchored suspension bridges with steel superstructures, additionally to unique round pylons that connect the mainland to the North Island and South Island.

Water System of Lusail 

The coastal city also thrives on its water transport. A water system stretching alongside 30 kilometers of waterfront development is meant which can utilize the Lusail Marina and Grand canal to maneuver passengers to and from Lusail. Around 20 Water taxi stops and provision for 1200 berths for boats are designed along the waterfront. 

Lusail Rail Tram Network_© Protenders Relations construction company

The Modern Civilization of Qatar | Lusail Qatar

The city, planned in 2006, is split into 12 phases, which are being administered into 12 construction packages. The town is planned from the starch and rises to be the foremost iconic city within the country, an ideal blend of traditional culture with modern technology. Lusail showcases how the past is carried forward to style a sensible and efficient future. It not only focuses on design and luxury but also aims at financial and economic opportunities for future generations. The city is planned to draw in tourism, entertain the community, provide a comforting and economic environment, and has created an identity for itself. Earlier it had been the people that brought cities together, Evolution has led to a time wherein future cities should be designed to bring people and communities together. Lusail is one such planned city that focuses on every detail to bring people together.


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