Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship store by Cún Design is a commercial showroom in China. This was started with the idea to introduce a space for exhibition. It is fairly believed that many manufacturers in China contribute to the lighting industry with nearly 3600 producers including small and big. The ancient town of Zhongshan is also known as “the capital of Chinese lighting”. 

During the entire process, the demand for aesthetics for this flagship store was very high. It was a challenge to create a space where thousands of exhibitors can come and exhibit their products, creating a unique space that allows each product to stand out. Lighting products account for almost 95% of the total GDP in Guzhen and over 60% of the civil lighting market. 

The products are exported to almost 80 countries and other religions such as Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Europe.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet1
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©
Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

The Design

When we think of a traditional form of an exhibition to sell the light the manufacturer used to make a scene such as a living room, kitchen to introduce the lights and fixtures. But such scenes don’t last long hence it was impossible to go with the traditional theme of exhibiting. Cun Design introduced the original space with two bottom quotients from the building. To achieve the circular dynamic look they deconstructed two-block buildings removing the barrier wall to make the dynamic lines more resilient. 

As many exhibitors will be present, there are three main entrance exits provided into the structure. His main entrance A in the exhibition hall, entrance B along the street, and the most important entrance C to the internal mall, forming the internal business drainage. The purpose of the main entrance is to show the brand image and to produce easy functioning of the services and guests.

The logo of the Green Leopard Lighting was made at the end of the entrance with metal and body. The logo itself represents a three-dimensional effect of strength and dynamic. The depiction of the leopard’s muscle is disassembled in the Green Leopard logo to bring more essence to the concept.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet3
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

The Materials and Construction

The beauty of the space was brought up by the water ghost green color resin floor paint makes the ground look like a green aurora resembling the crack of the dawn. At the center of the exhibition hall, there is a setup of a modular display area; it includes 20 installations for a display area that covers 20 square meters. Total 28 process modules can be displayed if we calculate, based on the 0.7 square meters, which is required for any process module. 

For the wall treatment at the end of the space, there is a setup for the Green Leopard wall lamp. To prevent the light and shadow displayed by each wall lamp from interlacing, based on the wall surface, they have made a uniform oblique treatment, so that each wall lamp will have its bottom plate as the space for display. After solving the most important functions, the number of wall light displays has been extended from 10 to 15-17 in line with the wall size.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet4
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

Most of the CUN designs are extravagant in the way they use materials to break the monotony of the space. It ends up being a dynamic concept. The way they have used grey ceiling and green flooring, the shimmering effect of the floor blends completely in a unique way. This concept is derived from the leopard himself, the logo and finishing of the space have given a thorough thought behind it. 

There is a unique placement of the lighting products in the area gray material which benefits the product to stand out. It allows the customer to get the full attention of the consumer on their product. This space invites the direct relationship between the consumer and product and removes the virtual environment.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet5
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©
Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet6
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©


The maintenance of the space is primarily low. The way the spaces have been scattered amalgamate with dynamic features. “The design seems to be out of date but the creativity stands out,” says the Yingdong Yi assistant at CUN design. 

During the interview, he said: “The rise of post-90s and post-00s consumption has made the market increasingly younger. This generation has special taste in this current era and when traditional brands rely on the old sell is over. In the past, through an excellent logo, a moving slogan, and a pleasant story, traditional brands can arouse great enthusiasm. Compared with post-70s and post-80s with a lot of scruples, many post-95s are less burdened”. Space itself has more personality and more assertions.

Functional planning of the entire interior allows having economic, social, and ecological performance. Space can eliminate negative environmental effects through sensitive design. The designs by CUN cannot deliver “emotionally durable design”, reducing the consumption and increasing the durability of the relationship between people and product. It is also aligned with targeted durability.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet7
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

 The motive of the Design

The primary purpose of the design is to achieve the dynamic standards which the user has expected. To a certain level, it was a challenge to break the traditional way of exhibiting. The principal motive was to achieve more liberal spaces, forward-thinking interiors. 

The Green Leopard Zhongshan purposely achieves the “Dynamic” concept. Sometimes a dynamic character has to undergo many changes through the narrative and it faces many trials and tribulations. It takes time to learn from his encounters, experiences, mistakes, and the characters of the elements.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet8
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

The Frequency of the Design

Scattered but yet together, the visual hierarchy in spaces has been brought by the CUN Design. Beautifully crafted with scattered dynamic lines in the surrounding interior. The gray base and the alignment of the visible spaces are perfectly achieved. Balance in the interior delivering the weight of the visual objects ‘products’ gives an immense attribute to the design itself. 

The logo of the leopard has an inspiration to draw the attention of the consumer to show it as a brand. The exhibition itself is outstanding with dark and alluring interiors. 

During an interview, the assistant Yingdong Yi said, “In the complex material world, we want to find a certain quality to express an honest attitude towards life or something. Sometimes design is not only becoming the marketing of the product and also adds value to the design thinking. Communication with the public affects the direction of the industry and drives the purchasing power of consumers instead of sticking to a certain form to let brands enter the public opinion and let space itself speak to others”.

Green Leopard Lighting’s Flagship Store by Cun Design - Sheet9
Green Leopard Lighting’s flagship store, Zhongshan, China ©

The beautification of the design delivers to its primal level extravagant and excluding the usual traditional form of an exhibition. It has dynamic, thought-breaking, forward-thinking aspects. All in one it’s a heart throbbing the amalgamation of green and gray brings a unique feature in the whole scenario.


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