eue Kirche, meaning “German Cathedral”, is located in Berlin on the Gendarmenmarkt across from the French Church of Friedrichstadt. Its parish comprised the northern part of the then new quarter of Friedrichstadt. The Lutheran and Calvinist (in German Reformed Church) gatherers utilized German as their local language, the local’s language joined with the domed pinnacle and procured the congregation its casual name, Deutscher Dom. 

While the congregation genuinely looks like a basilica, it is anything but a church building in the conventional feeling of the word, as it was never the seat of a minister. Subsequent to being vigorously damaged during the bombardment of Berlin in World War II, reconstruction was completed in 1988, the church presently fills in as a museum. 

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Historical Context 

The German Church or Deutscher Dom, known as one of the three buildings which make up the “trinity ensemble” in the Gendarmenmarkt square in Mitte including its twin French Cathedral and the Concert Hall. The Church came up in 1708 under Elector Friedrich III, who had crowned himself King Frederick I in 1701 intent, along with his wife Queen Sophie Charlotte, in moderating Berlin into a royal residence to rival Versailles. 

The church sparks to emphasize the social and political importance of royal heritage, traditionally in the era it was built and today as important tourist places and its cultural heritage.

The architecture finds its approach through the creative blends of Martin Grünberg and Carl von Gontard. The structure was given its galleried “dome” hence, the name Dom beginning from the French “arch” in 1785 via Carl von Gontard. It was known as the Neue Kirche and just later alluded to as the German Church. It is viewed as remarkable due to its five-sided floor plan.

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In 1780 Friedrich’s grandson, Friedrich the Great (1740-1786) authorized Carl von Gontard to assemble two non-functional domes for the existing churches to balance the Comedy Theater close to them. These were motivated by Christopher Wren’s and Inigo Jones’ vaults on St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The French vault housed the Huguenot Museum though the German arch was the location for the Berlin Historical Association. 

Carl von Gontard planned the domed pinnacles, a subsequent one being added to the French Church, followed the Palladian custom and got the state of the Parisian Church of Pantheon. The development of the domed pinnacles pointed toward causing the Gendarmenmarkt to take after the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Still, under construction, the pinnacle of the New Church collapsed. Consequently, Georg Christian Unger was authorized to do Gontard’s architectural plan.

Baroque Revival Architecture

Neue Kirche styles in Baroque Revival, an architectural style of the late 19th century. The term describes the architecture and architectural sculptures which display important aspects of the Baroque style, but are not of the original Baroque period. An ebullient sense of European imperialism that reflected an official architecture in Britain, France, and Germany that communicated pride in the new force of the unified state.

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Baroque Revival architecture as in Neue Kirche is characterized by imposing a contrast of classical facades, with much associated decorative sculpture, that makes emphatic use of domes and towers, turrets and cupolas. The original building had a pentagonal footprint with semicircular apses. Interiors are spacious and dignified and are decorated with sculptures and paintings. 

The interior is also characterised by a typical protestant combined altar and a pulpit sliding against the eastern central pillar opposite to the entrance. The aura of the church, especially the tower, is elegant and worth exploring in detail. The dome was surmounted by a monument, symbolizing the victorious power of the now post-war replica.

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Christian Bernhard designed the statues, reflecting elements from the Old and New Covenant, which are unique to the tower. The dome was topped by a statue symbolising the victorious virtue which now stands as a post-war replica. 

In 1817, the two assemblies of the German Church, as most Prussian Reformed and Lutheran gatherings joined the basic umbrella association named Evangelical Church in Prussia, with every assembly keeping up its former denomination or adopting the new united denomination.

Revival after World War II 

The New Church is seen at dusk, with the marble landmark of Friedrich Schiller in the foreground. The two congregations of the New Church kept up burial grounds with the two assemblages of the adjoining Jerusalem’s Church, three of which are involved with cemeteries of different assemblies in a compound of six cemeteries through and through, which are among the main authentic cemeteries of Berlin.

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Neue Kirche after Collapse in 1781 ©Wikipedia
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Impressive Landmark 

Along with its twin, the Französischen Dom, French Cathedral, the Neue Kirche gives a dazzling background to Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin’s prettiest square. The Neue Kirche or the German Cathedral is likewise used to have a few presentations and one can visit the lasting show on popular government in Germany during the opening times of the congregation. 

Its spaces are overwhelmed by the new and energizing solid designs particularly under the vault, directly at the passageway. The display shows the turn of events, foundations and portrayal of majority rule government in Germany, the best part being the design models appeared on the highest level, and the mini parliament on the first.

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