An architectural marvel built with local materials and runs on sustainable energy. Ar. Sanjay puri is known for his alluring and eccentric structures. His design approach involves building contextually in addition to inculcating sustainable solutions and aria hotel is no exception to it. The site is a contoured one therefore cut and fill methods have been used.

 Aria Hotel by Sanjay Puri Architects: Capturing the Beauty - Sheet1
Aria Hotel-North view_©Dinesh Mehta

AREA – 150000 SQ.FT.

 Aria Hotel by Sanjay Puri Architects: Capturing the Beauty - Sheet2
Location Map_©Archdaily

The lower end faces north and captures a beautiful view of the river and dam with mountains in its background, and the building is oriented towards it, the southern end of the site is at a rise of 9 m and is in the lap of mountains.

 Aria Hotel by Sanjay Puri Architects: Capturing the Beauty - Sheet3
Aria Hotel-Axonometric section_©Archdaily

The hotel comprises a banquet, a restaurant, a bar, a spa, 60 hotel rooms, some suites with terrace gardens and a swimming pool which continues into the central atrium of the hotel with circulation at its periphery.  The banquet is placed near the northern side of the site for easy access and the rooms and suites are pushed towards the southern side for a comfortable, peaceful and secluded stay.

North View towards restaurant_©Dinesh Mehta

Most of the structure is made with black basalt stone locally available; corridors are skylit and naturally ventilated, solar energy is widely used to cater to the electrical requirements of the hotel.

In addition to it, huge balconies are provided to shelter the temperature within enclosed spaces from external fluctuations.

The most appealing feature is the playful arrangement of cuboidal balconies which brings in dynamism in the form and is in contrast to the thick massed lower entrance of the banquet.

 Aria Hotel by Sanjay Puri Architects: Capturing the Beauty - Sheet5
Aria Hotel-River view rooms_©Dinesh Mehta

This structure truly encapsulates the voice of the site giving it a tuned aesthetic and playful modulations in the form of a dynamic façade while being friendly to mother nature.