SOMA is an award-winning international architecture firm with works in New York, Dubai, Erbil, Jeddah, Doha, Lebanon, and more. They are headquartered in New York. Some of their notable works include Amchit Bay resorts, Shaza hotel Doha, Sculpted House hovering over the Meditteranean, and the Blue Nile. The firm’s founding partner is Michel Abboud. 

Their works can mainly be found in mixed-use, luxury residential, and hospitality sectors typology. Their designs are notable for understanding their client needs and providing adaptable buildings. They are the architects who created the most sought-after residences in the city with luxury and thriving businessesDubai.

Luxury Apartments by SOMA | One at Palm Jumeirah

These exclusive apartments ‘ One at Palm Jumeirah ‘ are by Dubai-based developer Omniyat. These luxurious apartments situated at the entrance of the Palm offer a prime location to one of the most luxurious apartments in the world. 

Taking into account the elements of one of the most important man-made islands on the planet, this apartment complex provides a beachfront living opportunity. It boasts luxurious designs, spacious living spaces to begin with. Each apartment has an area ranging from 270 to 2,000 sqm. 

Japanese interior designer Super Potato, studio Elicyon, and landscape artist Vladimir Djurovic worked with Soma Architects to create a masterpiece in one of the most influential cities in the world – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A city that is one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates, bustling with tourism and the epicentre of business, One at Palm Jumeirah is the suitable location for two of the most expensive penthouses in the world.  

One at Palm Jumeirah by SOMA: Dubai's most expensive apartments - Sheet1
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Architecture Of One 

The project standing 105 m tall, features 90 apartments. The apartments are stacked in such a way that every apartment has unobstructed, plunging views of the sea. The design of the building begins as residences are pushed and pulled across each level to create private outdoor space for every residence. 

The building’s architecture includes double and triple height spaces that are adorned with grand chandeliers or left open, depending on the interior designer. It has dramatic cantilevers and the builder provides outdoor living spaces as well as a private jetty for yachts all designed by world-renowned Vladimir Djurovic as a landscape architect. 

SOMA’s Design Philosophy for One

One being home to Dubai’s most expensive apartment has maintained its standards at all forefronts. Be it from the location to every detail of the interior in the apartments. The project provides panoramic views of the Palm to the North and the Dubai Marina to the South. It offers a prime location at the entrance of the man-made island of the Palm. 

This provides an obstruction-free passage in and out of the island. This is vital to those users which want an apartment in the most prestigious location of Dubai, but also well-connected to the city, in terms of access. What sets apart One from all the other apartments is of course its views of the sea and the privacy it offers. In One, the team says that all the apartments will be sea-facing.

Eclectic Interiors | One at Palm Jumeirah 

One offers two styles of interior options in their apartments having been worked on by two prestigious designers. They are London-based Elicyon and Super Potato from Japan. These designers worked in collaboration with SOMA to present apartments that have 2 different, but equally stunning homes. 

The units by Elicyon are opulent and classy. They present a sleek model with a sophisticated choice of materials. The finishes are glossy and provide a grand outlook. Super Potato’s units, on the other hand, offer a calm and zen-like atmosphere, having taken their inspiration from Japanese culture and traditions. 

These are reflected in their choice of materials and furniture, which offer a luxurious environment despite the soft colors and textures. Both apartments have excellent fittings and fixtures. Few apartments also have the liberty to a private pool. 

One at Palm Jumeirah by SOMA: Dubai's most expensive apartments - Sheet2
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The project after completion aims to bring into the apartment complex, restaurants, and a private spa. Other amenities include an outdoor cinema and hair salon as an addition to the already existing infinity pool. Biometric identification will strengthen the security of residents. Besides this, the minimum space for an apartment here is 3,000 square feet for a 3 bedroom. 

This is quite spacious as to that of a villa. The apartment also offers a minimum of 3 parking spaces. The options available are three-, four- and five-bedroom residences and three triplex penthouses to target end-users to buy these apartments as they can make maximum use of privacy.

One at Palm Jumeirah by SOMA: Dubai's most expensive apartments - Sheet3
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Even though the interior is very minimalistic, the layout is said to perfectly complement it. This project is a perfect example of how architecture and design are breaking barriers across different nations and cultures in the melting pot of the middle east.


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