Eko-Atlantic is an emerging city, one of its kind, in Nigeria. It is an emerging coastal city being constructed on Victoria Island. Due to its rich development growth and massive demand, it is perceived as a focal point for investors. It is also recognised as a gateway to emerging markets internationally. A total of ten million square meters of land will be reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean in Eko-Atlantic, the equivalent of the Manhattan skyscraper district. The Eko Atlantic has been master-planned to contain seven distinctive districts; Business district, Marina district, downtown, avenues, Eko Drive, Harbour Lights, and Ocean Front. 

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The design philosophy of this city revolves around building a sustainable and resilient city that will readily address the challenges of increasing urbanisation and coastal erosion. Below are some key aspects of its design and philosophy:

  1. Land reclamation: Eko-Atlantic is built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, making use of advanced engineering techniques to develop a new coastline that’ll be enough for the development. 
  2. Coastal Protection: One of the primary objectives of Eko-Atlantic is to provide protection against coastal erosion and rising sea levels. The city features an extensive seawall and a network of breakwaters to protect against oceanic forces. 
  3. Sustainable infrastructure: From the promises of advanced infrastructures such as uninterrupted power supply, clean water, and underground drainage to water and waste-water treatment, Eko-Atlantic aims to minimise its environmental impact and maximise resource efficiency.
  4. Mixed-Use Development: With a goal to create a vibrant, self-sustaining urban environment where people can live, work, and enjoy leisure activities, the development has been designed to accommodate a wide range of mixed-city uses such as residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.
  5. Smart-city Integration: Smart grid, intelligent transportation systems, digital infrastructure, and innovative urban planning are included in the Eko-Atlantic design. It is able to accommodate advanced technologies to promote efficiency, connectivity, and quality of life. 

Infrastructures in Eko-Atlantic

A major and important accomplishment in Eko-Atlantic city so far has been the construction of a wall, called the “Great Wall of Lagos”. It is a sea revetment protecting Eko-Atlantic and Victoria Island from coastal erosion and threat of flooding. It has recently exceeded four and a half kilometers in length, an immense achievement in a relatively short space of time. This crucial sea barrier was constructed in October 2005 in response to severe storm damage to Bar Beach on Victoria Island. 

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The Great Wall of Lagos_©www.ekoatlantic.com

According to the Eko-Atlantic Milestone first issue, “The Great Wall of Lagos is being constructed to the highest standard of marine engineering available in the world today. An international team of highly skilled coastal and marine engineers applied physical scale model tests and computer simulations in Denmark to assess its stability under the pressure of extreme wave conditions. The design proved itself beyond doubt. The design splits into 12 different layers of rock and concrete which form this massive structure. Most of the Great Wall lies on the seabed between 7 and 11 meters underwater. This is where its real strength lies. The base of the Great Wall is around 45 meters wide, and its average depth is around 18 meters”

Also, the concrete core protection method is being employed in the development of some buildings in the Eko-Atlantic. They utilize advanced concrete mix designs and protective coatings to enhance durability and withstand the corrosive effects of the coastal environment.

Another masterpiece in Eko-Atlantic is called the Eko Pearl Towers. Located in the heart of Eko Atlantic is Nigeria’s very first 40-storey building for luxury living, being greatly described as a masterpiece of architectural design. It will range from four apartments per flooor, two apartments on the royal penthouse floors. Eko Pearl Tower stands as an icon of style. The building is built to the highest standards using the finest materials, including low-emissivity glass to let sunlight flood into rooms while repelling heat. It has a distinctive, unique design. Through the balcony, residents can enjoy spectacular views along a waterway ortowards the ocean. Le Reve defies expectations, delivering the architect’s dream to create “effortless living in an oasis of calm”.

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The Eko Pearl Tower_©www.ekoatlantic.com

Sustainability and the Eko-Atlantic City 

“Climate change experts see energy-efficient buildings as one of the least-cost approaches to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. By the middle of the century, the combination of green buildings and smart growth could deliver the deeper reductions that many believe are needed to mitigate climate change”Marilyn Brown and Frank Southworth,

According to the developers, the city planners are committed to minimising Eko Atlantic’s carbon footprint with the use of environmentally-efficient construction methods and locally sourced materials where available and appropriate. The Eco Atlantic Green Building Initiative, which will encourage developers across the city to use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction materials, has been launched. The following will be available through the Eco Atlantic Green Initiative.

  1. Significantly reduce energy consumption in Eco Atlantic City.
  2. Reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.
  3. Turn down the main city temperature to keep the weather friendly.
  4. Keep the air in the city clean and fresh to protect the welfare of residents and travellers. 
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View of the Marina District at West point_©www.ekoatlantic.com

Many concerns have been raised over the sustainability of the Eko-Atlantic by professionals and environmental enthusiasts who believe that the city’s sustainability might be impossible due to some factors, such as problems arising from the EIA, outcome of other similar projects, and the impacts on surrounding areas. Questions are being asked about construction, building use optimisation, waste management, and transit systems. Although the sustainability of Eko-Atlantic might be huge, it is still possible. Following the laid-down plans for sustainability in Eko-Atlantic might turn the city into the most sustainable city in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The State where the Eko-Atlantic is situated; Lagos State, is already benefiting from the project. Roads that were once flooded are now mechanised. Properties that were once abandoned are being restored. Many projects and developments have started since the construction of the Lagos Great Wall began. All these effects have been recognised in the city at the national level as a beacon of sustainable development. Eco-Atlantic isn’t just a city rising on the ocean; It’s also a testament to our ability to create a future that addresses human needs and the conservation of our coastal ecosystems. 


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