Urban Conservation is a term that concerns parts of the built environment that are of historical and architectural significance. This includes buildings, localities, landscapes, special gardens, and many other structures. Conservation does not mean only the preservation of buildings and structures or localities and other features all the time. Urban conservation also includes bringing in more landscape to maintain temperature and freshen up the urban air; it also means conserving energy and water in the urban setting. Lack of Maintenance is a major reason for the loss of worthwhile resources, and hence urban conservation is required. Today, we bring some of the most interesting programs that could be pursued by students seeking urban conservation. Follow through the article:

1. MA in Urban Conservation 

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MA in Urban conservation is a one-year full-time course, which will enrich one with specialist knowledge in heritage and urban conservation issues and help set extreme professional practice in the field. The course has achieved recognition from the Institute for Historic Building Conservation, A principal body representing conservation professionals. The course combines the understanding of architecture with conservation practice with the historical study of cities. A strong understanding of research design and advanced analytical skills are expected to develop during this course.

2. Masters in Urban Forestry Leadership

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The Programme: Master of Urban Forestry Leadership is an extremely comprehensive online course with a duration of 14 months. It is a master’s program that provides the interdisciplinary perspective of urban forestry with a focus on decision-making, creativity and strategic management. The demand for urban forestry practitioners that can provide solutions to complex problems has increased. The growing problems with urbanization, climate change and community need solutions. This Programme can produce creative leaders that understand the vital role of urban forests in the upcoming cities and build strategic sustainable projects.

3. MSc in Energy and Environment. 

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This master’s Programme is a full-time, 1-year course. Whether you come from a technical, engineering or scientific background, this master’s degree promises to equip you with traditional energy technologies with expertise in renewable energy sources, solid waste recycling, climate, air pollution, and energy management systems.

This course aims to provide an understanding of the environmental impacts of energy technology choices and technical expertise for further development, also preparing one with growing challenges demanding urban growth of the 21st century.

4. MSc in City Planning.

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MSc in City Planning is a full-time 1-year course. This Programme aims to deliver a highly regarded professional education in City Planning. Rapid urbanization and climate change ensure a high demand for professional planners. The Master’s in City planning would help develop a critical understanding of cities and help bring a positive and innovative impact and evidence based on human settlement. The Programme promises to equip students with efficient knowledge and skills that they may require to enter the planning profession for sustainable future-makers.

5. MA in Urban History. 

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MA in Urban History is a 1-year full-time course run by the Centre for Urban History, a well-recognized research centre for the study of cities and towns in the past. One gets introduced to a variety of approaches to study the urban past, allowing one to conceptualize tools to pursue one’s interest and to study in depth several different cities in Europe and Britain and across the World. Topics covered under the subject will include urban communities and cultures, townscapes, architecture, morphology and urban environment. This course allows one to expand and deepen historical knowledge and develop research skills. 

6. Masters in Urban and Building Conservation.

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The Programme in Urban and Building Conservation was established in 1986 with the need to recognize the growth of architectural conservation. The Programme aims to provide a high-quality learning environment and an academic structure for developing and researching ideas. The program also intends to act as an introductory vehicle for students wishing to pursue further research at PhD level.

7. MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation. 

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MSC in Biodiversity and conservation is a 1-year full-time course. The course prepares for a career that promotes and protects Biodiversity in a range of agricultural, urban and natural ecosystems around the World. Throughout the course, field learning about the conservation issues and the constraints posed by policy, budgets and legislation is experienced. Developing the understanding of how environmental changes can impact Biodiversity and how effectively managing the ecosystems is prioritized.

8. MA in Heritage Studies. 

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This Programme, with a duration of 1 year, will challenge you to take a critical view on the transformation of spatial heritage and conservation. It aims to offer a unique combination of interdisciplinary reflections on history, theory, praxis, politics, urban areas, architecture, and archaeological remains. The Programme involves lectures, field trips, interactive discussions, guest speakers and transformation proposals.

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Disha is an architecture graduate from Nagpur University, 2021. Being an avid traveler, she has always tried to connect the city’s art & culture with architecture. She is a keen learner & an extremely creative individual who always seeks opportunities to enhance knowledge & experience in the field of architecture.