How to ensure the flowers longevity and create beautiful furniture from them? The answer to these questions was designed by Marcin Rusak.

Marcin Rusak’s passion for flowers was sucked with mother’s milk (his family has been breeding plants since 1904). Rusak started researching flowers to find a way to make the longevity and use them to create valuable products. So was the series ‘Flora’.

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Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Marcin Rusak - Sheet1

” I consider nature a master of aesthetics and an incredible source of inspiration, ” comments Rusak.

Compositions created by Rusak are laid out with great accuracy (sometimes the whole process can do a few days). Each time a designer prepares several proposals. The flowers they use come from waste that throws away florists. Thanks to that they have unique colors and imperfect shapes. The flakes are arranged in black resin to prevent them from deforming and drying.

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Rusak has produced two types of fabric for his furniture – Flora Perm and Flora Temporaria. Perma was used for the lamp and the screen, to the table -Temporaria.

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Marcin Rusak - Sheet2

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Marcin Rusak- Sheet3

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– The main difference is that flora submerged in Flora Temporaria over time change their volume and create silver voids around their structure. Flora Perma shows the cross section of flowers and looks more like a stone or fossil , Rusak explains.

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Marcin Rusak - Sheet4

The first edition of ‘Flora’ consists of a screen, a table, and a lamp. On the tabletop, we will see hundreds of flowers submerged in the plastic. The stems have access to the air from the bottom, so the table will change its appearance – in about 10 years will be covered with a silver coating. While creating the screen, Rusak dipped the previously dried flowers in the plastic, which he later cut into pieces.

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Sheet5

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The ‘Flora Cabinet’ has recently been added to the ‘Flora’ series. To her creation, Rusak used leafy leaves and colorful flowers to make her furniture appear expressive.

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Sheet6

Flowers Sunk In Furniture - Sheet7

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Their choice was dictated by structure, color and graphical characteristics. I wanted to use bolder shapes and bigger petals, so I reached for exotic leaves.

The designer studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Royal College of Art in London and currently runs a studio in London. All furniture is produced in the Netherlands.


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