The project was designed for a family that sought to transform a vacant lot, located in between a row of geminated houses in their home. The challenge was to create interesting and comfortable spaces in the small 120m2 plot (6 x 20m)

Studio Name: SOEK’ Arquitetura
Architect in charge: Kiko Castello Branco
Location Pinheiros, São Paulo – Brazil
Year: 2018
Area (m2): 200m2
Collaborators: Lucas Cunha

From this challenge, the house was conceived as a ground level, made up by garden patios shaded or open to the sun, interpolated with the social spaces for the house, all of which are placed in between the division walls made of pigmented concrete in vertical wooden molds. The transparency of the division systems that were used in addition to the large span of the space created by the volumes above that are supported only at the sides allowed for an uninterrupted vision of the plot, from the entry to it’s rear.

The upper floor is made up by three separate volumes, connected by a walkway incased in wood. In the rear volume is the office and TV room, in the middle the children’s bedroom and bathroom and in the front volume the master suite.

The transition between the residency’s private space and the public space is made through a concrete wall which is divided in a way that it’s lower area has no opening which creates the privacy that was demanded by the clients, while it’s upper area has openings which while still maintaning great level of privacy allow for better ventilation and comfort to the inner spaces of the lot. In this wall, a slight inflexion marks the point of entry, separating it from the overall public domain.


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